Mirari's eyes slowly opened. She tried to sit up, but her limbs felt heavy. She was numb all over. Her head rolled on the fluffy pillow below it. She saw people sitting on chairs beside the bed, most of them dozing. She began to recognize them as her mind cleared; Amaya, with her head resting on Jasper's shoulder; Jasper, who was leaning back in his chair, an open book on his lap; and Trevor, who was curled up in a ball on a brown leather armchair.

Trevor, the childish teenager, with jet black curls, ocean blue eyes, and a fierce alter ego. Jasper, the mature man with dark hair and eyes that raged like a never ending war. And Amaya, the women, who claimed to be Mirari's sister, with a childish attitude.

Mirari scowled at the thought of family.

They'd abandoned her. Hated her. She couldn't remember who they were, what they looked like or even why they did it all, but her heart and mind became clouded with rage at the thought of them. That was the only emotion she was sure she could feel. Hatred. She believed that she must've forced herself to forget.

A soft snore came from her left. She head lolled around on the pillow.

His head resting on the bed as he knelt beside it, the sleeping Cole stirred. She hadn't felt it before, but as feeling returned to her body, she felt the warmth of his hand that spread through her as he held hers.

His eyes slowly opened. She watched him as he yawned, in a very cat like manner, rolling his tongue out, stretching his jaw, and narrowing his eyes momentarily.

He let go of her hand and pushed against the bed as he arched his back. He stood and stared at her blankly for a few seconds.

"You're awake..," he grumbled, rubbing his right eye.

She opened her mouth to speak, but all that came out was a loud croak. He sat on the side of her bed and placed the back of his hand on her forehead.

"You're cooling down a bit."

He rose again and disappeared through a door at the end of the room. He reappeared minutes later, a stainless steel tray in hand. He placed it on an oak bedside locker, and pulled a chair over towards the bed. He seated himself and helped Mirari to sit up. He took a small bowl from the tray and grabbed the spoon from beside it.

"Open," he ordered, taking a spoon full of the crimson liquid that filled the bowl.

Mirari did so and he placed it in her mouth. He pulled the spoon back out, tilting it so she got the rest of the liquid. It was warm and sweet, with a metallic after taste. He continued to feed her until the bowl was empty. He gave her a glass of water as he tidied up the tray. She drained it in one. She gave him the empty glass and traded it for a facecloth. She wiped her face clean of any traces of sweat or the addictive soup.

Suddenly, Trevor was on his feet, his eyes wide and filled with lust. His nose twitched uncontrollably and drool hung from his mouth. His legs shook violently and his hands trembled. His back was arched forwards. He swung on the balls of his feet.

Mirari stared at him blankly, while Cole furrowed his brow.

"He couldn't..," he murmured, slowly treading towards Trevor.

He raised his palms to the teenager's face. Trevor immediately lunged at him, sticking his enlengthened incisors into Cole's wrist. Blood pumped from the wound. Trevor's tongues lapped it up. His mouth closed around the open wound, and Mirari could hear the sounds of him sucking it.

She frowned, on her feet in front of Trevor, much to Cole's surprise. Her body moved completely of its own accord, reacting to the instinctive thoughts of her brain. Her red eyes burned brightly like a flaming fire. Her hair began to whip violently around her body.

Trevor lifted his head and glared at her, his blue eyes pulsing slightly.

Mirari growled at him, giving him a two handed shove backwards. He went flying through the air, smacking with a loud thud against the wall. It cracked in every direction behind him. His fingers dug into the plaster as he pulled himself out of the hole he'd made.

He hissed at her, low and threatening. He ran at her, his arms swinging wildly.

She snarled and bounded towards him. She jumped over him, her head skimming the ceiling, and wrapped her legs around his neck. She grabbed a handful of hair and was about to twist his head backwards, when she was dragged off of him by an invisible force.

She bucked and kicked fiercely, struggling to get free.

"Let me go!" she screeched, glaring daggers at Jasper, who had one palm splayed in her direction and the other at Trevor, who floated aimlessly in the air, head down in shame.

Jasper sighed, shaking his head. His eyes snapped up to Mirari, giving a silent warning.

Cole sat on the bed, legs crossed and smirking coyly. Amaya slapped him swiftly across the back of the head. He scowled at her.

"Oi! What was that for?" he shouted, rubbing his head vigorously.

She looked at him in disbelief.

"What just happened is not funny!" she shouted, pointing one of her long, sharp painted finger nails at him.

Amaya was about five-foot-nine. She wore a white three-quarter length, rounded collar t-shirt, black high-waisted jeans and scuffed black biker boots. Her nails were painted a pale pink. Her eyes were a dazzling shade of blue and her hair had been taken out of its plait, leaving it hanging halfway down her back with distinctive violet waves.

Cole stood, giving her a dirty look. He was about six-foot three in height and was wearing a dark grey yoga pants, a baggy, black t-shirt. His bare feet revealed his lanky, ashen toes. The previous steel stud that was in his eyebrow was replaced by a shimmering sapphire encrusted ring. Around his neck hung the same dog tags, but accompanied by a sparkling navy jewel. His earlier bare ears, had a black stud in the cartilage, a similar one on his lower lobe with a white gold chain going from one to the other. His snow white hair was messy and slightly tinted with blood from when he'd slept and the fight. His forest green eyes were glittering with a hint of mischief.

He walked towards Mirari -who was still hovering in the air- grabbed her by the ankles and yanked her down. She yelped as Jasper released her from his grasp and she fell into Cole's waiting arms. She squirmed out of his grasp and dashed towards Trevor, who still dangled in the air. His head shot up and he stared at her in horror and she vaulted towards him.

They crashed through a few walls and to the ground of a huge empty room, Mirari on top with her hands around his neck., and straddling his waist. She leaned down until her lips were beside his ear. She ignored the shouts of the others.

"This is for earlier, you little runt," she spat, letting go of his neck, running a finger harshly down it.

A bead of blood trickled from where her nail had cut. Her finger wiped it. She stuck the finger in her mouth before grimacing.

"Ugh. You gotta lay off the sugar, kid," she said, her voice deeper than usual.

Trevor stared at her with pleading eyes, tears beginning to brim over his eyelashes. He wriggled beneath her, clawing desperately at her stomach.

"P-please..l-let me go..I won't d-do it again.. I swear!"

Mirari cackled, grinning like a maniac, her eyes slightly widened in anticipation.

"You're too funny, runt! Asking for a second chance!" she howled, clutching her sides.

Serious again in less than a second, her head hovered dangerously above his. She cracked her knuckles.

"Do you think I pleaded and begged like a little girl when those bastards of family members threw me out like a mangy mutt?! No! I didn't! Because I have pride! And things I wish to protect! So get lost with your little apology, you sorry excuse of a-"

She cut herself off, screaming as she clutched her head in agony. She rolled off Trevor and onto the ground, curled up in a ball. Her wails of despair and torment filled the room. A memory, she'd long forgotten wove it's way into her mind. A man, with strawberry blonde hair and beady, brown eyes, towered above her, a whip in hand. He was clad in a long, white, lab coat, a navy shirt, and black slacks. His mouth was moving, but she couldn't hear a word. He brought the whip down hard and fast on her, making her body jerk in pain. His voice began to ring throughout her mind.

"Mirari, you're such a bad girl. Nobody in our family even likes you. We all hate you. You're a waste of space. You shouldn't be alive. You should die. I'm your Father, you will never disobey me, because if you do, I will have you eaten alive. I will kill you without a moments hesitation. I hate you, your whole family hates you, even your Mother!"

"Get out! Get out of my head!"