When I've done some Bible reading, which will help me hear God talk,

As the sunset's drawing near, I like to take a long prayer walk,

Meditating on the scriptures read, to see what might convict

Me to actions (maybe different ones, if lately I've been tricked).

Theological assurances can give me inward peace.
When I'm wearing thin with stress, God's help can give a brand new lease;

A refresher of my mental state; and God wants me to share

What He knows is in my mind, so I'll acknowledge He is there.

While I walk past fields and trees and flowers, feeling richly blessed,

God gives answers to my troubles, which I never would have guessed:

He might send a recollection of a text I once forgot,

Which applies to what I'm facing now: the verse that hits the spot.

He takes interest in my hopes and dreams, and, in His way, replies,

When I ask if what I plan to do is something He'll despise.

So I know what's right and wrong, from what comes back through every word

In his books (all 66), although this may seem quite absurd.

But it isn't. I express my fears, and all of them are laid

Right to rest by all the times the Bible says "Don't be afraid.

Cast your worries onto Him… He hears you call out in your strife,"

And delivers you, intact as you await eternal life.

I take all my problems to the Lord, while exercising feet,

Gaining more than just mere exercise, while heading down the street,

And around the block, while tuning out the things that occupy

My attention in the daytime, seeking guidance from on high.

There is nothing I can bring to such a table, for this cure

He's providing. God has all He needs, and He's already pure.

But the way He's purifying me is what this is about.

Once the sun's not such a burning threat, it's time to head straight out.

While some people hold the weather man's worst days in some disdain,

I find such an outdoor sanctuary, when walking in the rain.

Both the sight and sound (not overdone since Noah's time) provide

Me with even better views of all the scenery far and wide.

Every time, regardless of my mood, when prayer walk first begins,

I've found comfort for my struggles and forgiveness for my sins.

I come back, and maybe in a sense, I find myself reborn,

With a new anticipation of the coming next day's dawn.

Then I've got the time to thank Him for the blessings that He's brought,

And the ones He will bring, even while the battle's being fought;
As the Devil does his best to cover up what God bestows,

By abusing us, repeatedly with all of life's bad blows.

It's a habit not worth giving up, where God's in touch with me;

And the time's well used, regardless of whatever's on TV,

Or whatever else I'd do instead. I won't exhaust God's care,

And He takes that walk beside us when we make the time for prayer.