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It was that wonderful time of year again, the last day of school. No more teachers, no more homework, and no more exams. Everyone was excited, but no one more so than fourteen year old Sean Dunham. He was excited about the freedom that summer would bring.

His family moved from place to place, never really setting down roots before his mother, Katherine became sheriff of the town of North Pendton. Sean thought that this would make it easier to get to know his classmates but he found it to be harder. His parents were very over protective of him, always wanting him home before the street lights came on. Being the kid of the sheriff didn't help much either. But he could feel a change when he stepped into North Pendton High.

Firstly, Sean had found a best friend in the form of Felipe Class. Felipe was a tall and lanky guy, with umber brown skin. He was a handsome guy with hooded brown eyes that added to his overall easygoing demeanor. He was described by many to be a rather outgoing guy with a lot of friends, many of them being girls. He wasn't what people would call a player though. He was too nice for all of that. Felipe introduced himself on the second day of Spanish class and they quickly became inseparable. Sean finally understood what it was like to have a real friend.

After packing up his things Sean took off down the hallway with a wide grin on his face. The sounds of his sneakers smacking against the linoleum echoed throughout the empty hallways, only accompanied by the sound of his laughter. As he rounded the last corner and nearly ran into Alexa.

"Woah!" Sean exclaimed as he twisted to the left to avoid running into the shorter girl. Unfortunately for Sean the move landed him on the floor.

Alexa looked down at him, head tilted slightly to the right. "You are a rather clumsy fellow, aren't you?"

"I'm not clumsy." Sean looked up at the girl, propping himself up on his elbows. "Just excited."

"Excited?" Alexa raised her eyebrows, her voice was flat. "What is there to be excited about? The end of the school year is something that happened often, is it not?"

What kind of question is that? Sean smirked and sat up, "Yeah, it happens every year. But this year is my first year as a high schooler! So...I dunno, I'm excited."

"I did not know that this was something people get excited about," Alexa shrugged and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. A gesture Sean found adorable.

Alexa Silvers was the new girl at school, came in around the end of April, and she was rather odd. Never really talked to anyone but she was constantly muttering to herself. She would stand a bit too close to people talked about how she rarely blinked, like she was staring into their soul. Sean, however, thought that she was nice. A pretty girl too, with her long black hair that fell to her thin shoulders. It made her already pale skin look even paler. It shined in the light and shimmered when she moved. Her large amber eyes never seemed to focus on any one point, like they were trying to see everything they could see.

"Not everybody does," Sean said and held up his hand, a silent ask for help tough he didn't need it.

"And you are not everyone." That wasn't a question. She took his hand and pulled him up.

Once he was square on his feet he grinned at Alexa, "So what do you have planned for the summer?"

There was a shift in her then. Eyes sliding over to the left as a look of worry flashed across her face for a brief moment. Then it was gone. "I might be leaving this summer. Depending on...things. I am not sure."

Sean's grin faltered a bit, "Leave? Do you move around a lot?"

"I move around often, yes."

"Wow." He rubbed the back of his neck, "I used to move around a lot so...I know that must be hard."

"I suppose it is sometimes," she looked like she was going to say something else. Like it was on the tip of her tongue ready to spring free but she shook her head. "I am used to it." She took a few steps past Sean before she paused and turned her head back to face him, her bangs casting a shadow over her eyes, "Please remember to be careful Sean...I see dangerous things in your future. Do not go into the woods."

"Uh...what?" His mouth hung open slightly as Alexa walked away. She sighed and ran his hands through his pale blond hair. He felt kind of bad for her.

With their conversation over Sean handed out to the school's courtyard where Felipe was waiting for him. He continued down the hallway and with gentle kick he opened the double doors to the outside world.

Standing off to the left, by one of the many crab apple sapling that dotted the yard stood Felipe along with two girls. A chubby blonde with pigtails and a thin redhead with a bob cut. Bother of the girls were giggling hysterically at something had said. Always the charmer that one. Felipe looked up and spotted Sean, a grin spread across his face and he waved the blond over. The girls waved too when they saw him.

Sean trotted over, "Hey."

"Hey shortbread," Felipe ruffled Sean's hair. Sean pushed Felipe's hand away as a light blush crossed his face and rolled his eyes. He wasn't that short, five feet, seven inches wasn't short at all! "What took you?"

"Oh nothing, I just stopped to talk to Alexa."

"Ah," Felipe nodded. "Finally making a move?"

"What!' Sean blushed even more and the girls giggled again. Felipe had been teasing him about for weeks now. "It wasn't like that at all."

"Yeah, yeah sure," Felipe rolled his eyes in amusement. "Oh! Right, these are my friends I was telling you about. This," he pointed to the redhead. "Is Megan and this is Samantha."

"Don't call me Sam," the blonde said with a curt nod and pointed her finger at Sean. "If you must give me a nickname, like Megan over here, you can call me Mantha. Not Sam."

Sean nodded slowly, getting the feeling that it was best to stay on her good side.

"Anyway," Felipe cut in. Did you ask if you could go to the movies with us yet?"

"No..." he started twisting his fingers around. "Not yet."

"Why didn't you ask earlier?" Megan asked, tilting her head to the side.

"My parents are huge worry-warts," Sean explained. "So they have to be handled gently."

"As in a few hours before?" Megan asked, Sam rolled her eyes.

Sean nodded. "Exactly."

"It's whatever man." Felipe stood up, pulling his long wavy hair into a ponytail and grinned. "Text me 'yea' or 'nay', 'kay?"

Sean nodded and hit his chest lightly with his fist, "Of course."

Felipe waved and headed off with Sam and Megan. Sean took a deep breath and headed home, rehearsing what exactly he was going to say to his parents.

Alexa exited the school building at a leisurely pace, she was in no hurry, and she didn't have anywhere important to be. That would come a little later. Right now she just needed to contact Shinma. Alexa dug into her pocket and pulled out her out-of-date flip phone. She walked off the school grounds and passed a nearby park. There were a few kids from the middle school fooling around on the jungle gym before they trotted home, off to homework and families. Alexa watched the children for a moment, the way they would laugh and shout, jumping off of swings and monkey bars.

She searched through her contacts until she found Shinma's number and clicked 'call'. As she raised the phone up to her ear she gazed past the park and the kids to woods that sat just behind the fence. She stared at the woods, listening to the phone ring as she waited. Then she saw it, a shadow moved between the trees. Her eyes widened.

"Hello darling!" a happy voice said on the other end of the line after the third ring.

"I-I was correct," Alexa said as she pulled her eyes away from the woods and to the ground just in front of her. Fist clenching at her side. "They are moving tonight. We ha-"

"That was to be expected." There was a hint of laughter in the voice, which Alexa found unfitting. This was no laughing matter. "But come on back darling, we'll talk plan of action and all that."

"Will everyone else be there?"

Shinma hummed on the other end of the line. "You know them. They like to get in trouble."

Alexa chewed on her bottom lip. That wouldn't be good. They all need to be there if they were really going to talk plan of action. Especially if she was going to try and keep Sean out of it. But then again, Shinma may already have an idea on all of that.

"Alright, I've got to get going. We have a guest coming over you know."

No, she did not know that.

"Hurry, you need to meet her," there was a pause. "Oh! Could you also go to the store and grab coffee. We're fresh out and you know how these law enforcers like coffee."

"Okay." Alexa hung up the phone without waiting for a 'goodbye' and placed the phone back in her pocket. She did as she was asked and grabbed coffee, Dunkin' Donuts brands before she headed home.