The lady in red

Apprentice of Death

Lost her love

To a man up above

A dripping chainsaw

Orange in rust

Roaring above you

The victims in dust

The face of an angel

And if you give in

Your body she'll strangle

The deceased in ash beyond recognition

Leaving beloved, their faces stricken

Makes the angels all slaves

Even the demons behave

Her trophies' your pain

Your blood in crusty stains

The lady in red


The lady in red

Takes some to bed

A smirk

A smile

As you lay obviously dead

Her hands a crimson hue

Her blade sharpened on you

"Thanks," she'll say

Her face a renegade

The lady in red


The lady in red

Slices your head

Fingers all off

Throat slit as you cough

Your limbs detatched

Yet your heart intact

The lady in red


The lady in red

On bones she treads

She laughs as she slaughters

Body tossed to cold waters

A smile she wears

Her joys no one shares

Flesh torn apart

What's in her hands?

Oh, it's your heart

The lady in red


The lady in red

Your breathing heavy in dread

A crimson grin

Knife dripping in sin

Her beautiful face insane

Mad as a hatter

Weapon drops with a clatter

You scream

She cackles

You cry

She makes sure they don't go dry

Witness lungs with baited breath

Whilst you fall in vortex of death

The lady in red