Chapter 9: The Werewolf Ball

"WHERE IS HE! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH LUCAS! I WILL GET OUT OF HERE AND TEAR THIS PLACE APART IF I HAVE TO! YOU CAN'T TORTURE US LIKE THIS!" yelled Alicia as her screams went unanswered echoing through the emptiness of the vast was becoming more and more clear that no one would give Alicia any answers. Little did she know the answers to where her friend was and what happened to him were merely up the spiral staircase of stone and in an elegant ballroom full of fanciful men and women without a care in the world floating around the room to music like graceful swans. Not all were care free. For Lucas was dancing in the middle of this group of people and though from the outside it looked like he was free. This was his torture. This was his prison. The torture of being forced with someone you had no feelings for. In a prison called royal obligation. He couldn't help thinking of Alicia trapped down in the dungeon. He had to figure out what to do. "Are you ok?" asked the blond haired girl he was dancing with. Clearly she was a young princess.

"Yes. I'm fine, Mary." said Lucas as they continued dancing.

Meanwhile Alicia has given up on yelling and kicked the cell door in frustration. "God I wish there was a way out of here. anyway…" said Alicia. Suddenly something occurred to her. "Wait. I'm a witch who knows element spells."

Alicia puts her hands on the bars freezing the cell. Then she changes herself into fire melting the ice so she can move through. Once out she searches the dungeon looking into every cell for her friend. "Lucas… Lucas." she said. she heard barking from another cell. it was her dog Lucius. She melted the bars to let him out. After searching through every cell she is spotted by a couple of guards.

"Hey you!" yelled one.

Alicia turned into herself and Lucius into a puddle and started to slip past the guards who ran after them. They got up the stairs and decided to go to the ballroom to blend in with the others. They reformed in a corner in ball attire. Lucius was now a man. He escorted Alicia onto the ballroom floor and they started dancing. The guards had lost them in the crowd. Lucius looked up and noticed Lucas with a date he tried to point it to her attention.

"Lucius, what are trying to tell me?" asked Alicia.

Lucius spin Alicia so fast that she falls right into Lucas and his date knocking them over. At that instant everything stopped even the music.

"Oh, I'm so sorry…" said Alicia helping them up and then looking at Lucas. "Lucas, what are you doing?" asked Alicia " Why are you dancing with a princess?"

"Alicia, let's talk about this in private." said Lucas.

"Why? Why can't you just tell me what's going on?" asked Alicia.

"OK, This is my future wife Princess Mary from Ella … Mary this is my friend Alicia." said Lucas.

"Princess Mary… you're a prince." said Alicia.

"Well, only princes have balls for engagements." said the queen as she approached.

"You lied to me! I thought you were in trouble. I searched the entire dungeon for you and here you are galavanting around with a princess! You just used me! You gave me a false sense of security so you could kill me! It's right what they say about werewolves. They can't be trusted! " yelled Alicia.

"Wait a minute I am have stretched the truth a bit but that's no reason to attack my whole race." said Lucas

"Maybe I'm overreacting after all your father and mother were so poor that they could barely pay taxes and got imprisoned. They died trying to work off the debt to the heartless king and queen. You inherited their debt and they have been working you like a dog. So you couldn't take it anymore and ran away. You are just a peasant. a poor servant no one cares about and everyone delights in torturing. So I shouldn't be upset with you. " said Alicia.

"Alicia I'm sorry. I couldn't risk telling you the truth." said Lucas

"You are spoiled brat who only cares about himself and who's only real problem is that you don't want to get married to the princess your parents want you to. You don't know what it is like to be poor and to see your parents died right in front of you! … but I don't care what happens to you anymore. I'm done!" yelled Alicia suddenly she turns into wind and blows with Lucius through the ballroom and out the door.

"I gotta go after her." said Lucas.

"I'm coming with you." said Mary.

They run out of the ballroom and to the stables getting a horse and riding after her trail of fallen leaves.