Beauty and the Beast

On a winter morning dark with clouds of an approaching storm, Beauty was awoken from her warm bed by her father shaking her roughly.

"What is it father?" She asked.

"Get dressed," he said. "We'll leave quickly."

She could smell liquor on his breath, a common odor on him most mornings recently from the night before.

"What! Are we late for Church?" Beauty asked, unable to tell the hour due to the overcast sky.

"Yes, late for Church! Wear your best dress, and dress warm!"

When he left the room, Beauty did as she was told and went downstairs.

"Hurry," he called by the door when he saw her coming.

"But, Father, won't we have any breakfast?" Beauty asked, used to making her own meals since months before when her father could no longer afford their servants.

"No more questions, girl, run!"

Beauty was relieved to see it was not snowing when she hurried outside. She wanted to question going to Church in such conditions, but was too afraid to speak up again.

After some time in the tiny carriage driven by her father, Beauty became aware that they were not going to worship. Several hours passed. She felt a cold, empty drop in her stomach that made her shiver.

"Don't worry of it," she said to herself cheerily and tried to relax. "Certainly won't help."

"Wake up!"

Beauty had not realized she'd fallen asleep and wondered how long they'd traveled, for it was colder where they were now and not like any place she'd ever seen. Her father pulled her out of the carriage before she could move herself. They had arrived at a grey stone palace. Beauty was aware of servants and preparations around the grounds in her peripheral, but she focused on the massive metal door her father was hauling her towards.

Several servants met them in the entrance that was so large to make Beauty dizzy when she dared glance up to the splendid glass work on the ceiling. She could see portions of the ever-darkening sky. Someone in fine livery took Beauty's coat, shawl, gloves, and bonnet.

"Oh, dear," she said, forced to lean on her father to keep standing.

He handled her roughly as they followed the servants through the vast hallways and passages to a room proper for conversation. Beauty sat down immediately upon entering and was torn between the sensation of the couch's fabric under her hands, and the trays of little cakes and sandwiches on the white marble table before her.

The room was much warmer, but she wished she had her shawl at least to cover the revealing neckline of her best dress. She heard her father talking and attempted to wait patiently until someone might offer her a drink of tea or a biscuit.

"Come, girl!" Her father called.

Beauty's eyes were drawn to the book-lined walls and the globe by the fireplace as she crossed the room to her father's side.

Before them with two impressive man-servants attending the windowed-wall to his back sat a man so large Beauty had trouble imagining the size of the tree his chair was crafted from. He had dark hair and darker eyes. She could not stand to look long enough to tell the color. Beauty's father shoved her towards the massive figure she was forced to look at, being eye level as they were and inches apart.

A gloved hand reached out and squeezed Beauty's left nipple through her dress. She was so startled that she pulled back, increasing the pain, and ended up on her behind with her dress mussed up around her knees.

The servants quickly helped Beauty to her feet. She leaned on the more handsome and muscular of the two, but he only took her back towards the seated man.

"Yes, I agree to your bargain," he said to her father while looking at Beauty and taking her hand.

Beauty knew better than to resist, but she was too scared not to attempt pulling away.

"Come here," he said in a tone she'd never heard a common man use.

"Are you-" Beauty was cut short when he positioned her on his lap, leaving her feet dangling towards the intricate rug beneath.

Since she was an only child who's mother died when she was young, Beauty didn't know much, but she'd danced with several boys who tried to poke her through her skirts, and had a friend who once tried to explain how babies were made. Beauty had bled monthly for several years now, but she'd never explored her body parts that sometimes throbbed and ached sensitively.

To keep balance, Beauty grabbed the man's long forearms and looked down to see the elegantly veined, golden bronze skin exposed beneath his rolled up sleeves. Through her best dress she could feel his rock hard thigh that was big enough to sit on comfortably, and his cock, which she shifted towards to sit on better without knowing what she was doing or why.

"Good," he said and grabbed her breast from behind.

Beauty cried out and closed her eyes, too ashamed to look at her father.

"Father," she whispered, "what is happening."

The old man watched the beautiful smirking lord fondle his little girl's perfect breast.

One of her tears landed on the lord's wrist and he twisted her nipple.

"You'll be much better here," the father stuttered, aroused at the sight of the beautiful young woman. "I got a huge debt, girl."

Beauty sobbed and turned around as best she could to look at the man who's cock was growing larger under her. She felt and aching desire between her legs to press his bulge there.

