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Chapter 16: The Owner of the New Sword

Peter and Jacob walked around the forest looking for wood, but to no avail. Peter groaned and held his head in frustration.

"How can a forest not have any good wood," complained Peter. Jacob sighed and grabbed Peter's shoulder. Peter turned around to look at Jacob.

"What's wrong?" asked Peter. Jacob tightened his hold on Peter's shoulder making him cringe in pain.

"Leave Angel alone," warned Jacob. Peter blinked in confusion.

"What are you talking about?" asked Peter. Jacob pushed Peter against a tree roughly.

"You know darn well what I'm talking about!" yelled Jacob. Peter was even more confused. Jacob clenched his fist as if to punch Peter.

"You just appear out of nowhere and she likes you already! It's not fair that you get to claim her heart!" yelled Jacob. Peter was still confused. A tear slid down Jacob's cheek.

"I've been with her for a year now and she still doesn't get how I feel," cried Jacob. Peter suddenly realized what Jacob was talking about and smiled.

"You love Angel, don't you?" asked Peter. Jacob gulped and nodded. Peter laughed surprising Jacob.

"What's so funny?" asked Jacob.

"You. You thought that you could just pull me out here and threaten me to keep away from Angel, but you're wrong. I'll still stay with Angel. No matter how many times you threaten me," said Peter. Jacob groaned and released Peter.

"So stupid," whispered Jacob. Peter smiled and held Jacob's shoulder making him look up at him.

"Let's find the wood, so we can get back to Angel, OK," said Peter. Jacob nodded and followed Peter.

Ally and Megumi were in another part of the forest looking for clean water. Ally looked at a mud filled pond and cringed.

"Gross," said Ally.

"I agree," said Megumi, while covering her mouth from disgust. Ally sighed and looked at Megumi.

"Why can't we just use our drinking water for boiling?" asked Ally. Megumi shook her head.

"We need that water for our journey, so we can't," said Megumi. Ally sighed and leaned against a tree.

"Was it alright for us to leave Angel with that hunter?" asked Ally.

"Don't know, but I think Angel can take care of herself," said Megumi. Ally nodded in agreement and continued to look for water with Megumi close behind.

Meanwhile, Lian and Roi were traveling through the forest after catching Angel's scent. Roi sniffed the air and groaned.

"Stupid swamp is ruining the scent," said Roi frustrated. Lian looked around at the dark forest.

"Something isn't right," said Lian. Roi looked around too.

"You're right," said Roi. The trees suddenly became alive and attacked Lian and Roi. Roi and Lian dodged their attack.

"Witch craft!" yelled Lian. Roi and Lian dodged another tree and looked at each other.

"We have to split up!" yelled Roi. Lian nodded in agreement and ran away from Roi. Lian ran to the east and Roi ran to the west. The trees ignored Roi and went straight for Lian. Roi slid to a stop and looked back at Lian , who was running from the trees.

"Lian!" called Roi. Lian and the living trees were soon out of sight. Roi fell to his knees in shock.

"No," whispered Roi.

Angel was with Matthew in the clearing after the swamp demons' attack. She wrapped Matthew's wound and sighed.

Amazing that he's still alive, thought Angel. She was soon finished wrapping his wound. Angel noticed that he was breathing heavily and sweating again.

"Another nightmare," said Angel. Matthew cringed in his sleep.

"Sylvia, no," whispered Matthew. Angel was surprised.

"Who's Sylvia," said Angel. Matthew woke up abruptly and hugged Angel again.

"Don't go!" he yelled. Angel cringed and pushed Matthew down. Matthew's mind cleared as he looked at Angel.

"What happened?" asked Matthew.

"You passed out after we fought some swamp demons and hugged me again when you woke up," said Angel. Matthew was shocked.

"I hugged you," said Matthew confused. Angel nodded. Matthew groaned and looked at his wrapped wound.

"You did this?" asked Matthew. Angel nodded. Matthew sighed and lay back down.

"Why?" he asked.

"You were hurt and Sensei always said to help people in need no matter who they are," said Angel. Matthew grinned and looked at Angel.

"Where is this Sensei person?" asked Matthew. Angel looked down sadly.

"He went back to the spirit world," said Angel sadly. Matthew stared at Angel and sighed.

"Someone close to me went to the spirit world too," said Matthew. Angel was really surprised.

"Who?" asked Angel.

"My little sister, Sylvia," answered Matthew. Angel began to remember what Matthew whispered when he was having nightmares and looked at him sadly.

"What happened to her?" asked Angel. Matthew clenched his fist and glared at Angel.

"Don't act like you don't know. You were the one who slayed her with your own bare hands," said Matthew angrily. Angel was shocked.

Slayed her, she thought. Angel began to remember the little girl from a year ago and began to cry.

"So her name was Sylvia. She was the one I slayed when I became a demon," cried Angel. Angel burst into tears and laid her head on Matthew's chest surprising him.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," repeated Angel as she cried. Matthew looked down at Angel surprised.

I expected her to laugh, but she's crying instead. Why? Matthew thought to himself. Angel seemed to be choking in her tears.

"She saved my life, but I killed her. I'm so sorry," cried Angel. Matthew looked at her still surprised. He shook his head and pushed her off.

"Saying sorry won't bring her back," said Matthew angrily, "I will slay you. Believe me, I will." Angel slowly stopped crying and wiped away her tears.

