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Forgotten World Chapter 1 Raid

Warning: Sexual content, violent scenes and harsh language.

Moonstone Keep

The young woman's red hair swirled around her head in the wind as she quickly stumbled, half run down the hallways of the keep. Her red dress was down under her waist it was far too long for anyone to successfully run in and be quick about it. Her long legs stumbled forward, almost falling over herself. She could hear screams echo through the keeps stone walls. Her mind raced in fear, unable to think of anything else but to run and escape the terror. She heard the brute and savage roar of Orcs. But she could not hear from which direction they came from. Every time she turned a corner and saw it was empty, she thanked the gods for saving her.

Azania turned a corner and knocked immediately into a larger frame. She fell on her butt and looked up at the frame she ran into. Her eyes widened in horror and panic as a grey skinned Orc stared down at her. He growled at her, showing his saliva dripping teeth. He stared at her with yellow and frightening eyes.

Azania was terrified and scared beyond any other part of her previous life. He suddenly bent forward and grabbed her hard. He pulled her to her feet and forced her with him.

"D-don't k-kill me p-p-please," Azania begged.

Her blue eyes pleaded with a mixture of pure fear to the Orc. But a part of her wanted him to kill her.

He dragged her with him. Holding her arm tightly.

Azania wasn't sure if it first was a Gundalhorn Orc or a Dunnland Orc. But when she realized he didn't have any visible fangs she knew he was a Dunnland Orc. The Gundalhorn Orcs hadn't left their territory behind their walls for over one-hundred-and-fifty years.

Passing by a chamber she heard screams and moaning mixed with growling. She looked inside upon passing by and was horrified at what she saw. Several young servant women was being raped by Orcs. She couldn't watch the poor blonde Elves, or hear their cries and screams for it to end. The Orcs appeared to have doubled up on the poor young Elves. She hoped by the gods that her fate shouldn't be the same. She would rather die right now.

She was pulled out in the courtyard and thrown to the ground. She could see several buildings burning and many bodies laid on the ground.

"I found her inside, Warchief Thrall," the Orc said but in the tongue of the Orc.

Cowering on the ground Azania didn't know who he spoke to.

"A human female?"A rough voice inquired. The voice was dark and echoed in her ears.

Slowly Azania dared to glance up. She was surrounded by a group of dozens of grey skinned Orcs. All appeared to be Dunnland Orcs. But one Orc was more visible then the rest. He was much taller, more muscular, his chest was bare and he held a blood dripping Orc blade in his hand. He had no facial hair and was bold. His red eyes stared her down. His skin was pale, white. He was a Northern Orc from northwest of Atheros. His skin was covered in battle scars. He was a terrifying sight.

The White Orc, Azania thought.

She gasped and her eyes widened. She was shaking uncontrollable in fear.

He growled.

Terrified for her life she did the only thing to protect herself she knew how. She crawled on her knees forward, towards him. He was clearly the leader.

The White Orc arched his eyebrows in interest, wondering what she was doing.

Stopping in front of him she looked up.

"M-master," she managed. "S-spare me p-p-please," she begged him. "I-I b-b-be-beg y-you." Tears stung in her eyes and she tried to blink some of them away.

His lips curled into a smirk, showing more of his large sharp white fangs.

A few chuckles from surrounding Orcs echoed in her ears.

"M-m-master," she met his blood red eyes.

"I take this one," the White Orc declared. She couldn't understand anything he or the others had said. They spoke some Orc language.

"No!"The Orc who dragged her out snapped at him. He drew him blade and readied his shield. Unlike the White Orc he had a chest plate of steel and a helmet. "I found her so I own her. The salve is mine by right."

The White Orc smirked, licked his lips and lashed his blade at the Orc. He blocked it with the shield. But with another hard hit the White Orc forced the shield from his hand and the next second he cut his head off.

The Orcs around cheered and laughed as the blood splattered. The White Orc roared, filling Azania with fear.

He turned around and reached down and grabbed her. He pulled her up by the color of her dress.

"What are you doing here human?" He demanded in her language. "Why is a human in a Spring Elf keep?"

She tried speaking but she was too scared. Her voice was not working properly.

"Speak!" He growled harshly. She almost jumped out of her skin.

"I-I-I served Lord F-Faendal II," she stuttered.

"Served?" He said. "Yes. Do you pledge to serve me?"

She nodded immediately.

He smirked viciously. He let go of her.

"Come human," he said, turning to the men. "Pillage what's left of the keep and enjoy the women!"

Growling and cheering the Dunnland Orcs made their way towards the main doors to the keep. Azania stumbled after the White Orc. She didn't know what he would do to her, or if she would live long. But she would not allow him to make her carry Orc children. If she dared or even could stop him when he wanted her body.

