Chocolate Crush Cuties

by C.M. Lacey

The follow story is a sequel to The Secret. While the author does not feel it is necessary to understand all of the events in the original, some elements of that story will be represented in this work. If some events seem to be glossed over in this piece, it may be a result from it having already been covered before.

Part One


"Saya-chan, come out of there!"

"I'm not going, Onii-chan, you can't make me!"

It was February 14th, and Saya Kohaku just wanted to skip school and hide in her room. For most 13 year olds, Valentine's Day was one of excitement. Indeed, most of the girls in Saya's class had spent the opening days of February planning out the chocolates they were going to make for their crushes. But for Saya, it just felt like a stab in the heart. It only reminded her of Midori.

"You're going to be late." Saya's brother, Aito, called from the other side of the bedroom door. "Stop acting like a brat, and get up!"

"I don't want to go!" Saya repeated, and pouted on her bed.

While she said so, she already had dressed in her school uniform. It was a navy-blue jumper with red bow under her blouse color. She even already had her shoulder length hair up in it's signature side-ponytail. But while she was all ready to go, she remained flopped on her bed, laying flat on her stomach while kicking her legs in the air.

"Let me talk to her." A female voice pushed Aito aside. "Saya-chan I'm coming in."

It was Kaori Morishita, and who she was to Saya was a bit complicated. Last April, Kaori and her mother had moved to Yumoto, and during that time she had become the Aito's girlfriend. But it turned out that the real reason the Morishitas moved was because Kaori's mother had secretly married to Saya's father. After a big freak out, instead of breaking up, Aito and Kaori had decided to remain a couple in secret. Saya only learned of this shortly before the end of first term. When the two had decided to move out together, due to Kaori's rocky relationship with her mother, Saya joined them.

As for Kaori herself, Saya was always jealous of her. Not only did she steal her brother's attention away from her, but she was beautiful to boot. But every time Saya tried talking herself into hating the girl, something would happen and Saya would just feel sorry for her instead. Kaori's mother was a real bitch, and she apparently really messed Kaori up emotionally.

"Hey." Kaori walked over to Saya's bed and sat down. "I know why you don't want to go to school today."

"Figured it out on your own." Saya pouted moodily. She wished Kaori would get irritated at her and leave her alone.

Kaori nodded, not taking the bait. "Valentine's Day just made you think of Midori-chan, huh?"

Saya groaned and buried her face in her pillow. She didn't want to talk about Midori.

"It's been about three months since she moved away." Kaori continued. "I know you loved her, but you need to move on."

"Leave me alone, Nee-chan." Saya spoke, her voice muffled in her pillow.

Kaori gave a small sigh, but didn't leave. She lightly touched the back of Saya's thigh and pet her to calm her down. "You know that hiding in here won't make Valentine's Day disappear. If you don't show up today, whoever giving you Giri-choco (obligation chocolates, or chocolates one gives to friends) will just give them to you tomorrow. You should just go to school and get it over with."

Groaning again, Saya sat up. Kaori reached her hand forward and fixed Saya's hair. She wanted to be mad at Kaori, but the girl wasn't giving her a good reason to be. She was just being so motherly. In a way, it was something Saya craved in her life. Since her own mother died, Saya was the only girl in the house for a long time. When Keiko and Kaori moved in, Saya was starting to believe she could return to being the baby girl that she once was. But life never is that straight forward. So with Kaori's affections, Saya accepted them, even if she was in a bad mood.

"There you go. Time to go." Kaori smiled sweetly at her.

Aito had made her lunch, so when she started out towards Yumoto Junior High School, she wasn't going to be late. Still, she dragged her feet, feeling a sense of dread. Maybe it was easy for Kaori to forget about Midori, but the girl was her first love. They only had a few months together before she had to move away, yet Saya felt like she had been with the girl for a life time. Still even a life time seemed too short.

Midori was a sweet girl, but the way she went about telling Saya about the move was cruel. The day before she left, she sent Saya a text message telling her it was over between them. It came completely out of nowhere. She never explained why, and wouldn't even answer any texts or phone calls from Saya after that. It was only when third term had started that Saya learned of Midori's move. Only then did Saya understand why Midori had broke up with her like that. She didn't want to cry or see Saya get hurt. While this was fine on Midori's side of things, it was crushing to Saya.

So now with that fresh in her mind, she had to get through Valentine's Day. She had to watch young romance begin, or else end in an awkward explosion. There would be a lot of crying girls by the end of the day, and almost all the boys feeling uncomfortable. It would be fun to watch if she was in a good mood, but she just thought about the chocolates she could have made for Midori, and seeing her reaction when she ate it.