"You have every right to slay me," said Angel sadly. Matthew stared at Angel and shook his head.

The others soon came back, to the clearing with wood and water. Peter looked at Matthew surprised. "What happened to you?" asked Peter. Matthew grunted.

"Some swamp demons came and attacked us, but we were able to slay some of them," said Matthew. This surprised Peter. He ran to Angel and held her hand in concern.

"Were you hurt Angel?" asked Peter. Angel shook her head, while Matthew growled.

"You're concerned about her and not me, what kind of a best friend are you?" asked Matthew angrily. Peter laughed a bit at Matthew's outburst.

"I was getting to you," said Peter playfully. Matthew groaned and turned away from Peter annoyed. Jacob looked at Peter and groaned when he saw him holding Angel's hand.

I'm going to kill him, thought Jacob angrily. Ally and Megumi giggled when they saw Jacob getting jealous.

"Poor guy," they whispered to each other making sure that Jacob couldn't hear them. Angel looked at Matthew and smiled. She looked at Megumi and held out her free hand to her.

"Can I have the herb, Mutuo gave us before we left?" asked Angel. Megumi nodded and pulled out an herb from her bag. She gave it to Angel. Peter released Angel's hand allowing her to move. Angel tore a piece of the herb and poked Matthew's shoulder. He turned around to face Angel. Angel opened his mouth with two fingers and stuffed the herb into his mouth. Matthew tasted the herb and gagged. Angel held his mouth shut while he struggled to spit it out. The others watched Matthew and Angel confused.

"Is she trying to kill him," they said at the same time.

When Matthew swallowed the herb, Angel let him go. Matthew held his tongue out in disgust.

"What was that stuff?" asked Matthew in disgust. Angel giggled.

"It's a miracle healing herb from my old village. It can heal any wound in an instant," said Angel. She pointed at Matthew's wound.

"See for yourself," said Angel. Matthew removed the bandages from his wound and was surprised to see the wound completely gone.

"Why didn't you use this stuff before?" asked Matthew.

"Megumi had it with her," said Angel and giggled. Matthew turned away from Angel making her laugh. Peter looked at Matthew and smiled.

Maybe he'll reconsider, thought Peter.

They suddenly felt the ground shake and gasped. Swamp demons appeared around them with their claws extended.

"Not again," said Angel and Matthew. They all got up and got in a fighting stance. The swamp demons charged at them. Ally formed a fireball and threw it at them, while Jacob fired his arrows. Megumi grabbed a huge log and used it to hit the demons. Peter drew the wilderness blade and used it to slice some of them. Angel drew her light blade and charged at each of them. Matthew fired his bow and looked around at the swamp demons.

"Too many," whispered Matthew. A swamp demon suddenly hit Matthew causing him to drop his bow. He fell down and looked at the demons.

"Darn it," he whispered. Matthew rolled over to dodge a demon's attack and gripped a branch. Blast it all, I can't keep this up, thought Matthew. He looked up and saw Angel get hit by a demon. She dropped her sword and fell to the ground hard. Matthew gasped and lifted the branch that he was holding. He ran at the demon that hit Angel with the branch in hand.

"I won't let you kill her! Her life is mine!" yelled Matthew. The branch began to glow in Matthew's hand. He swung the branch at the demon and froze it. Matthew and the others were really surprised. Matthew looked at the branch and gasped. It was now a blade made out of ice.

"The blizzard blade," said Ally. Matthew twisted the blade in his hand. Angel got up and stared at Matthew in disbelief.

"He's the owner of the blade," said Angel. Matthew grinned and looked at the demons causing them to cringe. He swung the blade causing a blizzard. The demons turned to ice instantly. Matthew laughed and looked at the others.

"Now that's demon slaying," said Matthew happily. Peter smiled and held Matthew's hand.

"Congratulations. You're now the owner of the blizzard blade and you know what that means?" asked Peter.

"What?" said Matthew.

"You have to travel with us and now you can't kill Angel because she owns the blade of light," said Peter. Matthew was surprised. He looked at Angel who was getting up. Angel picked up her blade and smiled at Matthew.

"Peter's right, but you can kill me after the journey is over," said Angel. All of them were shocked. Angel gave another weak smile.

"OK," said Angel. Matthew sighed and nodded. Angel giggled and held Matthew's hand.

"Friends until the journey is over," said Angel happily.

"Fine," said Matthew.

They decided to leave the clearing after the battle and went in search for a new camping area. Ally looked at the dark trees and whimpered.

"Scary," said Ally. Megumi nodded in agreement as she clutched onto Ally's arm. Peter looked at Angel sadly as he remembered her words to Matthew.

Why did she say that, thought Peter.

Angel looked at the dark trees and stopped in her tracks. All of them stopped and looked at Angel confused.

"What's wrong Angel?" asked Jacob. Angel looked around.

"Something's wrong," said Angel. They looked around confused. The trees suddenly became alive and attacked them. They dodged the attack easily.

"What is this?" said Matthew in a panic. The trees attacked them again nearly hitting them this time.

"Split up!" yelled Angel. They nodded and ran in different directions. The trees seemed to glow surprising Peter.

"Witch craft!" yelled Peter. The trees hit Peter aside and chased after Angel. Angel ran from them and looked back at the others.

"I'll lead them away! Find me later!" called Angel. The living trees and Angel were soon out of sight. All of them were speechless. Angel, thought Peter.