Western Mountains

Hundreds of Night Elves marched forward in formation in there dark blue shining armor. They filed through the stone clad mountainous terrain, a large Cliffside to their left and a rocky hillside to their right. Hundreds of meters ahead of the army rode two pair of Night Elves. They were scouting out ahead. In front of the marching files of elves rode a tall man with light blue skin and long blue hair. His emerald green eyes watched the road ahead of him and the terrain around him. His name was Rexarus and he was a general in the Night Elf army. He was a decorated war hero and a skilled swordsman, as well as a skilled tactician. Behind him come officers on horseback. His long elven ears peeked as he picked up new noises. Two of the scouts rode to the right as the other two was quickly returning to their brothers in arms.

"General, Rexarus!" One of the scouts exclaimed.

Rexarus raised his hand and stopped.

"Halt!" His officers called. "Halt!"

"General, Goblins approach from the southwest," the scout warned him. He panted heavily.

Rexarus saw how the two other scouts was quickly riding towards them now as well.

"Goblins, gentlemen, at the ready," Rexarus ordered.

"Battle formation!" Officers barked. "Goblins!"

Two men rode back down the lines of armored troops and barked out the order to battle.

With a few slick moved a line of Elves with large shields and swords was in the front with archers standing in front of them and several ranks behind them. It took only seconds for the elves to move into a tight battle formation.

"Archers ready!" Rexarus commanded.

"Archers ready!"

He rode into the ranks of his men.

Dark green skinned Goblins swarmed over the rocky hills. They screamed and cried out at the top of their lungs, swinging swords, axes, maces and whatever weapons they carrier. They appeared to have some sort of formation, but it wasn't certain. It appeared they just, like always charged into the battle. The ugly and disgusting little creatures looked vicious and ready to kill with weapons drawn and swinging. They looked truly terrifying as they approached the elves.

"Release!" Rexarus shouted.

The elvish archers fired their arrows into the Goblin rank and file. Almost every arrow found a target. They cried out and gaps appeared in their 'formation'. The archers in front slipped back behind their sword wielding brothers-in-arms who covered up the line, leaving no gaps in the front.

The elves quickly reloaded and launched another swarm of arrows into the quickly advancing goblins. Many fell immediately and cried out of their wounds. Some were stomped to death by their comrades. The goblins smacked into them, swords hacking away at the first of their ranks. If one Elf was killed another stepped in and covered the gap. Another wave of arrows striked the middle of the Goblin force. The Goblins was yelling and growling.

"Hold the line!" Rexarus commanded his men. "Do not lose an inch of ground to the foul beasts!"

The elves held and cut the goblins down with only a few casualties.

"Send them back to the stone they crawled out from!"

As they held their ground against the vicious goblins. Their steel spilled goblin blood.

"Advance!" Rexarus ordered.

The first lines of Elves pushed forward, while cutting at the Goblins.

A Goblin squad of simple wood crossbows aimed and fired. The metallic headed arrows hit the elvish shields and drilled several centimeters through them. Some were lucky and hit an Elf in the head, killing them instantly. Most of the crossbow Goblins was killed by precise elvish archers. The Elvish soldiers continued pushing forward, forcing the Goblins back into a chaotic defense.

Rexarus drew his sword and raised it.


The first rank of elves abandoned the defensive shield wall and attacked the Goblins head on. The three ranks behind them engaged the goblins as well. One of Rexarus's officer led a flanking formation to outflank the goblins left flank. The little green goblins, half the size of the elves, began a chaotic retreat. They fled, but in vain as the Elves cut them down without mercy.

Rexarus watched his men follow the cowardly goblins and slaughter them.

"Halt, reform!"

The Elves stopped the pursuit and returned to their original formation. Rexarus wanted some surviving Goblins to tell the King and his court the tale of how they were massacred against his well-armed forces. If the conflicted continued like this the Goblins would soon agree to peace talks. He was confident of it. And, they would agree to whatever terms the beautiful Night Elf Queen demanded. Otherwise they would be crushed and their kingdom lost forever.

Rhondor Capital, Keep Stables

The grey castle of Rhondor rose amidst the mist towards the sky with high towers and high and thick walls. The city's walls was tick and high enough to resist most attackers. Although they weren't sieged in the war twenty years ago with Lord Sau'rith many Rhondor soldiers died. Sau'rith had been defeated before he reached their lands. King Hornvald still remembered when he fought in the last battle. He was there when Sau'rith was slain and his army routed. A man of thirty-three years he were no longer. No, now an old man of fifty-three Hornvald was still considered one of the greatest military leaders in the human kingdoms, and perhaps even Atheros itself, his people liked to think. Although his age he was still agile and could swing a sword and ride a horse with his men-leading from the front-into battle.

