Why her and not me?

I loved you can't you see?

I kinda thought that you were the one,

I thought that maybe I found my sun,

I love the way you laugh and smile,

You're sunshine kept me around for awhile,

Everyone thinks you're obnoxious but to me you're great,

You were the first one that actually made me want date,

One day I gathered the guts to ask for your crush,

I hoped it was me and my face was red blush,

But it was actually a girl named Isabelle,

At that moment my heart sunk and fell,

But I wouldn't let you see my sadness,

I tried to get you to ask her out like madness,

I even wrote a letter for your confession,

My own actions, I myself question,

Why would I help the guy I like get a girlfriend?

Maybe It's just that I love your smile that always slightly bend,

Even if as friends I was determined to get your heart,

But one day Isabelle took yours as mine fell apart,

I knew then that I had to step down,

Because I rather you smile than frown,

Now and then I would ask you how it was going,

Your answer was painful but I loved your smile that was glowing,

It's sad that we didn't have a chance,

You never gave me a passionate glance,

The real tragedy is that you never knew,

But you still have that smile that made me crazy for you...