The Prophecy of the Starnik

Chapter 1: School Days.

Legends, myths, conspiracy even comes under it, but for the time being, and for the purpose of this tale, we'll stick with prophecy. No matter what you call it, it's something that says we're a part of something; maybe not something major, but something nonetheless. Destiny might be a better way of saying this, fate too. Something that was preordained long in the past all about you and nothing but you. However, for this instance we're going to have to make an excuse, for this story is not about one, but two.

Humanity is not the only one that knew of these prophecies; several species from around the world have their own stories to tell. Yes, I'm talking about animals, bears, lions, fish…you name one, there's a story somewhere to tell. This one prophecy I'm going to tell you about changed to face of the earth in the years that followed for not only humanity, but for our own species, wolf kind. It was one that brought the two under its control to find peace, pain, torment, love and indeed happiness in the end. But who are these two individuals, I hear you ask? First a history lesson.

Three thousand years ago, before a time the humans call "Christ", wolf kind were in the prime of it's existence thanks to their dominantly bigger cousins, the Dire Wolves. Creatures that were said to be the size of a human, with claws the length of letter openers, canines the size of knives and paws as large as dinner plates. They were the "apex predator" of the planet, the rulers and nothing stood in their way of surviving, hence why they thrived across the world in this time. It was also that reason the humans, with their spears and bow with arrows, saw they threatened their own existence. And it needed to be stopped.

A war ensued between them, with more casualties inflicting on the Dires. The humans hunted them down, using their furs for warmth and decoration, their heads for trophies and bones for medicinal use. A long time this continued, years before something needed to happen. Out of know where, with no understanding of how this happened, a single human and Dire wolf stood out between the conflict, finding an understanding and a shared idea for peace for all. It was said the human and wolf gods smiled down on them, and with their blessings, bestowed great powers to keep the peace. The human, the ability to control whatever he wished with only a thought, the agility and speed of his friend to keep up with her. The she-wolf, a passive gift of healing all those caught in the conflict and manipulation over the winds as a warning. The eyes were what gave them away, it was said they were never able to hide their eyes. Their job was simple, end this madness. After years, they earned themselves the name of "The Starnik", an olden language which translates as "Saviours".

Long story short, they failed, their own species driving them away, refusing to take part in any truce and peace. After years of trying, they were declared outsiders, hunted by anything and everything. To end it all, it was said that when the day came that they were cornered by those they once called friends, brothers and sisters, they quoted something the God's told them, that one day the Starnik shall return, and they WILL succeed in what they failed to do. They were laughed at, and upon proceeding to cut them down, both humans and Dires witness the Starnik obliterate into a ball of fire. Nobody knows what happened, it was concluded they saved their species the trouble of ending their lives for them and did it themselves.

The Starnik were gone, and the outcome of the war…well, it's pretty obvious don't you think? The Dire Wolves were driven to extinction, the last said to roam to the north of a place now known as "America". The only ones found now are fossils, or faked abominations now placed in museums. But what of the prophecy? It was a story the humans forgot after a few centuries, just another bedtime story. Not even that. Wolf kind however, the younger, luckier cousins to the Dire wolves that survived the war, many clung onto that story, some living in hope that someday the Starnik would return to save them from the human hunters that now came after them for sport. Others thought of it as nothing but a story, but at least they remembered unlike humanity. Just another species gone extinct.

Moving on now, let's get back on track by skipping ahead a few thousand years to now. This young man walking down his school corridor goes by the name of Scott, just Scott; his surname is a bit of a mystery even to him. With graduation looming, these last few months counted. Scott's background is like most others, only with childcare instead of parents. He was abandoned at the care homes doors a year old, with no recollection of anything but his name. His parents were unknown to everyone, but with his black hair and blue eyes it wasn't much to go on. Kalispell city of Montana, America was his hometown, for seventeen years old he was doing pretty well for himself. He lived in his own little apartment; a small but current amount of money from the state's child protective services pays for it and his welfare. It was better then living with all the other kids, the other place wasn't the best. So when his sixteenth birthday came around he was in no hesitation to decline the chance. A threat or two once a day, the occasional beating once a week, the everyday theft of something. Here, he had everything for himself. All he had to do was put up with a weekly visit from his care-worker for an hour or two to make sure everything's ok and to get an understanding of everything.

