Ice surrounded her, permeating into her very soul, so thick and dark it let through no sun, the life-giving warmth struggling to reach her. All was dark, cold, a dim depressing blue. Laughter had fled from her grim mien, joy and happiness she had involuntarily banished when the wound had struck deep into her. So the ice filled the gaping wound in her heart, freezing her ever colder, and she did not know she was silently screaming for help.

It seemed forever she was frozen in the sea of misery and pain, unintentionally shutting out the very warmth that wanted return her to life, craving it and despising it at once, building stronger the walls that entrapped her, even as she wailed to be let out. Ice shards encroached ever deeper into her soul, until it seemed she was forever doomed.

A flaming rainbow streaked through the sky, dancing with the sun as it sought to melt the ice encasing her. Prisms scattered throughout her dark transparent prison, and for the first time in a long time, she looked up towards the light. Flame and sparkling rain mingled with the fractals of light, illuminating the world in wild beauty, and she smiled.

Joy, laughter, happiness crept back, entranced by the display of glittering color. And the sun and the rainbow reached out, and pulled them into the dance. Still trapped below the ice, she yearned upwards, longing to join in the dance, not even noticing the trickle of water around and above her. Her vision gradually cleared, the ice encasing her slowly melting away, the light above her blazing ever brighter and warmer.

With a cry of delight and freedom, she leapt from her frozen tomb, her kaleidoscope wings snapping out to either side of her as she flung herself into the air. Stars rained about them as she, ice-bound no longer, joined in the aerial dance. Stardust, glimmering, shimmering, drifted to earth, and the ice where it fell glittered in the polychromatic radiance that illuminated the world. All around them, stars burst, showering them in fizzling drops of light and color. And together, they flew away, never looking back at the mausoleum of ice, lying empty to the night sky above.

This was inspired by one of the songs my best friend has written. The song accurately described what she did to me and my life, and I felt the need to tell her in some way. Pebbles, this one's for you. Splash, you're here too, can you find it?