"Daddy, the farm?" Beauty began, unable to look away from the man's shameless stare.
"He already owns the farm!" Her father shouted.

The man smiled and she hated herself for wanting to taste his lips like she'd seen her friends do at the lake the summer before after sharing a bottle of red wine.

"Have you anything to say to you father before he leaves, Beauty?" The man asked her.

She felt such panic that she could not speak, nor did she move or look away from him. She felt his cock jerk again and with it, felt her own pussy clench.

"Go," said the lord to the old man.

"Thank you, Majesty," the old man said and ran from the room before the servants could open the door.

The handsomer, more muscular of the man-servants came to stand before the King who said, "Outside!"

The door closed loudly behind them. Beauty could hear the fire cracking across the room and longed to go there. Her eyes finally left the man's calm stare and focused on the snow she could see falling behind him. Through the window, she looked down at multiple levels and ledges of his amazing fortress covered with the first layer of thick flakes.

"Don't worry," the man said.

She was suddenly not concerned with how her father got home, or what she should do. He watched her eyes dart around and could not help wonder what her mind was up to.

"You may speak freely to me when we are alone, Beauty," he said.

"Where am I?" She asked.

"You are in my castle, in my kingdom. You, yourself, also now belong to me."

He took her hips.

"No," Beauty begged. "Please don't touch me."

"You can not protest," he said. "You may call me Beast."

Beauty began crying violently when he untied the back of her dress. He pulled the sleeves off and pushed the material down around her stomach.

"Beast... I'd rather die than birth your children," she said as strongly as she could, knowing so little.

He removed her corset, leaving her in a thin lace camisole and chemise.

In a sudden rush of panic, Beauty attempted to flee, but was quickly captured. She struggled with all her strength and began screaming when she hurt herself resisting his unbreakable grasp.

The Beast finally rose and Beauty cowered to the soft carpet, terrified of his true size confronting her.

"Please," she begged. "I must eat... I feel ill."

The Beast looked at the dark shade of her nipples through the white lacy materials.

"You do not deserve to eat," he said, eyes transfixed on her pale chest and faint flush. "You'll eat after you take me willingly."

"Then I'll starve!" She said.

The Beast picked Beauty up with one hand around her neck and held her off the floor.

"Little girl," he began. "You know not to whom you speak. Take that tone with me again and I'll descend to kill you myself."

"I'll hate you till the day I die," she said.

Such pain was in her tearing eyes that the Beast dropped her to cry on the floor again. He walked to the door and opened it. Both servants came in.

Knowing his men wished to view the shaking form partly undressed, the Beast hesitated in giving his orders.
"Bring my Beauty's women," he said. "You may look."

At his words, Beauty looked up to find all three men staring at her, the biggest flanked. After a moment when she thought they would go, the Beast came to Beauty and lifted her off the floor into his arms. He brought her to the servant she found more attractive and squeezed her affectionately.

"Beauty has never seen such men, Samson," the Beast said. "I saw her admiring you."

Samson blushed and dared to look down at the prize his master was holding.

"Touch her," the Beast commanded firmly.

Beauty was surrounded and helpless.

"My hands would mar such pure skin, Sire," said Samson.

"Perhaps you are right. Donald, come do it then."

The other man came quickly and smiled at his master before grabbing Beauty's breast and squeezing it, circling her nipple with his calloused fingers until she cried out. He stopped.
"Thank you, my lord," Donald said.

"Go," the Beast said, and the men left.

She clung to him and cried, unable to imagine how she could appeal to him to stop, knowing the more she hated him the worse it would be for herself.

"That was the first of many punishment's you earned denying me," said the Beast.

He held her in his arms effortlessly until the women came. Their entrance startled Beauty and she felt shame at having been so comfortable.

"Take my Beauty to her rooms and lock her inside alone. She is not to be washed today, and is only allowed water until she begs for my cock."

Beauty blushed at his use of the word, but all three of the young maids only gazed into his face longingly. For reasons unknown to her, Beauty felt a keen stab of jealousy.

"Beauty, this is Nini, Pini, and Lily." The Beast said. "They'll belong to you, do you understand? But not until you earn them."

Beauty looked at the three maids. Nini, who was very young and grinning eagerly, Pini who was shy and chubby, and Lily, who was the prettiest and tallest of the three. Lily softly took Beauty's arm and Nini quickly took the other.

"Please follow us, Mistress," Nini said.