Why have you waken?

Why did you forget?

Have your dreams been taken?

Have your due date been met?

Why have you stopped dreaming?

Have a curse been put upon you?

Your visions used to be so beaming,

But now you dance to their cue,

You used to see in vivid colors,

But now it's all black and white,

Why have you become like the others?

Have you really lost your crystal sight?

And one day I'll be the same,

I'll wake up and forget how to dream,

I'll forget how to make up my own game,

And blurred lines will be all I see, it seem,

I'll forget about Nikki and Elena,

I say I hate them but I really mean cherish,

I don't want them to end like a novella,

I'll be lost if they just perish,

But time won't wait,

I'm suppose to forget as well,

I have my own due date,

But I'm just not ready to say farewell...