The blood chronicles: revelations

Chapter 1: reminisce

Ash was bound in titanium shackles. He knelt on the marble floor his fate to be decided by beings who where old as dirt. Literally. Out of the 8 council seats 5 where filled up in the centre sat the vampire queen Miranda of the violent. He never knew why the old queen was called of the violent. Perhaps it was her temper.

"Hello child, welcome to the country of vampires. Gracidonia," Miranda said. She was a beautiful young woman but you could see the centuries within he eyes .

"Welcome? And you bind me take me prisoner what is it you want with me?," Ash replied.

Leo nodded to Ren. Ren waved his arm and the chains vanished.

"Aren't you afraid that I might kill you for killing my mother?," Ash said taking A step forward. Vampires blurred drawing their silver blades placing it around his neck.

"Even if you spent 10thousands years training you couldn't beat me I existed before the old world before the first civilisations and you think you would last a fraction of a second against me?"

"No harm in trying," Ash said

"I like him," Miranda said

"What do you want with me Ash said,"

"We will get to that. But first I believe you want to know what happened to your parents I believe your brother isn't very forth coming with the details. I did not kill your mother but She did force my hand,"

Ash waited for her continue when she dint he spoke "my question was what do you want with me? What is my crime because I am a hybrid you feel there is something I can give you. What is my crime queen of vampires,"

Miranda lost her cool just then, " Your crime is being born!," she screeched then regained her composure. "Let me tell you a story,"

Zeus saw that the vampire race was prospering blooming but their growing strength wasn't what bothered him. It was the the 5 vampire clans. The blood swift, mind, eye, strength and deladracroness. The sky god saw that the deladracroness clan was powerless. Until one day Athena revealed to him that they hoped to cultivate a secret power. So he ordered the highest rank of Ariel nu tem. One of the three great Ariels. A rank even higher than that of a gold class. The three Ariels who weirded the power known as absolute strength. One belonged to each of the 3 great pantheons. Greek, Asgardian and Egyptian.

Zeus sent his great Ariel Hackolies . Hackolies descended upon an army of 3 thousand vampires ripping them apart. His golden eyes brought death to any fang he saw. He chased the remnants of the army to wherever they ran. Through the burning flames of a burning village he saw a female vampire clutching the body of a human child.

Hackolies moved to detach her head from he neck as he had done a million times before then she spoke.

"Insolent dog just to wipe us out you killed innocent humans they willingly gave us shelter because of the plagues your gods cursed their lands with. And you would use your cursed power to wipe out children," Savannah said rising to her feet she held her sword high knowing it would break against his skin.

Hackolies hands glowed golden but curiosity perhaps the first emotion he registered in his immortal life. "Why show compassion for the very thing you feed from. They are only human,"

"It's called having a heart and feeling. You do not value life so you cannot understand preserving it. Nothing is worth living unless they have found something worth dying for,"

"What is your name vampire,"

"My name is Savannah Deladracroness ,"

"Daughter of Cine Deladracroness. I am trying to draw out your clan and wipe them out so I will take you prisoner,"

For the few months he held her captive trying to draw out Cine. He bonded with Savannah and he found out what emotion truly was and before they knew it. They where in love.

Cine took 20 of his strongest men they hadn't set a day out when they found Hackolies carrying savannah in his arms. The 7ft Man flew to a stop.

"Father I am no prisoner tell your men to stand down,"

"You are with-"

"I am pregnant,"

So with her first child coming and Hackolies unable to return to Olympus due to him abandoning his mission. He stayed in an offshore island with the permission of the council.

Thus the first child was born. The gods attacked in all of their fury allying themselves with Shinto gods and beasts. Before the sun rose the next day. The Deladracroness clan was wiped out. Hackolies escaped with savannah and the baby. They could not return to Gracidonia because they feared the child would be groomed as a mere weapon.

So they travelled through various realms on the run. The werewolves had heard a creature born of the Union of Ariel and vampire. It was a threat. So they went hunting. Hackolies returned to the monster of war that he was. Fighting of every manner of creature there was. After a few years their second child was born. But the birth of this child released a power that stopped the entire earth moving for an entire day blanketing it in darkness.

The release of power was a signal that one of the great Ariel Marvo.

Hackolies said goodbye to his sons and the woman that he loved. To face Marvo in the heavens. Marvo was the only one who returned. By then the vampires has found them.

Vincent was asked to take his brother and flee into the nether realm once again. Savannah gave herself up the vampires did not want to let two hybrids go. So they took her her head for her betrayal for not giving up her children.

"Thus concludes the story of the death of your parents,"

"Your saying I am the cause of why my parents where found?, I am the reason the where killed you beheaded my mother!,"

"A mother you barely remember. If she had given you to us you would have led a life of royalty but you preferred the life of a fugitive. Now that your brother has chaos power. The gods will hunt him now more than ever," Miranda said

"We should focus on the reason why you are here and the debt you owe your kind," Another council vampire said, his name was Loss. He dressed in a simple white shirt and tie. Loss kept his black hair trimmed neatly alongside his beard. "I was there when the first of our kind turned the first deladracroness human into a vampire hoping that one day your celestial power would awaken within you, that power belongs to the council,"

Ash eyes sparked electricity "you must be tripping you think I would live my life a slave?,"

"No as warrior bred for war," council woman Cassandra said. Ash could see the resemblance between Ren and his mother. But Cassandra had a flare of madness in her eyes. She looked at Ash as if he where something she could rip into at any moment.

"A tournament will ensue in a few years. Every millennia or so fighters under different factions produce a member to fight on their behalf,"

Ash grinned "And you want me to fight for you? There's a human saying that fits this situation,"

"And what's that?" Miranda asked

Ash raised his haired and stared into her blood red eyes "kiss my ass,"

A group of vampires drew hit blades in response moving to remove the bowels of the insolent mongrel. Miranda signalled for them to halt "you will not be fighting under my name you are too weak to fight for Gracidonia not when we have people stronger than you. You will fight for yourself whatever latent ability you had as a baby, I hope to re awaken during the tournament,"

"No," Ash repeated again.

"There is another reason to fight. The winner is allowed to ask one thing from the gods, the humans, vampires and werewolves. All ruling parties. And I suggest amenity for you and your brother should be your goal. If you will not fight for honour then fight for freedom. Or else live your life as a dog. Now that your brother has the black flames within him the world wants him," Loss said

Ash remained silent at Loss's words. So the vampire continued. "In the mean time we will be taking extensive amounts of your blood for…experimentation"

"Your not taking my blood," Ash snarled

One of the six vampires who had brought him to Gracidonia called Valirius blurred swinging his claymore dividing Ash in half from the midsection. His upper body hit the floor with a thud. As his blood pumped out onto the marble floor he could see drums being brought to him as he lay there. Rather face the excruciating pain that was about to follow he allowed himself to pass out. At least that way Jessica would not feel it through their blood link. It was a bad day to be a hybrid.