There was a detail that Blanche found strange, and she now knew what that was.

First, the prayer's room restriction bans the usage of colored mana. Only neutral skills could be used.

And as nobody usually practice neutral skills as colored skills or spells are much more efficient, nobody knew that prayer wasn't the only spell that could be used inside the room.

Then, even if damage couldn't be done inside this room, skills that don't make any damage could be trained here.

Proof is, the last step she did with Wind Step was inside the room, and it went up to lv3.

That meant Blanche could use this room to train.

And only Blanche could do that. The booth wasn't supposed to be like this, there was no room for an adult to make a step, neither for a children.

But Blanche was a baby. Meaning, small enough to make one step.

One in front, one left, one backwards, one right. Making a square run inside the booth. Front, left, back, right. Front, left, back, right.

And as MP couldn't go down in this room, that meant an unlimited run.

The longest that people could run with wind step was 30 seconds non stop for low levels of wind step, and 5 minutes for those who mastered it. And then, they would have to regenerate their MP.

That could take several hours.

But Blanche could continue without stopping. With stable mana and a non-moving target, only pain could hinder her.

One hour was 3600 seconds. In one hour, Blanche managed to have the same amount of training in Wind Step as someone else who spent 120 days doing so.

So, naturally...

[Your Agility increased by 1! Current AGI : 9]

[Wind Step increased to lv4 !]

[Your Agility increased by 1! Current AGI : 10]

[Your Agility increased by 1! Current AGI : 11]

[Wind Step increased to lv5 !]

[Your Agility increased by 1! Current AGI : 12]

[Wind Step increased to lv6 !]

The perfect spot to grind. There might be something that Blanche forgot, but... Oh well. Grinding is more important.

Unfortunately, all good things have an end.

The door of the prayer room suddenly cringed, and that startled Blanche.

Meaning, she stepped a little too hard. Meaning, she went right into the wall.

Running into a wall hurts. Sprinting into a wall hurts. So, going at several times the speed of a sprint into a wall hurt her a lot.

Blanche had the same speed as a truck, and the wall had the same resistance as a truck.

And she already knew what damage a truck without brakes could do. If it wasn't this room, Blanche probable would have become a pool of blood.

Except that as HP couldn't go down, there was no damage. Only pain. A pain so fierce Blanche couldn't help fainting.

The door then opened, and a girl was behind.

"I found her! She was sleeping in the prayer room!" [Noemi]

Two, maybe three hours have passed since Blanche entered this room.

The sun was setting. Kurina, Jay and Julie were back.

Julie was quite high leveled, and mowed down thousands of goblins with her spells. But as the goblins' level was low, she didn't even gained a level.

The main threat was dealt with. As such, remnants could be managed by locals.

But one tenth of them managed to slip by, or rather, to slip through, and stumbled upon Beginner's village.

Although most of the goblins were dead, Julie planned to stay at least three more days. Not to fight more goblins, but because her healing spells were very needed. A lot of people were injured with this fight.

So, when Blanche woke up, she saw two things. First, she saw that she was in Siegel's inn, in Julie's arms.

And then...


She saw the worst sore muscles she ever had. As if her legs were drowned in lava.

And even worse, her headache defied all records.

"What? What happened?" [Julie]


"Where? I saw no injuries when we picked you up... Let the element of life soothe your pain! Minor Cure Wounds!" [Julie]

A blue light engulfed Blanche. It's true that the pain was reduced. But that had the same effect as putting an ice cube on someone with a hangover.

The pain of three months worth of training in one hour was of course not negligeable.

"I'm not injured... But... How can it hurt so much..." [Blanche]

"Did you do something reckless again?" [Julie]

"Yes..." [Blanche]

"Oh, come on, young Lady! We let you one day, one single day, and you come back with excruciating pain. Have you learnt your lesson? Will you do that again?" [Julie]

"I'm sorry... But of course... aaaaargh... I will... do that again..." [Blanche]

"Good good. Now... Wait. What?" [Julie]

Because of the pain, Blanche passed out. But she was resolute to do that again... And even more.

That again made Julie think about a demon possessing this child. But how could she know that this demon was her gamer's mind?

The next day was quite eventless. Blanche alternated between passing out because of pain and waking up because of said pain.

