The End

The sun slowly rose above the horizon. The mist was still floating above the sleeping village. Suddenly the silence was broken by the sound of an engine as a black Mercedes drove out of the freeway and turned into the sleeping village.

The car stopped near a hill and a dark silhouette step out onto the pavement. The mysterious figure stands next to the car and glance above to the house standing on the hill. The figure climb the steps leading to the top and for a moment stops in front of an old rotting door, moments later the mystery man enters the house.

In front was a huge staircase while the corridor on the left and right were covered in thick darkness. Without a single doubt the mysterious man climbed up to the second floor. In front of the stairs was a double door. The man went through it to the library.

Once the man entered the air filled itself with voices. Strange whispers belonging invisible owners. Mary Anne eyed the stranger from behind a book shelf. The man was wearing a long black raincoat and wide hat that cast a dark shadow on the man's face.

-Who are you?-Jack asked floating in trough the wall.

-It's dangerous here.- James came in after his brother.

The stranger replied by taking something out of his pocket and then showing it to the ghosts. The thing he was holding was badge. A leather base with a metal star on it. In small metal letters these words encircled the star "Mystery Detective".

-You're here to help us.?-Mary Anne came forward from her hiding place.

The detective nodded in respond.

The ghost vanished turning into blue smoke that soon faded away. The detective left the library and made his way to the second floor bathroom. He closely examined the symbols on the mirror. Then he took out a notebook and copied the symbols. After that he went back to the first floor. He entered the sitting room and slowly examined every detail of it. His eyes stopped at the painting of the black wolf. The man came closer. For a moment he stood and stared at it. Then he slowly took the panting down thus uncovering a safe that was behind it. The detective reached into his pocket and took out a stethoscope. He put the flat end of it on the cold metal near the lock and began to turn the handle. After some moments the safe opened with a cling. The contents of the safe consisted of a book, some scrolls ,a vial of blood and a skull. The detective turned the pages of the book writing down or copying symbols from it. He put the book back then took the vial of blood and placed it his in pocket.

The mysterious Detective examined the bath on the first floor. He took out the old shoe that was clogging the toilet. With a loud cling a rusted key fell out of the shoe. The detective picked it up and searched the pockets of his long coat until he found rust remover. He carefully cleaned the key.

He moved on to the left side of the house. He ignored the stains of blood as he went through the kitchen. He was used to seeing blood. The man passed through the door in the kitchen and went into the cellar. The boiler caught his attention. He came closer used the rust remover to clean a piece of it uncovering an eye painted on the boiler and word below the symbol. "The eye of the beast burns in the dark". But the symbol was not the only odd thing about the boiler. Normally boilers were attached to metal pipes. But this one however wasn't, it had no pipes, was not connected to anything, it just stood there. The detective pushed the rusted boiler aside and it fell on the ground. The sound of metal hitting the cement echoed from the walls. Behind the boiler there was a hole in the wall. Too small for a human to fit, but good enough to hide something. The detective carefully placed his hand into the hole. His fingers touched something solid. He pulled out a candle and then another one. There were seven candles altogether.

The detective stood there thinking for a moment. There was still a lot of time until midnight. There must be a reason for the time of awakening. A reason why the beast only appeared at midnight. Because usually dark creatures awaken at the fall of darkness, midnight is the peak of their activity. Something must prevent it from appearing too early: a mechanism to keep the beast locked until midnight? Then suddenly the silence of the house was broken by the sound of a clock striking noon. That was it: the beast only appears after the clock strikes midnight.

The Detective climbed up to the second floor bedroom. There in the corner was a dusty old pendulum clock. The detective opened a glass door of the clock. On the right was a small keyhole. He took out the key placed it in the hole and turned it to the right. The arrows of the clock moved to right as well. He kept turning the key until the arrows stopped on twelve and clock stroke "midnight". A sound of a strange mechanism was heard as well as the sound of a door opening somewhere deep in the house.

The detective went back to floor one because that's where most of the attacks had occurred. He took out a flashlight from his pocket and went to the dark area near the kitchen door. As he suspected there was an open gap in the wall and a stairway down. The detective climbed down to the dark room. His flashlight illuminated a dark shadow in the corner. It was motionless which proved it was still asleep. But the detective still took precautions. He took out the vial of blood and painted a circle around himself. Then he took out the candles and placed them in the circle. Now that the protection circle was complete he was free to start the ritual that will kill the beast and free all the souls he had captured.

The dark shadow moved. He slowly stood up and smelled the air. The smell of blood he liked, but the smell of burning candles troubled him. He lied down again but didn't go back to sleep. The detective noticed this movement and he knew he had to hurry. He began to draw the symbols in the inside of the circle.

-From ashes to ashes. From dust to dust. Born in the fire ,summoned by blood. Bird of shadows from behind the gate…

The beast rose his head. That voice and the smell of fire- the things that should not be there. Something was wrong. He stood up and turned around.

-… soldier angel from the sun. Eat your wings as Mars sets them ablaze.

The symbols were complete. And now that the beast had seen him the detective froze in fear for a few seconds. A night black wolf in the size of a bear with blood red eyes was coming towards him.

-Who are you?-the beast asked.

That moment the detective realized he had to continue his work before the beast could break the power of the circle.

-This beast of hell I ask you to slay. As the gods in the sky cast a spell or a curse. The demon of shadows will fade away.

The beast growled as smoke began to rise from his body.

-What are you doing to me? Stop that at once!- the beast rose its paw to strike the detective but hit the barrier instead. That caused the detective to hurry and finish the spell before the barrier broke.

-The gods of the sky will punish the devil. As Venus shall chain ,Mercury will pour down. Then Uranus shall bury. And Saturn will open his gate for his soul. Trough the path of the moon…

The beast once again tried to break the barrier.

-To the Sun he will fly and never return.

The beast howled in pain.

-No! My power! It's gone! What did you do to me?!

The detective didn't respond. He pulled out his gun and shot the beast. It's body turned into a rotten corpse of a black dog. Smoke rose out of it, and tried to attack, but the circle began to glow , a vortex of light rising from it and absorbing all of it and sending it straight to hell. Then the light vanished ant the circle erased itself.

Mary Anne watched the mystery detective leaving the mansion. He slowly climbed down the stair to his car and drove out of town like nothing had ever happened.

-He did it.-said James appearing behind Mary Anne.


-Lets go.-The three joined the others slowly rising above the mansion. Millions of souls flew towards the sky leaving this world and preparing for the long awaited eternal rest.

(I wrote this part only because I wanted to give everyone a happy ending. Also when I wrote it back at 2007 it thought the detective would be more mysterious if he didn't have a name, but calling him The Mystery Detective all the time is just weird. Oh well, he was the first version of what later became my M.C.P. stories, comment if you want to read more of them.)