The good side however, his friends were always there to make him smile, save him from the local bullies if needed be. All in all, they all looked out for each other in this town. His dream in ten years time was to do something outside the city, rarely does he leave this place, there was nothing for him here so someplace quiet and secluded, surrounded by nature was what he pictured. He didn't want to live here longer then he had to. When the day comes that child care has no control over him, he's long gone! But until that time, this was what he had to deal with.

With no warning, as he walked down these quiet corridors on the way to class which he was already running late for, he was blindsided from his left with some great force and slammed into the wall. "Ahh…damn it." He seethed and clasping his sure to be bruised arm.

"What's the rush?" Asked the big burly teenager that stood in front of him.

"Leave me alone Sam." Sam, captain of the Lacrosse team. Born in England, bringing with him the same accent. An attempt at being a body builder of sorts, he was a pretty strong muscular guy, not one you wanted to be on the wrong side of. "I'm already late for class." He tried to walk around him; this only resulted in a second young man grabbing his rack-sack slug over his shoulder and throwing it on the floor.

"I'll ask again, what's the rush?"

"Trying to avoid you two idiots would be another thing." His daring insult only brought him a sharp kick to the calf from the second boy. With a little cry of pain from the expected surprise, Scott was grabbed by his jacket and pushed back against the wall. The second lad took a hold of his wrists to stop retaliation. It was already planned out.

"You show a little more respect to us." He sneered into his face, spitting on him a little bit to as he did. "Now is not the time to start showing off." Scott put up with insults like this all the time, if not at school then in the care home. He predicted what would come next if he spat in Sam's face. Sam reeled back from it, wiping it off his face with his sleeve and in that time Scott started taking deep breaths of fear and bracing himself. "For that I think I'm going to have to…" Before he could even lift his fist, they heard the sound of a teachers shoes growing louder, the sign every student in the school took to stop whatever it was they were doing and act innocent. Moments later, a teacher stepped out of the room a little way down the corridor. Scott was dropped and he quickly picked up his bag.

"What's going on out here?" The teacher classically demanded. "Hurry on up Scott, you're already later." Then the teacher stepped back inside. Without hesitation, Scott stepped away with a hurry and towards them room.

"Don't take lightly to this; I'll see you after school." Growled Sam as he turned around to find his next toy on the way to his classes.

"Damn thugs." Scott Mumbled as he walked inside, he was safe for now.

"Well it's about time." A teenage girl said as he sat down at his desk towards the back of the room. This was Skye, long, and I mean really long blonde hair that went half way down her back. Her grey irises bore nothing but kindness with a hint of cheekiness whenever it was necessary.

"Don't tell me, Sam again?" Another boy asked. This was Dean, Scott's first real friend he met at a very young age. His short brown hair and same coloured eyes may sound boring, but that because he was the most sensible out of the group. He liked things to go the way he planned, otherwise he'd panic.

"Not really, although I think I'm dead after school." Scott whispered as the lesson began. It was then he was nudged from his right.

"Think nothing of him dude, nobody else does." This was Tony, the most outgoing and ridiculous of all of them. An African-American, not that, that meant anything to any of them. He was one for "act now and think later", disorganised might be another way of describing him. All in all, they considered themselves a team, when one goes the other won't be far behind. Their own little "A-Team" they've once said.

"So guys, there's something I've been thinking…" Dean was unable to finish when the teacher happened to be quiet at the time.

"You four, do I need to split you up again?" She asked.

"No ma'am, we're sorry." Scott grinned with a slight laugh in there. She turned around and continued on with the lesson. And another in paradise was beginning, just another typical day.