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Angel Scar

Prologue: A Village's Demise

An army of Neakkiko, cat like creatures that look almost human, were attacking a village north of the Country of Kandra. The village was covered in flames and the ground had trails of blood from the villagers that had been slaughtered. If one saw the sight, they could have sworn they were looking at Hell itself.

The mayor of the village was being beaten without mercy by the Neakkiko Clan general, Roi.

"Please spare me," begged the mayor as blood ran down the side of his lips. Roi laughed and gripped the mayor's throat with his razor sharp nails sinking through the skin.

"If you tell me where I can find the demon slayer, Angel, then I will spare your worthless life," said Roi with a smirk upon his lips. The mayor nodded and pointed to the woods.

"The demon hunter you speak of went through those woods after slaying the demon that attacked our village," answered the mayor with fear clearly in his eyes. Roi looked toward the woods and nodded.

"Thank you for the information, but now your usefulness has ended."

Roi grinned and squeezed the mayor's head off sending blood flying from the neck. The fresh blood trailed down his arm as he dropped the headless body to the ground. He looked toward his demon soldiers with a grin upon his face.

"Move out!"

The Neakkikos nodded and followed Roi into the dark woods. Roi licked the blood off his fingers and smiled.

I hope Angel's blood is much sweeter.

Chapter 1: The Demon Slayer Angel

Deep in the woods of Kandra, Angel, the demon hunter, was sitting on a rock examining her surroundings with a keen eye absorbing all around her. Angel's long hair was dark as the blackest night and tied in a tight ponytail. Her eyes were strange: left eye emerald green and right eye sky blue, they seemed almost jewel like. Her clothes resembled the attire of a Japanese priestess, but a bit loose around the legs and arms to allow better movement, especially in fighting. The top half of her clothes was white like snow in winter and the bottom part was dark green like a lush dense forest untouched by man. She wore black slippers with straps that would prevent the shoes from falling off her feet when she was fighting. Her form was thin, but she was strong for her line of work. On her back was a tied staff with just a single red ring at the tip. The way she sat on the rock examining her surroundings made her seem like a forest guardian.

A gust of wind flew by her as she sniffed the air. Her eyes grew wide catching a familiar scent: blood.

Angel drew her staff and ran through the woods where the scent was stronger.

As she ran through the woods, a shadow followed close behind. Angel stopped in a clearing and looked around sensing something in her surroundings. She closed her eyes and listened to her surroundings. Angel heard a crack behind a bush and jumped up just in time to avoid a flying arrow.

Angel heard someone curse and looked at the source of the voice only to see a boy with short black hair and blue eyes jump out of the bushes and shot another arrow at her. Angel caught the arrow and glared at the boy tossing the arrow aside.

"Not you again! Can't you just leave me alone for at least one day hunter?" yelled Angel. The boy drew another arrow glaring at Angel.

"I won't stop until I get my revenge demon!" he yelled. He fired the arrow at Angel, but she dodged it easily and ran to him until their eyes met in close proximity. Angel punched his stomach sending him flying against a tree. He cringed from the pain and glared at Angel.

Angel sighed and began to walk away.

"You should quit while you still can," stated Angel. When Angel was gone, the boy got up gripping his stomach.

"You will die demon. I promise you."

Angel ran through the woods until she reached another clearing. She sniffed the air and frowned.

"I lost the scent. I might as well go home before another demon shows up to kill me," she said in conclusion, realizing that discover the scent again would be close to impossible. Angel ran through the woods toward her home.

Her home was an ancient dojo in the middle of the woods. Of course she didn't live there at first until a year ago. Angel was just a normal fifteen-year-old girl when it happened. She was fetching water from a river when she was attacked by a Neakkiko. He scratched her side and left her to die. According to the elders of village, anyone that was wounded by a demon would become a demon themselves when they die. Angel knew her fate, but was saved by a small girl who seemed to be delivering medicine. Angel never died that day, but the demon venom still remained in her, so she became a half-breed instead. Unable to control her new form she eliminated the small girl with one demon strike. Angel ran off and ran toward her home in the village, where she was banished for eternity after she was found out as a demon.

After her banishment, she traveled in the woods hoping that a demon would kill her, but instead found a spirit named Sensei, who took her in as his own. She was trained to slay demons and protect innocent humans, even if they looked at her with hate. Angel found her place and also found other friends in her new life as the year passed by.

Angel soon reached the dojo and ran inside. The minute Angel got inside; Ally, her best friend in the dojo, tackled her to the ground.

Ally lived in the dojo too thanks to Sensei, who took her in when she was banished from her village for burning a house to ashes using her own powers. Her power was the power of fire and her power was so great that she could be mistaken for a Drarati, a demon that wielded fire. Ally had red hair that resembled the fire that she wielded.

Angel fell smack to the ground with Ally on her back. Ally laughed and looked down at Angel with a smile.

"I thought you demons could sense anything," said Ally playfully. Angel pushed Ally off and rubbed her back.

"Give me a break, Ally. I've been traveling in the woods for a day and that stupid hunter attacked me again," said Angel. Ally groaned and sat next to Angel.

"That hunter has been after you for a year now. What's his problem? Can't he see that you're not a bad person?" asked Ally. Angel sighed and got up.

"I don't think so, but I think it's for another reason."

"Did you ever ask him?" asked Ally. Angel shook her head and looked at her friend with a sarcastic smile.

"How can I ask him when he's shooting endless arrows at me every time," said Angel sarcastically. Ally laughed and began to walk toward the door to the practice hall.

"We have to practice now before Sensei gets impatient," said Ally. Angel nodded and followed Ally into the practice hall where Sensei, Megumi, and Jacob were waiting.

Sensei looked to have a solid form, but if one tried to touch him, their hand would go through his form like mist. He looked to be around his forties, but he could be over a hundred considering that he was no longer part of the living world. When he smiled, it seemed that he knew everything of the world.

Megumi was an eight-year-old with small features and wore black shorts and a green blouse. Jacob had short chestnut brown hair and wore long tattered black pants and a white buttoned shirt that was loose on the top. On his back were a bow and arrows strapped to his back in a sack.

"About time," said Megumi with her hands on her hips.

Megumi was just eight, but she was a great fighter thanks to her adopted father, Sensei. She used to be in an orphanage in a village, but was chased out when she broke a tree in half with her bare hands. She had abnormal human strength that she couldn't control back than. Megumi was later on found by Sensei, who adopted her and trained her as his own. Ever since then she was able to control her power.

Megumi began to pout making Jacob and Sensei laugh.

"You need to work on your patience shrimp," teased Jacob.

Jacob used to be a trader in his village, but was banished when he slayed five people with a single arrow. Back than, he couldn't control that ability, until he met Sensei and Angel. Just like the others, Sensei trained Jacob to control his power.

Megumi hit Jacob in the shin making him cringe in pain.

"I'm not a shrimp," said Megumi angrily. Jacob rubbed his shin shaking in pain. Sensei shook his head and held Megumi's shoulder.

"Megumi, I don't want you to break anyone's bone by accident," scolded Sensei. Megumi sighed and nodded.

"I know Papa. I'll be more careful," said Megumi. Sensei nodded in approval and looked at Ally and Angel.

"Are you two ready for your training?" asked Sensei. Angel and Ally nodded and walked to the others with a smile. They began their training when Jacob recovered.

Even though the people they love turned them away, they were still able to go on thanks to Sensei. He might not be part of the mortal world, but he is still part of their lives, a sad life, but a happy one too.