In a land unimaginably far from here, deep in a forest countless years ago, there was a tower that almost touched the sky. It had no doors and only a single window that peeped down from near the top. The princess who lived in that tower was a quiet, shy little thing who would watch the clouds for hours and wanted nothing more than to touch the sky.

And touch it she could, for she was the very dragon the knights were warned of, the dragon that struck fear into many hearts. The knights who came thinking to save her would doubtless turn screaming in fright instead, spreading tales of a dragon that shone bright as a summer sun was twice as fearful as a tyrant king.

It all soon became a joke to the princess. The foolhardy knights were never hurt and never reached the tower to free her and she enjoyed the privacy of living alone. It followed, therefore, that the best way for the princess to keep her solitude was to scare the knights away.

One day, however, a feisty knight's daughter who had listened to tales of a beautiful, ghastly beast armed herself with the finest weapons she could find and mounted a noble steed. She rode swiftly to the tower and saw the fearsome dragon in all its glory. But she did not turn away like the others. She charged forward and saw that the dragon did not strike but shied away and roared loudly enough to shake the treetops.

She followed the dragon and the dragon, not knowing what to do, slid further and further back. The knight's daughter rode forward and the dragon fell into a fearful silence. The young woman, remembering the tales, thought the silence was to be the beginning of her death and drove the point of her sword into the dragon's heart.

It was only then she saw how tragically mistaken she was. The body of the dragon slowly morphed into the body of a scared princess with a tear in her breast and the remainder of a golden wing in the place of an arm. The young woman caught the princess in her arms and listened to the hastily told tale the princess choked out.

The princess had been shy, too shy to feel comfortable around many people and certainly too quiet to hold her ground against another person. She felt it was best to hide herself in her tower and scare others away, but recently she began to wonder if it was best to try.

The knight's daughter told her she would bring the princess back to her kingdom if she wished, and show everyone she was the dragon. But with fear in her eyes the princess made her promise to keep silent.

The knight's daughter then promised and so buried the princess near her tower.

She returned home, told her people the dragon was no more and was hailed a hero. Many souls went to the tower to retrieve the princess but she was never found again.