Her Homeroom was Class 1-3, and she was late. She had planned it out perfectly so that she'd miss the first rounds of gift giving. While she skipped the early-worms, there was nothing she could do at lunch but hope she could escape the classroom before she got cornered. She didn't want chocolate, even if it was Giri-choco. It would hurt too much.
After she got scolded by Hamada-sensei, she took her seat and slouched in her desk. Miserably she looked at Midori's desk, expecting it to be empty so she could wallow in her self-pity some more. But it wasn't. Sitting in the seat was a new girl Saya didn't recognize. She had long hair whose fringe was pulled back into a pony-tail, but otherwise the chestnut dyed hair was hanging loose. She looked extremely cute, and despite being new she already had chocolates on her desk. It was a mystery. Why was a new girl sitting in Midori's seat?

Other the fact that she was pretty, it seemed no one else was wondering about the mystery. Saya had been late and missed it, but the girl couldn't be a transfer this late. It was midway through the Third Term and she was already wearing the school's uniform. Soon Saya's sadness left her, as the mystery of it all started to fill her mind.

Perhaps Saya was looking at the new girl for a bit too long, or maybe it was something else, but the girl turned her head and looked directly at her. The chestnut colored eyes were so beautiful, which only enhanced her cute face. Saya felt her heart beat slightly faster when their eyes connected. Embarrassed, she looked away, pretending she was listening to Hamada-sensai's role-call. When the girl turned away, Saya exhaled a bit, realizing that for some reason she was holding in her breath.

Then guilt took over her. She had looked at another girl that wasn't Midori. Even though they were broken up, it still felt like cheating, in a way. She had spent the better half of the morning thinking about her ex, and now when some new pretty thing reached her sight, she just forgot about her old lover. Even if it didn't make any logical sense, she beat herself up for looking at the other girl.

When lunch came about, she saw some of the girls reaching into their bags for chocolates, and that's when Saya grabbed her lunch and jogged out the Classroom. She wasn't in the mood to get pity-choco today. She didn't stop running until she reached the school-roof, and prayed that no one had followed her. There wasn't many students on top enjoying the solitude that the roof brought because of the weather. It was cool, but not exactly freezing. So Saya decided she'd take advantage of this, sit down, and have her lunch in peace. At least, that was the plan.

As soon as she opened her bento box, the door opened again. Hoping that it wasn't a set of classmates coming to find her, expecting her to give them chocolates, a small relief filled her when she saw it was the new girl. She glanced at Saya for a second, then walked pass her to find a place of her own. This was fine for Saya. While she was curious about the girl, she wasn't so curious that she wanted to chat her up. But all the same it was awkward that both of them were sitting up on the roof. Out of the five students there, they were the only girls.

The new girl then opened her bag, then gave a loud swear. Everyone looked at her, while she was looking at a bag filled with Giri-choco. "Shit!"

Snickering a bit, Saya, took a bite out of her omelet and enjoyed the show. Maybe her drawing her chopsticks to her lips was like a flare being shot in the air, as the new girl's eyes centered in on Saya. Blushing, Saya looked back down at her lunch, feeling a bit rattled for being caught watching the girl for the second time. However this time the girl wasn't looking away. She stood up, grabbed her bag, and joined Saya as if she was invited.

"Hey… I'll pay you ¥ 2500 if you share your lunch with me."

Saya blinked a bit, and felt a bit thrown by the girl's forwardness. "Didn't you bring your own lunch?"

"I did, but it's in the classroom. If I go back in there, I'll get more chocolates and I already have too much." She opened her bag and showed Saya her chocolate boxes.

"So many!" Saya couldn't help but feel impressed at that loot.

"Honestly, I don't even know who those girls are, they just gave these to me." The new girl went on. "I think because I'm new they just wanted to be nice."

"Well I don't know you either." Saya pointed out. "I don't want to share my lunch with a stranger."

"My name is Akari Shimizu." The new girl introduced herself. "And you're that girl who showed up late to class, aren't you?"

"Saya Kohaku." Saya informed her. "And yeah, I was late on purpose. I didn't want to get any Giri-choco."

"I see." Akari spoke with all the care of someone who couldn't be bothered. "Will you let me eat with you now?"

Saya wondered how such a cute girl could be so rude. "Fine." She gave in.

"Thanks." Akari said, but didn't move. She didn't have chopsticks. "Fuck."

"Uh…" Saya looked at her own chopsticks and felt a weird feeling flutter in her stomach. "I only had a few bites… if you don't mind using these…"

Akari looked tempted. "But what will you use?"

They reached a problem. Both of them eyed the other, hoping for a solution, but nothing came. Saya sighed and shocked her head. "Screw it, we'll share these too if, you don't care."

Without agreeing or disagreeing, Akari snatched the chopsticks and took a bite, then handed them back to Saya. And it went like that. Turn after turn they ate in silence. Saya was surprised at how fast the new girl was woofing down her food. She ate like a starved puppy. When they finished, lunch wasn't even half over yet, as Saya felt the need to keep up with Akari's speed.

"Thanks." Akari smiled and rubbed her stomach. "I'll make sure to pay you later."

"No, it's okay." Saya waved away the money. "You seemed really hungry."

