"Am I... Dead?" [Ryugi]

Hi. Name's Ryugi. Well, not exactly, but that's how all my friends call me. That, or Mad Dragon Gamer.

I'm a cloud. Well, I was a 25 years old human, five seconds ago. Or something like that. I think. The only thing I remember is that I almost reached a checkpoint. Then I got suddenly kissed.

By a truck.

Don't play portable videogames on the streets, kids. And always watch out before crossing the road. Or something like that is gonna happen.

Point is, I like games. What I like is completing games at 110%.

Yeah, 110%. Some people just beat the game before forgetting it. Some others like to collect every item in a game.

Well, I'm going even further. Trying what seems impossible, trying to uncover some bugs, trying every possible combinations, trying to get the funniest results.

Not the best. The funniest. There is a great difference between those two. And that's why I earned this Mad Dragon Gamer title.

The best is the ultimate combination that developers wanted us to pick. The five seconds reflexion needed to see that it's this thing that is the most adapted to most situations.

Hence, the thing that everyone aspires to and try to build.


Take this last game. A fantasy MMO with swords and magic.

It's common sense that knights are made to be strong and resistant, but with low magic. That mages have great magic attacks, but are physically weak.

Knights tend to rush on their enemies with strength, agility and endurance, whereas mages have to get as far as possible to have time casting their spells. Great damage, but the downside is, if they're hit while casting, the spell is generally cancelled.

Of course, it is possible to put points on int to a knight, and str points to a mage. But a full str mage's hit always do much less damage than a mid str knight. And a knight doesn't have much spells, two or three, compared to the hundred of a mage.

Common sense, right? Well, I love trying defying this so-called common sense.

Full Strength magician, full int knight... Grinding is ten time harder.

And nine times out of ten, it's a failure. A joke. Absolutely not worth it. But without regrets. At least, I tried. At least, I know.

But I live for this one time out of ten, this great surprise that defies logic.

An unexpected character. A fun, never seen anywhere else character.

Who would lack enough sanity to build such characters? Spend so much time for a joke character? That's why people call me mad dragon gamer.

Well now, in my state, I doubt I can play again my striking mage. Or any other games.

Lost in a line of souls. Ryugi didn't have a clue of how long he was here. Only that he couldn't see the beginning of the line behind him, neither the end of it. Strange for him to be able to see, in his cloud-like form.

There was a temple at the end. That's what a traffic sign was saying. And it also said several hundreds of kilometers.

Demon-like guards were here, telling those souls to stay in line, and in the temple, they will be purged of their memories and reincarnated. Things like that. And for people with great karma, who did good things during their life, they might grant a wish before cleaning. So don't make a ruckus at the last moment.

Not like I care. I did nothing bad, but nothing good either. But waiting in line without a game, or any goal, is not my forte. I don't really want to reincarnate if I am purified, that is, if I forget my theories.

Oh? Far away, there was another temple. Japanese-looking one. With nobody in front... Well, maybe one or two souls, but not much more. Whereas here, at least several hundred thousands of souls were waiting in this line.

And... Why am I staying with everybody? I don't care if I have no wish.

"HEY! No quitting the line. Or you'll have to go back at the end." [Guard]


No time to think. No time to be scared.

"The other guard there told me to tell you that a code... Errr... Yellow... Is happening." [Ryugi]

"WHAT? Another Yellow? Wait here, I'll be back in another minute!"[Guard]

The little cloud stayed there, quite speechless. He didn't expected that line to work, while the demon guard was rushing at the souls at the end of the line.

Don't know why, but I'm glad I didn't pick red.

Another guard came here, with a surprised look on his face.

"What happened? Where did he go? What did you told him?" [Guard 2]

"Well, the fact is, they put me on the wrong line. I should go over there and I showed proofs. He took them to look more thoroughly, but he told me that you could accompany me there to save time." [Ryugi]

No hesitation. Ryugi knew that hesitating was the easiest way to determine someone was lying. And, to reach the other temple, no matter what happened there, that would be less boring than following everybody.

The guard looked perplexed, hesitated for a moment, then sighed and told Ryugi to follow him.

All right. Two souls in front of me, instead of an infinity!