April 3, 2015

Hi. If you're reading this, then you might be wondering what it is. My answer would be is that it's my journal, filled up with my thoughts, emotions and feelings. Oh, wait… those last two are actually the same. Scratch that, just thoughts, rants and feelings. Your second question might be why to make it public. Well, I guess I can't embarrass or humiliate myself any more than I can in private.

Anyway, enough about me and my discomfort. I'm darkshadow, student, aspiring writer and wanderer in my own words. I write stories, poems and fanfics. Speaking of fanfics, I'm actually writing the second to last chapter of one as we speak. I'm shy, quiet, withdrawn but I have a few friends. I'm interesting in writing, computers, video games and art even though I'm a terrible artist.

Anyway, today has been OK so far. It's my first day of spring break so my goals are to finish my homework (done), finish Stepping Stones (in progress) and start my English project (also in progress). I ended up having to stay up late last night so I'm still slightly tired but otherwise no worse for wear.

I have been planning to start writing in a journal for over a year now but I was busy so I never got around to it. How ironic that when I'm actually at my busiest, I can find time to write. I'm currently staring at my computer monitor trying to think of anything more to say. I guess that's it, for now, more or less. Who knows, maybe this journal might help in some regard.

Signed (not really),