I was struck by inspiration, and this was the result.

Across the Atlantic
From mother Europe
Sits a piece of land
Famous for its ignorance
Famous for its temper
Famous for its greedy politicians
Sucking the life out of this country
And its people
Spend campaign money
On exotic trips abroad
Thousand dollar jewelry
For your pretty wife
Who happens to be
Twenty years younger than yourself

You can't deny it
None of you can hide it
You're all just leeches
Attached to society

I am the smartest
I am the greatest
I trust everything
Anyone tells me
I get angry at the president
That I voted in
I start violent riots
Claiming justification
Smashing the window
Someone else paid for
Stealing change and goods
That someone else owns
Leaving them with nothing
Who gonna pay the mortgage?

I sit at home
Living offa welfare
Having newborn children
To collect a check
Giving into neglect

You sit on the street
Begging for some money
Holding up a sign
On a busy street
People pass you by
And you wonder why
Spending all your money
On bags of crack cocaine
On pints of heavy whiskey
And a chair at a poker table

I make a decent living
I have a wife and kids
I have a two story home
And a two car garage
I watch CNN
And believe every word
The world at my fingertips
And I don't even care
I take it for granted
I take it for granted
I want the government
To control the food I eat
The drinks I drink
The car that I drive
The thing that my children learn

I am a citizen
Of the United States of America
Of the lovely United States
We are the people

All the other people
Of this good Earth
Have come to fear
Hate and despise
This lovely country
And all its lovely people
We are the most powerful
Country this world has ever seen
We are living high
While the majority lives in the dirt
We've become arrogant
We think we know all
We think that we are Gods
We think we're omnipresent
Doing good for the people
But really we're the bully
That all will despise
They fear and loath us
We live a life of ignorance
And we have no-one to blame
But ourselves
And our stupidity

We are the people
Of the United
Of America