Part II

Beauty gathered her untied garments around her chest in preparation of who else she might see in the hallways on the way to her room. The Beast noticed how she purposely avoided his eyes, holding her head snobbishly high while passing him. He pulled his new possession away from the maids by the base of her neck, his hand so large he was holding the width of both her shoulders.

Beauty, pressed against him so quickly, let out a scared yelp.

"Fragile Beauty," he said. "Whenever you leave my sight, you are to come kiss me. You may decide what you would like to say as your goodbye."
Beauty's sweet eyes filled with tears at the embarrassment of being held like that in front of the maids. As the girls watched, Beauty could see Nini's shining teeth as she smiled, and Pini wringing her hands. Beauty decided she must do what was necessary to be alone rather than feign pride any longer.

"I'll love you forever, Beast," she said, and very slowly as if he might slap her away, Beauty craned out her neck and kissed his smooth lips.

"Yes," he said setting her down, but his hands lingered on her frame. "We shall master your kissing later."

The maids led Beauty to the adjacent wing that was more brightly colored, and paneled with many more windows that the rest of the palace. Seeing her admiring the hall, Pini spoke.

"He had your rooms attached to the castle, Mistress. He said you'd be needing more light."

They continued down the long passage slowly, for Beauty was very tired and cold. She looked down out the glass and saw a path that lead around the outside of the facade.

"He's had you rooms extended to the edge of the garden. I'm sure Master will let you down soon! There's a staircase that leads the way," Pini said, pointing.

Beauty's cheeks burned at the word 'master' leaving the girl's lips.

"We had not met," Beauty said as they approached a lovely rose gold door inlaid with budding, thorned vines. "How does he know what I should need."

None of the women spoke until Lily let them inside Beauty's rooms.

"We don't know why Master knows such things," Lily said. "He simply knows."

They told her she had other rooms besides the one they were in that contained her bed and one of her balconies. She also had a study, a dressing room, a washroom, and a sun-room.

"But those doors are locked right now," said Nini the youngest, smiling.

Feeling faint and unable to bear their voices any longer, Beauty politely asked them to go.

"There's nothing we can do... to please you?" Nini asked, on the verge of tears.

"Since you can not feed me, which is what I need, I hope you will leave me to rest alone."

At the tone of her voice, Pini burst into tears, which was enough to start Nini crying also. Lily gathered the other two quickly.

"There's a chamberpot for you, and some water, Mistress. We shall be outside. Just call," she said.

With the two girls' sniffling gone and a loud slam of the door, Beauty was finally alone. Before their voices were far out of distance, she could not help but fling herself on the bed and sob. Without realizing she'd fallen asleep for the second time that day, Beauty was again awoken by an angry man. She shot upwards, her eyes puffy and red. The Beast stood by the closed door alone.

"You heartless girl," he said, finally walking to her.

When Beauty moved to flee him, she saw his eyes flash with anger that she was making him run to catch her.

Her feet barely touched the floor when he shoved her backwards to bounce on her round bottom, one breast freeing itself from her never-tied laces.

She cowered.

"You like to make people who love you cry, Beautiful bitch?" He asked.

Her look of disgusted outrage told him she'd never been insulted before and he laughed.

"You amuse me, my Beauty," he said. "I take those words back."

He reached out to grab her exposed breast tenderly.

"I have bitch dogs who are more grateful than you," he said and slapped her face.

Beauty exploded into tears and rolled onto her stomach to hide herself from him.
"Good!" He said, and took two handfuls of her best dress, ripping it easily in half and pulling it off. She gasped and kicked at him as he came closer again, his reaching hands spread wide. Beauty covered her face, for she feared he meant to kill or strangle her. She began screaming at the feeling of every layer being torn from her body.

When she was naked he stopped and she looked at him.

"You will learn how to have servants, common Princess," he said, his eyes roaming her lush, toned figure hungrily.

He strode to the door and opened it, to reveal the three maids standing close, all holding supplies. They came to the bed and admired beauty. The girls could not help but speak.

"Mistress, your tits are even nicer than Pini's," Nini said.

"And your little pussy, Mistress," Lily said, "is smaller than Nini's. Mistress never had a cock in her ass either, Master."

"That skin," Pini said, moving closer, "and your legs are even longer than Lily's."

"Your Mistress is very sorry for what she did before," The Beast said loudly. "She wants you to wash her to show her how much you adore her."

Three sets of soft hands reached out and took Beauty to a door that the Beast unlocked. Inside was a granite bathroom, covered in mirrors and sparkling crystal decorations.
"I had a sophisticated water system installed for you, Pet Beauty," the Beast said. "So you can have hot water when you wish."

