Author's Note: I actually wrote this for school, but I love it. This is one of my favorite things that I've ever written, so hopefully you like it. Enjoy :)



Life is like a staircase.

It twists and turns,

It goes up and down,

It laughs at you when you fall,

Climbing the staircase is fighting the tide.

Some find it pointless,

Some are content with resting on the bottom,

Some pretend to have climbed to the top,

Professing to have conquered the mighty beast.

Some continue to climb,

The strong, the living.

I climb the staircase,

Going up, going down,

The twists and turns abound.

When something dark clutches at my ankle,

and drags me down, down, down.

Their cruel and relentless laughter fills my ears,

Of those who enjoy watching the living stumble and fall.

The laughter makes my blood boil,

My ears pound,

My body shakes.

"No!" I cry to them,

"I will not let you defeat me!"

The laughter turns to gasps,

As I pick myself up,

And struggle to remove death's cold,

Unrelenting grasp.

They scream as one,

As I defeat the grip,

And continue to climb the stairs,

Ignoring all of those who oppose.

For this is how life goes,

The hardships trip you, push you,

And pull you down.

The ones who laugh when you faulter,

The ones who don't care to try,

Line the stairs as the stars line the heavens.

However you can defeat them,

You can climb the stairs,

You can succeed,

If you ignore them.

So lift up your voice,

Scream the battle cry,

And fight for your life.

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