Forgotten World Chapter 19 So it begins


Ana, the only survivor from a bandit attack on her trade caravan in Rhondor. Her parents was killed and she was taken in by Princess Ariel who felt sorry for her. After over a month of living in the castle, Ana was leaving on a small caravan that passes through her home village. She brings the pendant her mother gave her with her. Unknown of its purpose or power.

Rhondor, nearby forest

Ana pulled the ebony black hair from blowing in her face as she sat in the back of the wagon. Dark clouds move along the horizon. She looked at the walls of Rhondor's capital city who disappeared in the distant horizon. She sighed and closed her eyes. She grabbed her pendent, who hung around her neck and squeezed her hand tightly around it. She missed her parents deeply. She missed them so much. A few tears streamed down her face.

As night falls they stop and they pull the two wagons up and light a fire. Ana remains quiet and listen lightly on the men of the caravan. Three of them was traders. The only woman in the caravan was the wife of one of them. Two men in light leather armor act as guards to them. They were a pair of mercenaries that had been hired to guard the traders from bandits or wild animals.

Ana wasn't interested in partaking in their conversation and her mind was on her parent's memories, her last memory of them she had. Memories of the attack. The attack that killed them, them and many others.

Growling wakes her up in the darkest of night. She looked out over the field they had camped on. She gazed out to see if she could find whatever was growling at her. She was worried. Was it a wolf? A bear or some Orc bandit?

She noticed both the guards wielding their swords, searching for the source of the dark growling.

Ana stood up. She was getting very scared. The growling sounded like it come from every direction.

"What is it?" One of the traders ask.

"Wolves," a guard said. "Dire wolves by the sounds of it. Probably a pack."

Ana shivered in fear. Suddenly the growling increased and turned into a more barking sound. A dark furry creature leaped from nowhere and at a guard. He dropped the sword and the wolf tore into his flesh, tearing his neck out and ripping a large piece of flesh off.

As panic broke out Ana ran as quickly as she could. She was but her blue skirt made it harder to run quickly in. looking over her shoulder she heard how the cries of the others died out. She doesn't think but just run as fast as possible. Only growling and barking echoes in the air. She heard the wolves coming closer.

Suddenly she falls forward. She turned around and stares into a Dire wolf coming at her with a hungry look. Her eyes widen and her body shivered to the bone.

"S-stay away!" She cried out in panic.

She opened her eyes, realizing she wasn't quite dead yet. She saw three Dire wolves standing before her. They had stopped attacking and was just staring patiently at her. They moved backwards, apparently seeing her fear and backing off. Ana sat back and had no idea what was happening. She didn't understand why she wasn't dead yet? Why they weren't tearing her apart.

"G-get away from me!" Ana cried out, pleading in horror. Her body convulsing in horror.

To her shock and confusion the wolves back off and ran off into the darkness surrounding her. She stared at where the wolves had disappeared. She gently stopped squeezing her pendent and let go of it, leaving it hanging around her neck.

"Oh gods, thank you all. I will pray to you all next time I am in a temple. I swear it," Ana mumbled, still frightened but also greatly confused.

Golden Mage Spire

Northwestern Atheros, near Ice Peek Mountains and Glacier Stronghold

The Wizard Kaman walked up the Golden Mage Spire of the Mage Circle towards the meeting chamber. The older Snow Elf's long white hair and long beard was grabbed by the wind through an open window. He was dressed in white robes and he held a white magnificent staff.

Kaman had arrived, only moments ago from an Elven city in the Elven Forest. It was the same city that Legonin and Grutuna stay. He noticed the Black Orc girl looking in awed at him. The only thing he knew about her was that she arrived with a young Elven man named Legonin the day before.

He entered a hallway and walked towards the large double golden doors. Large twenty feet golden statues of former High Masters stood on both sides. Eight statues rose towards the ceiling. The current High Master was the ninth sense the Mage Circle's creation. Large pillars stood between the statues and large windows covered much of one side. Two men in golden robes and hoods nod subtly at him and with a gesture the double doors open by themselves.

"Ah, brother," a male voice said with a slight cheerful tone.

A human male with a grey beard and a bold shiny head smiled at the Snow Elf. Kaman replied with a tired but polite smile and nod of his own. The second man had the same white robes that Kaman had. Kaman joined the other white robes men and women around the white marble table. The table in the chamber was huge and many seats around the table was empty. These members was in other places of Atheros.

"Brother Valter," Kaman greeted. "I am afraid my journey took longer than I said in my letter."

"Do not worry about such small things brother," a young woman said with a smile. "We know you had a large distance to travel."

Kaman returned the smile.

She had very pale-almost white skin, and long silk hair with the color of the whitest of snow. Her blue eyes was kind and sweet but hide ambition. Unlike Kaman and Valter, her staff was ebony black and had a black glowing crystal swirled in on the top.

"Thank you, sister Jaleesa," Kaman said appreciative.

She nodded subtly.

"You are quiet a distance from home yourself. The Black Towers quiet far away."

She smirked at him.

"I suppose I am."

Everyone around the table turned to the men at the tables end. The High Master sat quietly. He was the oldest, wisest men in the Mage Circle. He was human but had led the Mage Circle for almost one-thousand years. How he had lived for so long was only known for a chosen few in the Mage Circle itself. Jaleesa and Kaman was amongst them, including Valter.

"Brothers and sisters…" the High Master said, his voice rising for all to hear. "I am pleased that we could gather so quickly. There is a matter we must discuss."

Everyone was silent and respectfully looked at the High Master.