So impressed was Beauty by the stunning room that she went to sand before him.
"Thank you, Beast," she said sincerely.

"Go," he said.

The maids were drawing Beauty a bath and adding salts and oils that rose in a sweet, delicate perfume in the humid air. The water was too hot, but the maids' hands held Beauty in the water and pushed her.

"Sit down," the Beast said, approaching the tub to see. "And while you do, I want you to focus on the steaming water on your hot pussy."

She looked up at him and the women forced her sitting. Because he did not look away as the maids begin to wash her shoulders and back, Beauty could neither look away from his eyes that she could see for the first time were not green, nor blue, but mix of the two.

Although she did not like the giggling women touching her, rubbing her breasts as they cleaned them, focusing on the nipples until they were hard, Beauty did not waver from his stare until the maids were leaned far over the high tub, reaching for her round ass and caressing her body roughly.

"Stand up again, Beauty," the Beast said.

When she hesitated he put his hand firmly around her tiny neck and pulled her standing. He held her like that and they watched each other, his forearm resting on her wet chest and torso. His fingers loosened and began rubbing the muscles of her neck when she gasped at Nini rubbing around her clit, exposing it, and lathering it with soap.

"Ohhh," Nini said, looking up to her Master, but he said nothing.

Nini rubbed more soap onto her hands circled her fingers around Beauty's asshole, making sure to squeeze and clean each round cheek as well. Lily took over making sure Beauty's pussy was spotless and ventured inside just an inch or so to make sure. Pini rubbed Beauty's thighs, and then switched to her underarms and breasts.

Beauty's eyes squeezed closed when she felt young little Nini poking her butthole. She was unable to control her breathing, globs of soap dripping from her nipples that Pini was playing with.

"Oh, dear," Beauty said, sounding very scared and looking at the Beast again helplessly.

"Just cleaning," the Beast warned the maids.

They all slowed their movements considerably.

They rinsed Beauty and then washed her hair as the Beast watched from across the room, leaning on the polished stone sink. After the maids dried Beauty and her hair with many fluffy towels, the Beast approached the women.
"Leave us," he said.

All three maids let out the smallest sounds of regret and obeyed him quickly, bowing before exiting. Beauty heard her bedroom's main door open and closed behind them. She stood naked.

"I'll leave you now, too," the Beast said. "Unless you have something you want to beg for."

Beauty slowly lowered herself to her knees as if in prayer with her eyes closed, and then looked up at him. The Beast's heart and cock leap at what she would say next, and what he would do to her sweet body after.

"Please," she said. "Beast, I am so hungry. I have not eaten since last supper-"

The Beast's cheerful laugh stopped her voice. He picked her up from the floor and brought her to the bedroom where he set her naked body on her feather duvet. Still smiling to himself, he heard her call his name as he left the room and locked her inside. She was still calling for him as he strolled down the hallway towards his offices.

Having nothing to do in the bedroom and bathroom after admiring their fineness, Beauty walked around her large main room wrapped in a sheet, trying each door every half hour or so, sitting at various places and thinking about the anguish of her new life. After hour upon hour of boredom, when her stomach was full of nothing but water, she heard someone at the door.

The Beast came in alone, but she could hear the maids outside. He went to where she sat looking out her window into the snowy darkness.

"Are you ready? Will you take me willingly?" He asked.

Beauty looked at him and was aware of the gnawing pain in her stomach, but the smugness in his eyes made her punish herself.

"No," she said, scared.

"You won't take my cock?" He asked, walking away.

The Beast led the maids into the room. They were all wearing nothing except lace around their arms, ankles, and necks, their little black bonnets, and their shoes. Beauty noticed Pini's huge hanging breasts more than anything. When Nini turned around, Beauty saw she had an irregularly large, fat ass that inspired some jealously. Beauty looked to Lily last, who had the most confident, hip-jutting posture, especially for a girl who looked like she should have no pride left at all after the things that evil man had surely put her through.

The women wheeled in a silver cart with several covered trays and pitchers of various liquids and wines. The Beast seated himself on one of Beauty's lady sized couches that fit him like a chair.

"Come feed me, whores," he called.

The three maids wheeled over the cart and began uncovering the dishes. Beauty moved nearer the food to see what they were all doing. The maids hand fed the Beast little slices of cold meat and cheese. They dipped steaming vegetables Beauty had never seen into sauces that made her mouth water and placed them into his mouth. He poured his own wine and drank it quickly. Nini kept trying to feed him sweets and chocolates from the desert tray until he pushed her hand away.

