There's a place I know beyond this one,

It's always night, there's no sight of sun,

The Earth is cover with an ebony sky,

Under it, an intoxicating beauty lie,

The flowers there are never seen before,

In perfect harmony with the breeze, they sore,

The beautiful structure of it is simply pure,

To all the bad in the world, it's a sagely cure,

There are also these illuminating fireflies,

They have so much life like nothing ever dies,

They lit up the garden in a beautiful dazzling light,

Nothing can stop them, not even the darkness of midnight,

And the air, you simply cannot describe,

It gives off a pure and sensational vibe,

It blows a perfect breeze upon your skin,

It gives balance like yang gives to yin,

It's like a faint nostalgic memory dream,

The place is fluffy like a cake's topping cream,

It makes me want to laugh and cry,

It's a safe haven that makes me strive,

I want to show the whole world what I see,

I want to show them it's astonishing beauty,

But atlas I cannot, for its merely just an illusion,

The place's vividness gets me in such confusion,

The only way I can see it is if I close my eye,

I cannot revive it because it's never been alive,

It's probably best to get rid of what's not real,

But a place with such beauty doesn't deserve a seal...