.-A Wonderland Princess' Quest-.



chapter i


It was a very sunny day in Wonderland Kingdom, where there lived a beautiful yet spoiled princess with her loving parents and loyal companions. The 18-year-old princess was doing her daily routines; waking up, singing for a moment with the birds outside through her window room, taking a bath in her magic Jacuzzi—that could heal any skin wounds, changing her dress, and soon eating breakfast with the king and queen in the kingdom's royal dining room.

Before she went downstairs to the dining room, she was looking at her reflection on the mirror. She then took a red raspberry lipstick from her desk and spread it on her healthy lips. In just one second, she looked even more beautiful than before; thanks to the magic lipstick she got from a kind old lady when she was fifteen.

"Perfect!" she exclaimed happily. She put her lipstick back to her desk and got up from the dressing chair.

When she was about to close one of her windows room, something was jumping to her room, causing her screamed in surprise.

Apparently, that was a frog—but the extraordinary one because it didn't croak, but talk, which made the princess surprised once more. It seemed like the frog couldn't stop make the poor princess drowning in surprised after it told her that it's actually her fiancé, which is a human, too.

"B-but y-you're a frog!" said the princess, emphasizing the last word. She highly doubted the frog's words.

"Yes, this time I'm a frog. But, let me explain, Princess …"

The frog then told the truth and all things that had happened to him to the princess; it really was the princess' fiancé, a prince from across country, and what made him turned to a frog was because of a wicked wizard's spell. He also told the princess that the only way to turn him back to his human form was to catch the wizard that was now had escaped to a city nowhere in the modern world.

"The modern world …? But …, how can we go there?" asked the princess, confused. She really wanted to help her beloved fiancé as soon as possible because their royal wedding would come soon in only a week. It'd be a big trouble if the whole kingdom and its people found out about this.

"I ever heard that there's a witch in the magic forest who has ability to transport someone to the modern world … So, maybe we can go there for help," the frog prince answered with a high optimism on his voice without a little doubt and worry that the witch he mentioned before might be evil too like the wicked wizard.

"Are you sure? The witch might be evil and dangerous too like the evil wizard that made you this way!"

"But we haven't met the witch, have we? Also, I've never heard her bad deeds she has done. Not all the witches are evil…," said the frog prince. The princess just silently nodded, though she was still not sure and believe about the forest witch that they were about to meet. "All right, princess. Now, shall we go to the magic forest?"


"Princess! Princess! No, you can't go there! It's dangerous!" a vicar from the church next to the Wonderland Castle yelled to the princess who was now running in hurry with the frog prince to the magic forest. The vicar had known about this trouble after the princess, along with her poor fiancé, explained it to him. Unfortunately, the vicar didn't give them much help and made it worse with preventing them to go to the forest witch, which just got ignored by the two.

The princess and the frog prince arrived at the magic forest. It looked so dark and gloomy with strange aura radiated from there, which made shivers run down through the princess' spine.

"Don't be scared, princess," said the prince as if he can read the princess' mind and feelings. "We can do this. Let's go." He took a jump to get in to the forest, followed by the still-scared princess behind him.

In the forest, they met wild animals—a wolf and a snake, which almost made the princess scared even more because she didn't get used to such animals. Not only that, there were also heard wild animals' sounds. The frog prince always tried to calm her down every time they heard sounds of such animals which could attack them anytime.

Way to the forest witch's place wasn't that easy. Before they could reach it, they had to ask the way to go there to some of the magic forest creatures like a talking goldfish in a strangely beautiful yet clear lake, a talking fish in the muddy river, and a grumpy hunchback—which made both of them labeled him as the most unfriendly human being ever lived because of his bad attitude to them.

On the way to the witch's place, they found a wishing well and decided to get some water. The Princess made a wish for their safety and luck.

Out of the blue, a fairy godmother came out of nowhere, "Hello there."

The Princess surprised by it as if her heart was going out from its rib cage.

"Thank you for making a wish on this well, Darling," she thanked the princess, smiling sweetly. "Now, I'm here to help you."

"Great!" the frog prince exclaimed. He never thought that this wishing well could be this sacred.

Knowing the fairy godmother's good intend, The Princess smiled widely and started telling her everything about their problem, which received a nod from her, "I see. Let's go to the witch's place!"

They kept walking until they finally found a strange house that appeared to be the witch's place. The Princess knocked on the wooden door. But there's no answer for a few moments.

"Are you sure this is the place?" she asked.

"Yes, princess. Just wait."

The frog prince was right. Not long after that, the door opened. "Come in," said a voice from the inside.

Without any doubts, they came in to the house and met the witch. After she asked the purpose of their visit, they explained it and asked for her help. She then agreed to help them. But sadly, the frog prince couldn't go to the modern world because the wizard's spell on him was too strong.

The witch then showed them the way to a tree with magic fruit. The witch said that the magic fruit could transfer the princess to the modern world. Before the princess eat the magic fruit, the fairy godmother gave her a talking bird, which is a dove that would accompany her, a suitcase full of magic things that would help her if she was in a difficult situation, and a telephone line for her to contact the fairy godmother while she was in the modern world.

After a few minutes of calming and goodbye words, the princess was now calmer to begin her quest to save her beloved one.

"All right, here is the fruit. Are you ready, princess?" asked the witch, giving her the magic fruit.

After taking a long breath, the princess answered, "Yes. I'm ready." She took the fruit from the witch's hand. She looked at the fruit for a moment, and then she opened her mouth to eat the fruit. When she was about to eat the fruit, the frog prince called her, making her to turn her head to him.

"I love you. Take care."

A sudden happiness sparked in her heart as she heard the first three words. She felt like there was a positive energy was elicited by the whole words from the frog prince that built up her body even stronger.

Smiling from her whole heart, the princess replied, "Yes, thank you. I love you, too."

And those were her last words before she really left the world where she did belong.

- to be continued -

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