Chapter 23:compromise

Aulona walked in to find code strapped to a chair bleeding from a dozen injuries. A man in lab coat stained in blood grabbed a pair of pliers to pull out codes teeth.

She surged forward and Cassidy and shin appeared in front of her.

"Stop and observe your surroundings" Cassidy said.

4 men stood surrounding two men who sat in the middle of the room playing chess. The others took a fighting stance while the remaining two continued playing chess. The four people standing where already powerful enough. But the two playing chess outclassed every being she had met till date except the monkey King.

"The four of them must lieutenants to those two level 7s playing chess."

"Bryon of the high frozen mountain, war bringer, body basher and skull crusher I have come to bargain for the life of my comrade. Please tell your subordinate to stop-"

Code screamed as a drill drove into his knee.

"Did you hear those titles HA! The world sings of my praises yet still" Baron jeered laughing at the person opposite him. "Anyone sing your praises?"

"It's rude not to answer a lady when she's speaking. I am Thane. Unfortunately unless you can bring the codex to me your friend here will die a painful death. Simieon rip out his left eye. Check mate Bryon" Said Thane.

Simieon raised a pair of pliers once again and shin growled "absolute zero" ice blitzed from him to Simieon in straight path freezing him in a fraction of a second. "I would advice that you don't try to move best case scenario your skin falls off worse case you shatter." If he had tried freezing the entire place it would have taken several seconds giving them more than enough time to dodge. He could only focus on one person. Luckily focusing all his aura on one person was enough to take them out.

Thane began to clap he had a black glove on his right and a white glove on his left. "Fascinating. Ice manipulation incredible!"

Bryon rose to his feet he was rippled with muscle he stood 6ft 4 tall he looked at Shin and Cass with disgust. "Disgusting vampires" Bryon lifted the table the chess pieces scattering to the floor he swung it into the frozen Simieon and he shattered into pieces.

"Bryon the werewolf?" Cassidy said taking a step back. "He hunts master vampires for fun."

I offer you the life of your daughter Anak. Hers for codes" She said lifting up a pendant.

"My daughter? Kithu is with her and no way she would lose to third rate fighters such as you."

Aulona smirked the soul of kithu and Anak are both in this pendant. Her body is in the custody of the NSA. Go on search for her heart beat. You should be able too search the entire planet you won't hear it because she is dead. The only way to restore her is with me. Go ahead ask for yourself" she said tossing Bryon a walkie talkie.

Voila spike through the speaker " release the boy and grant them safe passage and I will keep kithu and Anak safe for you to place their souls back into."

"You have made a great enemy today Aulona the death I will bring to everyone you love will be slow and painful. For now you have my word take him and leave. Give me their souls. Now" Bryon said.

Aulona moved to hand the two pendants and Cassidy stopped her. "You can't just trust him the moment he gets their souls our lives are forfeit."

"Baron was a former werewolf in the imperial army but rebelled against his alpha when asked to against his word. If he wanted us dead he could do it before the aura in your systems circulate to even activate your abilities. He is the strongest werewolf this side of the continent." Aulona said placing the pendants in his hands.

Byron snapped the chains around Code and flung him towards Aulona.

"What did you think you are doing?" Thane and two of his men standing to face Baron. "I understand your daughters life is at stake but without the whereabouts of the codex none of these people are leaving here alive."

"I gave my word Demi god." Bryon said his eyes changing amber.

Their auras began to spike causing the entire cavern to shake.

"Time to go" Cass said grabbing Aulona and Shin. He tried teleporting but nothing happened. He closed his eyes and imagined he was somewhere else but nothing happened.

"Leaving so soon? I just got to the party." The monkey King said appearing in front of them. "You would not mind now me burrowing little Code over there I kinda need what's in his head.

Bryon charged the monkey followed by two of his subordinates. Thane turned to follow the attack but then turned to one of his men who stood 6ft 6 tall with muscles rippling around his body even more so than baron his skin was leathery black and seemed to move on its own. "Dennis be a kind boy and kill these intruders while the rest of us take on the monkey King. After all the red sorrow wishes come before Bryon and his sentiments."

"Yes my lord" Dennis said.

blasted him freezing Dennis in ice. Cassidy swung his sword an air slash crashing into Dennis. But he just kept walking towards them. "That did not even slow him down by a bit" Cass said teleporting them all out of there.

They all flashed back into the room where they had just freed Code from. "What the hell" Cass said scanning the room. Bryon and the rest of the sorrows were frozen in place. He turned around to find, Shin, Aulona, silver and Code standing still. "You froze time " Cass said to the monkey King.

Wukong smirked "your time powers seem to make you immune"

Cass tried flashing out of the cave but ended up appearing next to wukong. With a single swing of his arm, Cass was buried into the side of a wall.

