My sister trusts me with her secrets

When she sneaks out of the house to visit her ex-boyfriend

A liar, a cheater, a man she should despise but can't

I do not tell my mother, I do not tell a soul

I zip my lips and wait for her to come home safe

With her sad eyes and sharp mouth and overwhelmingly darkness

My sister trusts me to live

When she sees my scars she shows me hers and screams

Why would I do such a thing after seeing her do the same?

When my heart was broken she sat me down and made me eat

Eyes burning darkly as she told me not to be an idiot

That girl didn't matter anyway

(She did, she does, but it was nice of her to lie anyway)

When I come home with tears still in my eyes

She might be harsh but she'll try to listen

And maybe I've been taking her for granted

My sister trusts me to accept that she doesn't trust me

When she tries to kill herself I will not know of it

Until months later when her friends tell me to keep and eye on her

And I try, I try, I try but somehow I am always falling short

She yells at me for asking how she is

And ignores me as if I am just a ghost

And I am afraid, so afraid

That she blames me for everything that happened with our father

I think she still loves him and wishes he were here

And maybe sometimes I feel the same but I don't regret anything

(I regret so much, so much, so much)

I'm hoping that one day she will say I love you without sarcasm

That one day we can be okay, but I'm not sure of much anymore

My sister trusts me with nothing worthwhile

She is my baby sister, my world

I break when she cries but I cannot fix her wounds

She won't let me close and I have never been good at comfort

When we were little she would cry on my shoulder and hide behind me

But now she can't stand to see me when she is broken down

I want to be there for her but I think I've ruined it all

Without even realizing it

I used to think she was more like our father

But now I know it must be me who bears his burden

She deserves the world and I am simple

Just another monster in her home

My sister trusts me with her secrets

When she doesn't want our mother to knows her truths

I keep them in my heart beneath my guilt

And I pray that she will be okay

Please let her be okay