The sleeping flower spread its petals

Stretching away the winter frost

Tiny birds opening up thier eyes for the frist time

As the cool relaxing breeze touch them for the frist time

Say hi to the yawning bear as its hidding away in the den

Say hi to the butterflies as they take their first flight

Whisper to the wind and tell your darkest scerets

That is hidden in your soul

Let the pollen itch your nose and make you sneeze

Let it itch your eyes and make you suffer

As it rain down from the trees

Listen to the song of the birds and the whisper of the wind

Listen to the barking of the dog in the neighbor back yard

Listen to the kids play around and laugh and play

Then turn you head up to the sky

Watch the birds take their freedom

Watch the clouds create a masterpiece in the sky

Watch the ocean blue sky and reach for it

Feel the sun hands on your cheeks

Feel it heat up your body and make you whole

Feel the coming of spring

And Watch it grow