"I can't stop your time however I can bend the space in which you travel in. I can pull your molecules towards me." The monkey kings staff shot through Cassidy's torso pinning him to the wall. He telekinetically pulled code to him. Wukongs right arm turned into golden cosmic energy. "The thing about having so much cosmic power is that you become cosmically aware. So many spells protecting his mind. The reason no one is able to find the codex is because it must bond with the host of a humans soul." Wukong shoved his arm through Codes chest and pulled out a red orb from his soul. He threw Code to the floor and manifested the Geno bomb that he had stolen from the NSA. Time unfroze and everyone dropped to the floor.

"How did he get the Codex" Code wheezed.

"If he activated that bomb then it's all over. Nearly every human will become meta humans and will become servants to Wukong. Aside from have half a dozen billion soldiers that will effectively be enough to make planet earth his domain of God hood."

"He rules the world literally" Cass said vomiting blood.

Silver at super sonic speeds slashed of wukong arm at a distance. The arm holding the codex flew off. Bryon and Shin both leaped for it. But Bryon was faster he shot to the codex but then suddenly the right arm began to glow. The light cleared and the arm had transformed into a clone. The clone blasted Bryon with an optic blast sending him through a dozen brick walls. The two money King clones shot together and fused to become one.

Thane misted behind and placed his right hand on the monkey kings shoulder. "Death touch"

Wukong released an omnidirectional blasting everything around him to every corner. Thane landed head first into the wall next to Cass. "Death hand a power from being the son of hades. Who ever you touch is killed. You think the power from one God can affect the power from one who has multiple cosmic energies? Why do you all struggle against me." Wukong said placing the codex in the geno bomb. The device began to glow red and then rapidly started flashing green. "Now Voila made this weapon to put every human under his will. Now I shall make them all under mine"

Wukong began infusing the device with his energies the bomb began to bubble as he started changing the properties of the codex to fit his desires. The bomb went of in an explosion of white light engulfing the entire planet and then there was silence. Blue bubbles of energy began floating from the earths surface.

The bubbles touched the monkey King, Shin, Cassidy and Bryon and Aulona but nothing happened. A bubble of power brushed against Code and he began to scream as wings sprouted from his back. "Ghhaaaaar make it stop" he shouted as the wings grew spikes.

Aulona rushed to his side cradling him." I am human too how come I am unaffected."

"You are one of the few who rare not affected by these spores. It's screaming. The world is screaming" Bryon said he could hear nearly every human on the planet weeping as they all developed powers"

"Such magnificence " Thane said purple energy radiating from him. He began to transform into a hulking red demonic beast. With this power I might actually be able to defeat "the red sorrow"

The monkey King inhaled "I can feel them all their souls connected to mine. Obey me"

Code suddenly dropped to one knee so did Thane.

"How I can't control my own body. I will die before I become your slave ape"

"No you will do my bidding until you die. Kill them for me."

Thane and Code attacked simultaneously. Codes wings shooting out spikes. Shin waved his hand freezing the projectiles. Cassidy teleported behind code and released his times sphere slowing down time. In a fraction of a second he had sliced of Codes wings and flipped his swords to cleave of Thanes neck but they shattered against his skin.

"His got skin as tough as Ash and Vincent." He said teleporting next too Shin.

Code sprouted new wings and continued forward then his newly grown wings turned to dust. Thane reverted back to his original form and blue bubbles of energy floated from him. Over 6 billion humans who had suddenly developed powers began losing them as blue energy left their bodies.

"What's happening all that power , my connection gone. This is supposed to be the ultimate weapon!" The monkey King roared with an explosive amount of energy shattering the the entire mountain top above them. If I cannot have this planet then I will destroy it with the power of an exploding star. A gold fiery energy began to form in his palm. This way my revenge on the God will still be complete. Their source of power gone for good."

A large brown werewolf came running atop of the beast was Jessica.

"Do you see jessica riding a werewolf? Or is the end of the world fucking with me" Cass said.

"I see it too." Shin said amused.

Jessica flipped from the wolfs back and landed in a crouching position. "Hey monkey monkey" she said, a green jaded collar appeared in her palm.

The monkey kings face was contorted with rage. "Snivelling human seek to put me on a leash I am a gold with a mere thought I could turn your mind into vegetable force you to kill yourself like so" wukong reached into her mind to shatter her conscious into a thousand pieces but what he met was black void of nothing. The black void of her mind lit up with a thousand souls floating around the monkey King.

Jessica appeared within her mental space. "Sullivan predicted once you saw the leash you would attack psychically. I am not her alone how bout you feel the deaths of a thousand miserable souls!"

In unison the souls screamed! Their pains dying regrets flooding into the monkey King. The psychic backlash ejected wukong from her mind.

The monkey kings physical body dropped to one knee blood dripping from his nose. Vincent and misted to Wukong unleashing a barrage of blows pushing Wukong back.

