For eternity's electoral term, who will you choose to lead?

One who uses all distractions made to satisfy your greed?

Or another, who forebears with every time that you complain,

Using blessings for the soul as part of his sincere campaign?

Vote for Satan, and he won't impose the Ten Commandment laws.

You'll feel artificial freedom, while it serves his evil cause;

Free to live in rank ungodliness, with not a cent to pay

(Interest free, the wage of sin), 'til debts are called on judgement day.

Up until the day the Lord returns to make you pay that price,

You won't need to read the Bible, nor absorb its good advice,

Nor the benefits of taking in the Sermon on the Mount,

And the sacrifice its Preacher made to settle your account.

Vote for Jesus, on the other hand, and claim what he assures

In the promises of scripture. You'll be free from death and wars.

He'll abolish any suffering, before the New Earth comes.

Tithes are set by what your heart says, when you're budgeting the sums.

In His Father's house are many rooms you'll easily afford,

(Not with money) if your heart belongs to heaven's true land Lord.

And the gold index, which paves the streets, will never fluctuate.

You should prepoll vote before the final days, but don't be late.

This is written by a cheeky poet; but it's authorised

By the Saviour, in the hope that what He offers will be prized,

For the Resurrection Party, based in Heaven upon high.

And the outcome of our votes is found in prophecy hereby.

Jesus wins by his omnipotence, regardless of our vote.

What we're voting for is whether we'll be sailing on His boat,

Like disciples did, or whether we'll go down with Satan's ship.

Place a 1 in Jesus' box, before you fold your ballot slip.