[You acquired Pain Resistance lv1! ]

[Your Vitality increased by 1! Current VIT : 4]

That alleviated the pain a little.

But seeing that there existed a passive skill called Pain Resistance...

And that she acquired it by suffering so much...

Blanche wondered how much pain was needed to up that to maximum level.

And there was only one way to know it. And Blanche knew exactly the place where she could find that out.

The moment Blanche thought of that, a panel appeared.

[Congratulations ! You unlocked a new title : Masochist]

"It's false! I'm not a masochiiiiiiiist! Argh..." [Blanche]

"Oh, you unlocked this title?" [Julie]

"Sometimes, I wonder..." [Kurina]

"I'm rather amazed that you didn't get this title earlier." [Jay]

"..." [Blanche]

"But if you aren't... Why do you want to do it again, if you know that will hurt you like hell again, Blanche-sama?" [Julie]

"Because I... Need to maximize... Wind Step... as fast as possible... Don't want... be a burden... for you anymore..." [Blanche]

"You'll never be a burden, young Lady." [Julie]

"And if I... can maximize... Pain Resistance... maybe..." [Blanche]

"Waiiiiiit. You know Pain Resistance... And you want to maximize it?" [Julie]

"Of course. Who wants pain? If i can reduce it... even a little... will be worth it..." [Blanche]

"Blanche-sama... I myself have Pain resistance. Only lv2." [Jay]

"Most people acquire Pain resistance lv1 during their life, but only hardcore adventurers can endure enough pain to take it to lv2. I've heard tortured people went up to lv4 or 5 before dying or losing their mind. You mean you want to suffer an inimaginable amount of pain, that even several hundred of people combined could never reach within their whole lives... Only to suffer a little less after? Forgive me for being rude, but are you crazy?" [Julie]

"Or really masochist." [Kurina]

"I..." [Blanche]

It's true that, even in the long term, the amount spent in acquiring it will never be worth it.

She herself knew that if she suffered like that for a week without stopping, she would become totally mad.

But Wind Step was another thing. She had to grind this, and to do it soon. Waiting later, she would grow up a little too much and wouldn't be able to run in a confession booth.

A week of pain was nothing if she could live afterwards. And seeing pain resistance going up was a little bonus. As they say, no pain, no gain.

That day was a rest day. The only thing Blanche could do, when woken up by pain, was giving her MP to Julie and absorb MP with her meditation, that way she could heal more people.

But meditation was way harsher with this intrusive alarm ringing permanently. Passing out was faster.

Blanche also wanted to learn those kinds of healing spells. But those spells were obviously blue; Even with the same trails, neutral mana couldn't do anything in this case.

The next day, Kurina and Jay went back to the goblin subjugation. Blanche was barely able to walk on her own.

Meaning, barely able to run on her own.

Meaning, despite Julie's interdiction, Blanche locked herself up in the confession booth and ran as hard as she could inside.

One hour of training, one hour of rest, one hour of training... Stopping her training only when she heard the door, and at that moment, she took a praying pose.

A pain so fierce she was wishing she could die... And the knowledge that, not even mentioning dying, getting injured in this room was impossible.

At the end of the day, when Sister Marielle opened the prayer booth, all she could see was a baby twitching and writhing in pain.

Even a conjoint Revitalize wasn't enough to relieve her of her pain.

But what could let her still not give up on life was that her main objective was fulfilled.

Her Agility grew up to 15. Wind step rose to maximum level. And Pain resistance upped to lv3, meaning 15% of the pain was negated. But it still hurt more than everything she knew despite having this Pain Resistance.

Her step was not only faster than before, it also cost way less than before. Now, she really was confident in her fleeing abilities.

But Blanche wasn't the only one who had a significant advance.

Kurina also had her share of monsters during this skirmish. As a long range specialist, she had to shoot special goblins from afar, meaning more xp.

Reaching the 20th level meant a class change. From Ranger, Kurina became an Archer. With training, she could theoretically shoot several arrows in the same shot.

It was time to hit the road again... And to leave Beginner's Village.

And no one knew if Blanche's tears were shed due to the sadness of parting, or from the sore muscles that ached ten times more than the last time.