Sweat was running down his face as he sat in front of huge pendulum clock in a dark living room of the mansion. The time was five until midnight. The boy shivered as the clock counted down the last seconds of his life.

The clock stroke twelve with a loud bang, that echoed in the empty house. Then the door of the room opened with a loud creak. A dark silhouette entered the room and Jack knew it was his death.

It was a warm summer evening. The sun was setting far beyond the horizon thus coloring the sky in a bright red color similar to blood. The day had been hot and you could still fell the heat even now.

Jack stood in front of the old rotting door that led into the deserted mansion. He had been standing there for a while now unable to force himself to go in. He was frozen in fear, one that he could not understand. In front of him was what seemed to be an ordinary old house. But Jack knew better.

The Mary Rose was the name of an old mansion on the hill near the road. Nobody lived there for few decades so the house just stood there abandoned. Some people believe that the place is haunted, that some time ago something happened up there, something not very nice. However to most people it was just an old house slowly falling apart from age. But not to Jack.

Two weeks ago his own brother had went into the house and nobody had seen him ever since. Jack somehow knew the house was to blame for it. He had always felt that there was something wrong with the place. And now he wanted to know what it was.

Jack had a terrible feeling that if he went inside he would never come back out of it. Finally he moved towards the filthy old door. And just before opening them he turned around and glanced at the blood red sunset. Jack felt like he would never see the sun again. The bad feeling inside he's chest growing even stronger.

At last he opened the door and went inside. Jack found himself in a dark corridor. In front of Jack was a huge old staircase and on the left and right side of the corridor there was nothing but darkness. Jack went to the left side because there was more light falling from the holes in the ceiling. As he explored that part of the house Jack found some really bizarre things. At first there were blood stains. From few drops on the wall or the floor to huge puddles of blood spilled all over. The worst was in the kitchen. The blood was all over the place even on the ceiling. The sight made Jack feel sick so he ran out of the kitchen with the horrible image burnt in his memory.

After what he saw Jack was too scared to open any more doors in the first floor so he had climbed the stairs to the second. The second floor was much brighter than the first one and Jack felt better now that he was far from the blood and darkness.

This time Jack chose to go to the right. There were only two doors in the small corridor. The first led to a bedroom. But something wasn't right. The mattress of the burned on one side and bloody on the other. There were rusty chains on the floor.

"Something is very wrong with this place" Jack thought.

Behind the other door was the bathroom. Things seemed to be normal there except for the mysterious symbols written on the mirror. Jack was sure that the red colour of the symbols was blood.

Jack found himself in the library. There he had found some odd books. Most of them were about torturing devices, black magic, evil spirits and alchemy. This only confirmed what Jack had thought before. There was something very wrong with the house and the ones who had lived there.

As Jack continued to explore the mansion he found the item of the most disgusting sort. A human head. Not just any human. His brother's head was placed on a red pillow under a glass box. Jack felt even more sick then when he saw the blood puddle in the kitchen.

" Who did this" the boy thought.

Suddenly the head began to glow, opened its eyes and spoke.

"You must hurry. He awakens at midnight. You must find the devils beast ant kill it while it sleeps. Only then the souls he keeps here will be freed. Hurry there isn't much time" The glowing stopped and the head closed its eyes.

This is what had happened that day. But now Jack was out of time. He knew he had failed and now his soul will be trapped here forever just like his brothers. He tried to find the devil but couldn't do it on time.

"Forgive me brother for I have failed you. You and everyone else" those were his last thoughts before he left this world forever.