"Good morning my lady," a young stable boy greeted.

Ariel nodded back with a pleasant smile.

She looked out over the mist filled street leading to the gate to the keep. The gate was presently closed with guards in grey armor standing guard. Her long auburn hair was grabbed by the wind.

She watched the gate with a worried expression. Concern sparking in her light brown eyes.

"You better not have been out here all night," a male voice said teasingly.

Ariel looked over her shoulder at her twin brother Johan.

The bold medium muscular built man had brown eyes and an auburn colored beard. He was twenty-four years old. He stepped towards her with a smirk.

Ariel rolled her eyes.

"No," she said coolly.

Johan walked up and placed his arm around her shoulders, allowing her to rest her head on his shoulder.

"Because I remember you being out here last night too," he reminded.

"It wasn't night. It was early evening and I didn't stay that much longer then you and Bella," Ariel said defensively.

"If you say so."

"I do say so."




Johan glanced at her as she rested her head.

"Father will return as soon as he tracks down that pack of Orcs," he said. "He can take care of himself."

"Doesn't mean I shouldn't worry," Ariel argued.

Johan smirked over how stubborn she always was.

"His men won't let anything happen to him, or Jon," he told her confidently.

Jon, the Crown Prince and their older brother was with their father and two hundred other knights hunting down a pack of Orcs who had attacked several villages along the Unclaimed Regions border to their lands.

"You seem almost more worried than Lady Inga," Johan commented.

Ariel snorted lightly.

"I just hope they come home in one piece," she sighed deeply.

"It is just a pack of Orcs, dear sister," Johan reminded. "It isn't like their fighting an organized army of Elves or Dwarves."

She frowned at him.

"What?" He asked.

"What about Gundalhorn Orcs?" She questioned. "Or-or the White Orc, they say he is"…

"But they aren't chasing Orcs from Gundalhorn," Johan reminded her. "They're not hunting that White Orc either. Just a pack of regular Orcs. A few dozen at most."

He squeezed her shoulder a bit.

"Relax Ariel, please."

He turned her around.

"Come. Let us go eat. I'm starting to freeze in the wind."

Inside the castle princess Bella walked through the corridors towards the dining hall from the library. Her auburn hair was fixed in a ponytail, her blue wonderful eyes searching the floor in front of her. She was taller than her siblings and had a very attractive hourglass shape. Bella was twenty-seven. She found herself alone in the corridor at the moment. Not a person or sound in range of her sense.

Suddenly someone came up behind her and grabbed her and shoved her hard against the wall. She was about to scream when she saw it was Adan, her two year old older brother. Adan had long soft brown hair and a clean shaved face. His brown hair watched her as he leaned in closer to her, pressing his body against her.

"Adan," Bella whispered. "Y-you scared me."

"I'm sorry. I didn't intend to," he apologized.

She could feel his breath touching her face. His left hand wandered up and caressed her breast through the thin yellow fabric.

"This isn't the place to"… Bella started.

His lips connected with her in passion. They pulled closer to each other, hungrily wanting more. Bella knew she should stop. They should stop. They're standing in the middle of a corridor of the castle. Any servant, maid or even their mother could see them. And she didn't even dare think what might happen if their parents found out. Disowned and exile at best. But she couldn't stop. She didn't want it to end. Ever. Her brother's right hand pulled her dress down slightly, exposing her breast. He caressed her right breast affectionately as his left hand followed her curves down and lifted her dress up. His hand went under and moments later Bella squealed.

Finally she pushed him away from her.

"W-what are you doing?" He asked, confused and disapproving of it. He didn't like being pushed by his anyone, not even his younger sister. "You want it. I can tell that you"…

She slapped him and glared firmly at him.

"We can't do this in the corridor," she whispered harshly.

Adan narrowed his eyes and slapped her right back. He slapped much harder than she did.

Bella raised her hand and put it on her cheek. It was still burning from his hand. She stared in shock at him. He had hit her. He had actually hit her. He had never done that before. No one had ever done that. Her father had spanked her when she was a little girl once for breaking a vase, but what was different. He had become angry with her but… he had never hurt her before.

"I… I'm sorry," he apologized. "I'm sorry I… maybe we can continue in your chamb"…

"We are expected in the dining hall," Bella said coolly. "Best not to keep the twins wait."

She walked away from him. He stood and watched her walking away in disbelief of what he had just done to her. He forgot himself and watched intensely as her hips moved seductively, to him anyway. It wasn't intentional but he was deeply drawn to run after her and roughly take her right on the stone floor. He just barely stopped himself.

"I'm so sorry," he pleaded.

She didn't reply and disappeared around the corner.