"Enough" He roared exploding in power pushing them both back. "Physical attacks are nothing to an immortal" Wukong said his body broken and battered he tried healing himself but his body crackled with green lightning. He tried shifting form but green lightning electrocuted him. "I hit you with the power to shatter a moon you should be dead now you returned and used that cursed power of yours to seal my physical state. I will kill everything you love Vincent Deladracroness you will die not knowing your fathers-"

A blast came from the roof hitting Wukong into the earth. A lady made out of pure blue energy.

"Meet guardian Habiba" Sullivan smirked " she is able to turn herself into any form of energy. With all those god powers you can't control their aspects can you but however you use their energy to fuel your own. Immortal or not there's only a certain amount of power you can use until your tank is empty" Sullivan said.

Habiba created a sphere of energy around the monkey King. He lashed out with energy blast but the go refuels remained. "The more you hit it your energy will instantly be converted into potential energy empowering the force field. This force field is capable of containing 100 exploding supernovas with ease. Let me show you" she said placing both hands on the outside of the force field. The inside of the forcefid along with the monkey King turned into a chain reaction of explosions. "100 exploding suns" all that was left was a ball of red fire blazing within Habiba forcefield.

"I though you where the strongest guardian in the organisation" Vince said watching as Habiba created several explosions each with the power of a sun and controlling it so the planet was not eradicated.

"I and Hitoshi are perhaps on equal footing but she's on another level" Sullivan said.

"Voila is yet stronger than her?" Cass asked?

"He won the blood tournament a millennia ago of course he is"

The flames within Habibas forcefield died out and nothing but smoke was there.

The monkey King teleported behind Habibas and shoved his hand into her chest. The right side turned into red energy. "When two opposed forms of energy react to each other what happens?"

Habiba's now red and blue energy form screamed as she began flicking between her human form and energy form until she finally exploded with a boom.

Wukong turned the rest of them his physical form looking malnourished and weary: "seems if I don't actually end this soon I might lose"

"Too late to now stop underestimating us. Jessica."

Jess released her energies summoning several pits of fire that led to the under world. "I spent 3days in the red crypt and nearly died but I was able to learn to control my energy and also my power better. I can absorb more than a 1000 souls into my body however I can put a million in someone else's"

Souls flew forth the pits of hades. The energy was so dense that everyone could see the souls of the dead as they poured into the monkey Kings body. He blasting them disintegrating the souls but they where just to many. "This…can't kill…kill me…I am a King! A God!"

"We aren't trying to kill you" jessica said. Cassidy flashed next to her and teleported with her next Wukong. "We are trying to capture you" Jessica said clasping the collar round Wukongs neck.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Wukong roared as his body began to change to stone "you can't no don't turn me into this this is not a fate I want. I rather die than be trapped in a state of nothingness once again!" The monkey King was cut of as his entire body was petrified as he pulled at his collar.

Jessica slumped to floor so did everyone else as the panted.

"we won?" Cass said "please tell me we won"

Thane's right hand glowed purple "we'll all that's left is to kill the rest-"

"My kin is in the hands of the NSA. I have made a pact with them to allow them safe passage. When I get my kin and kithus bodies then you may go ahead and kill them. But to face them now is to face me" Baron said.

"One touch from me and your dead line wolf. Dear little rats next time we meet I will be hunting you. The power I had been working to attain was in my grasp and due to your meddling the Geno bomb and the codex fell into the wrong hands. I will not forget this Aulona and Vincent Deladracroness." He said walking into the darkness.

Bianca blurred to Vincent and kissed him. " you did it and you finally got your revenge."

"Not yet his still breathing." Vincent said walking towards the statue. Sullivan stepped in front of him. The NSA do not take lives.

"Who's going to stop me?" Vince said his eyes blazing golden.

"we will of course" said Sullivan as war ships began floating over the cavern.

"Still not good enough." Vince said baring his fangs.

The monkey kings statue vanished in a puff of smoke.

"Stop fighting. Hades took his creation after we did all the dirty work.

"I will kill your father and leave his head on a burning spike." Vincent said.

A skeleton emerged from the ground and began to speak. "Hello Vincent. You are still a great part of my plans unfortunately this weapon is something I need. You want the location to your fathers prison? I can easily find out from the monkey King when I utilise him as my eternal slave."

"Fine. Give me my fathers location and I will not burn your realm to hell. And he must remain nothing else but your slave." Vince said.

"Of course" Hades said through the skeleton. "Good job daughter" and it crumbled into dust.

A bright white light covered the entire area and when it cleared a young boy about the age of five sat cradling a pile of ash holding a toy in his right hand. Blue bubbles of energy continued to flow into him. "My parents they are dead I killed them? What's happening to me I can hear voices everyone's thoughts. I am five years old why do I know I know everything!" The boy said tears streaming down his face. His right eye was closed but his left was wide open. "Someone help me please."