"Yeah… I didn't eat last night. I was so worried about the class transfer." Akari told her without care.

"I was gone this morning…" Saya reminded her. Now she'd finally get to the bottom of this. "Why did you transfer to my class again?"

"Sensei never said." Akari told her, then looked down at the empty bento box, as if willing more food to appear.

"Oh… is it a secret?"

"Not really."

"Hmm." Saya reached up and tucked on her own side-tail, for lack of a better thing to do.

"You want to know, huh? I guess people will find out soon enough anyway." Akari looked away from the bento box "I'm originally from Class 1-1. I sort of got into a fight with another girl in that class. It got so bad that the school felt they needed to separate us. Because one of your students transferred out, there was an open seat. So I was shipped to your homeroom."

Saya blinked a bit and suddenly felt a bit nervous. She didn't know she was sitting next to a trouble maker. Before she could stop herself she blurted out a question that was none of her business. "Why'd you get into a fight with that girl?"

There was a small beat between them, as Akari seemed to be pondering on what to tell Saya. Then a small smile came to her lips and she spoke in a calm voice. "Because she broke up with me for a guy."


"Oh… yeah, I like girls." Akari waved her hand, like it was old news. "Sorry if that bothers you."

Saya blushed. "Uhhh… well… it doesn't… I just didn't know that kind of thing was going on in this school."

"I guess you do now." Akari said with a carefree voice.

Saya suddenly felt strange. When she was dating Midori, they had kept it a secret. Midori was the one who didn't want everyone to know about the two of them being in an unconventional relationship. Saya could understand, as at the time the whole girl's love thing was a big life shaking event. Even if she was the one who confessed to Midori and was the more open of the two, she still kept her mouth shut. She didn't want people gossiping about her. So it shocked her that right under her nose some other girls were going through the same feelings as she had been.

"Shimizu-san…" Saya ventured. "How come you decided to trust me by telling me something like that?"

"Because you're one of us." Akari gave a shrug.

"What?!" Saya exclaimed. "What do you mean?"

"You're a lesbian, right?" Akari asked her.

"Uhh… I never said I was." Saya felt a bit of panic.

"Then how come you were checking me out earlier?"

"Because you're the new girl in class, why else?"

"You let me use your chopsticks." Akari pointed out. "If I were some boy, would you do that?"

Saya knew Akari had a point. She wouldn't have let a boy borrow her chopsticks. That was like indirectly kissing. Did she give herself a way by doing something like that? Was she letting her guard down because she found Akari attractive? How could Akari read her so precisely when they just met? It seemed unreal.

"Look, I'm not going to out you. I can tell you're a baby-dyke. But that's how I knew I could trust you."

"Baby-dyke?" Saya blushed. "Don't call me that!"

"Well you are." Akari smiled a bit. "I bet you only kissed one girl. She broke your heart when she left you, huh?"

"T-That's not true!"

"It's kind of obvious." Akari spoke as if she had years of experience.

"Well, you're wrong." Saya lied, not knowing why she felt the need too.

"What am I wrong about? You only being with one girl, or that you're a lesbian?" Akari said in a teasing voice.

Saya's face burned. She didn't know what she wanted to lie about. So she did something impulsive. Whenever she was cornered she always did. She reached forward, grabbed Akari's cheeks, pulled her face to hers, and kissed her. Akari was stiff at first her eyes wide, but allowed the kiss to happen. When they pulled away, Akari's cheeks were pink and for the first time since they started talking, she looked shy. She looked awkwardly to the side and glanced at the three guys on the roof with them. They were looking at them with stunned faces.

Saya felt like a fool. Why had she done that? But a part of her felt like she won something. That proved that she wasn't some baby-dyke or whatever that was. She just kissed a girl in front of three boys. In order to save face, she pretended like she wasn't bothered at all, like she planned all of that. She packed her bento box, then stood up

"See, I'm not as much of a baby like you thought." Saya looked down at Akari.

Akari's face was red. Then she said something that made Saya want to crawl in a hole and die. "You mean you actually do like girls? I was just playing around before!"

Saya's mouth dropped. Not only had she outed herself in front of some boys, but Akari was just joking. At first Saya was waiting to see a joking expression on Akari's face, like she was saying something like that to trick her. But it was true. She still looked shy and sported scarlet cheeks.

So Akari was straight. She probably did get into a fight with that girl in her homeroom, but she was embarrassed about the real reason and made up the lesbian story as a joke. When Saya seemed unfazed by that she just continued the lie, teasing her all the more. Now that Saya thought about it the stuff she knew about Midori was just random teasing. Because Saya had worked herself up to a state before school had started it only seemed that Akari had some insight to her life. In reality, Akari had no way of knowing any of that.

"You… You…" Saya felt her rage boil over. She couldn't get out what she wanted to say. So ran over to the door leading inside and opened it. She gave one last look at the four remaining students on the roof, spun around and went inside, slammed it behind her. Could this day get any worse?