He cleared his dried thirst.

"There was an attempt to infiltrate the vault," he said concerned.

Concern and worry rose in the chamber.

"How is that possible?" A man asked.

"Does this person work for us?" A woman asked.

An older woman beside the High Master shook her head.

"It is a male, a Night Elf male. He is a highly skilled thief of artifacts. He refuses to speak of how he came to find the vault."

"How long ago was this?" Kaman asked.

"Almost three weeks ago," the woman beside the High Master explained. "It seems some form of magical barrier is mentally blocking our attempts to use magic to find the information we need. For anyone to do that… it must be someone very skilled."

The mages looked at each other, shocked over the news.

The High Master coughed. He carefully straightened his back on his chair and spoke with a low but firm voice.

"I…will meet and speak to this man myself soon."

An older Orc woman leaned forward.

"You are traveling to the vault?" She inquired for specifics.

The High Master coughed. He cleared his dry throat and proceeded to shake his head.

"This…thief is being brought here. He will arrive in a few days."

"Are the vaults security increased?" The same Orc woman asked.

"I wouldn't worry about that." Jaleesa interjected. She turned and looked in the Orc's general direction. "Even if a lone thief found the vault. No one can break into it. The artifacts cannot be reached by anyone but the members of the Mage Circle itself."

Several members nodded in agreement while some supported the Orc Shaman's point of view. Her name was Yutol Uzukuma. She was a strongly built Orc with dark green skin, yellow eyes and long black dreads and a pair of short fangs, but they were enough to add to her scary appearance. She was what was officially known as Unborn. The Unborn Orcs was the result of breeding between Northern and Black Orcs over several generations. Some suspected that Dark Elves were involved somewhere too, but it was cheerily speculation. They mostly stayed in the Unclaimed Regions.

"I would not be so overconfident," Yutol said, keeping her temper in check. "Remember sister Jaleesa, that he did after all find the vault in the first place. Who is to say he has told no one else?"

"Or perhaps, someone sent him to steal one of more of the Titan artifacts," Kaman suggested carefully.

"No one has ever made it through, even the Glass corridor," Jaleesa reminded them. "And…sister, it is not overconfidence, but knowledge among other things." She smiled smugly. "No one can break into the vault beside a member of the Mage Circle and…well…" she gave a little laugh. "…I can't see that happening."

Supporters for her theory lightly laughed at the idea that someone from the Mage Circle would fall into such darkness and try stealing any artifacts.

Yutol leaned forward and stared sternly at the pale Sorceress.

"It would only take one."

Several members nodded firmly. Both Valter and Kaman was amongst those who supported Yutol's theory.

"Any member would know that a thief could never get inside."

Yutol disliked Jaleesa's confidence.

"So there is nothing to worry about," a woman stated.

"Unless…that is what they want us to think. To feel safe and secure," Kaman said thoughtfully. "We cannot be too sure. The artifacts are powerful objects."

"No member of the Mage Circle have ever fallen victim to their power. Surely you aren't suggesting that we are dealing with a traitor?" Jaleesa said, ending on a sweet laugh, joined by many other. Many agreed with how foolish and childish the thought of a member of the Mage Circle falling to the Titan's power.

Before Kaman could defend his statement the High Master raised his right hand.

"No matter the case…we shall get to the bottom of this, no matter how small the matter might turn out to be."

Deep darkness

"Why should things go differently this time?" A raspy male voice asked, cutting through the darkness.

"Time is irrelevant. Only one thing survives time," an attractive feminine voice said. "Knowledge."

"And us," Lady Hiramithra said. "Now…enough of your endless speeches of knowledge."

"Knowledge survives the passage of time."

"I don't have time for your nonsense, Dehomia," Hiramithra said, sighing.

"You would call knowledge nonsense? Information is one of the things that drive the mortal world," Dehomia replied, offense in her voice.

"Enough ladies," a dark, slimy and horrifying voice echoed forth, through the empty darkness.

Hiramithra and Dehomia stopped speaking.

"Apologize, Mon Haemas," Dehomia finally said.

"It is of no consequence," Mon Haemas said. "Hiramithra. Your forces are ready if this champion of yours succeeds to open the Gateway."

Hiramithra scoffed.

"My demonic horde have been ready for millennia! While I've built and prepared, what have you all done? Huh? Dehomia have spent the last four-thousand years playing around with the mortals in Atheros. Gathering knowledge for herself, making pointless deals with them in exchange for small amounts of your knowledge. And what about Dovee'raa and Sarth'dothrak? Or Hikon?"

"Don't question my knowledge or power!" Dehomia snapped furiously. "I am the Titan of Knowledge! And knowledge is power!"

"How dare you question the ruler of the ocean?" Sarth'dothrak inquired calmly, but with an angry tone hidden behind.

"Enough," Mon Haemas voice echoed. "It is true that you have done good work for the last four millennia, Hiramithra. Dovee'raa has planted his pendent in the mortal world. Much of what we do is watch our actions of the past plays out in her grand design."

"Don't patronize me, Mon Haemas," Hiramithra snapped. "Let's just hope the pendent isn't snapped up by the Mage Circle."

"Either way," Dovee'raa interjected. "Are we sure that Azzeroth can handle the task in front of him?"

"He is only one. Even with his so called 'kingdom', he can't smash through the entire Lizard Imperial army," Lord Hikon said.

"I believe that he can do it," Hiramithra said. "Otherwise, I wouldn't have chosen him as my champion in the first place."

"We. Will. See," Dovee'raa said slowly and firmly.