"Undress me," he said when he was almost satiated.

The maids worked quickly over his large garments. With each section of skin revealed, Beauty felt weaker. He was massive and already aroused. The shapes of his body were a simple beauty she had never experienced. She ached to be near him, and to have him love the softness of her form as she loved the strength of his. The Beast stared back into her awe-filled eyes before picking up a chocolate covered strawberry and feeding one to each of the maids.

Beauty watched them lock eyes with her Beast as they slurped the strawberries from his hand. Nini, who he fed last, sucked his fingers into her mouth, dark chocolate smeared around her lips. The Beast squeezed her face hard so her lips were very deformed looking and shoved his tongue into her mouth.

Nini moaned and rubbed his arms, frantic to feel him. He pushed her head down to suck him instead when she grabbed for his cock. When the first girl's mouth was on him, the other two approached.

Beauty watched in fascinated horror as Pini also knelt down before him and found a way to get under Nini in order to suck his balls into her mouth. The Beast moaned and Beauty had the urge to drop to her knees again and beg the lord's forgiveness. Lily got on her knees and began sucking Nini's clit, which made Nini suck the Beast fast and wildly, making herself gag on his huge cock, her spit dripping onto the floor.

He fucked each of them in turn, Nini the longest and most frequently. Beauty felt herself beginning to hate that maid in particular. The Beast stacked all three maids on top of each other, the lightest on the bottom, and fucked them one at a time. Beauty was amazed at how large his cock continued to grow until it seemed to only be slamming into their pussies half-way deep. As their screams became more frantic and greedy, Beauty felt her own pussy squeezing and pulsing to be touched again.

The Beast pushed the other two aside and fucked Nini until she screamed she was coming three separate times. Then he threw her away and grabbed Pini, fucking her from behind. Beauty watched her huge tits swing around as he pounded her, and saw how her Beast dug his fingers into her hips and ass.

She kept saying, "Master, your cock is tearing me apart," and screaming like a wild animal, but Beauty knew she was enjoying him slamming into her by how she angled her pussy up to take him deeper. Pini came for a long drawn out moment and fell to the ground, unable to stop shaking.

Last, the Beast laid Lily on the floor and made her put her long, tan legs up over her head while he sucked her wet clit into his mouth so skillfully she came very fast. Beauty could not stand anymore and sat on the ground, unable to look away, unable to support herself. She felt her cheek to find herself crying.

With her legs still over her head, the Beast fucked Lily until she too screamed like a wild woman, saying things like, "pound my slut pussy, Master. Fill both my holes with that big fucking cock!"

Beauty had never heard such things in her life. All three women made gruesome, ugly faces that Beauty found very unflattering as they were fucked senselessly. Lily was grimacing like some kind of barn animal, and making similar sounds.

"Come in my pussy," Lily began chanting over and over. She spoke softly, as if no one else could hear, "Please give me your seed so I may grow you a son. Explode inside of me, Master."

The Beast laughed and looked and Beauty, surprised to see her sitting on the floor.

"Hear that, Beauty," the Beast said and grabbed Lily's face, squeezing it very hard. "She wants to have my royal bastard son."

Still crying and unable to control herself anymore in the slightest, Beauty let out a sob and covered her mouth.

"Do not worry, my Pet Beauty. I'll come in her tight ass instead."

His cock wet from Lily's pussy, the Beast leaned her up at a better position and spit on her ass hole. He stuck his cock in quickly without waiting for her to adjust to fit him. Lily cried out in pleasure and pain when he began fucking her.

"Come here, Beauty!" He called.

Weak with lust and hunger, Beauty crawled to him, keeping a safe distance, but so close now she could feel the moisture gathering between her legs to the point of dripping.

"Watch me come," he said.

He fucked Lily's ass while she rubbed her clit until she came again, twice more, and then he pounded into her as far as her body would allow and pulled out at the last minute to shoot his load on her tits and face.

Beauty watched the Beast as he came, the man looking angry even in that moment dissatisfied and annoyed by the women he could so easily bring pleasure to who were just old toys to him. Nini ran from the nearby couch and began to lick the Beast's come from Lily's lips and cheeks.

"Get out," the Beast said.

Regaining their composure as fast as possible after such a fucking, the maids gathered the trays, sweaty and wet, Lily still covered in come, and took the things from the room.

After watching him for some time with his eyes closed, Beauty stood, still wrapped in her sheet and went to lay on her bed. The Beast eventually put his pants on and started towards the door, but Beauty remembered something before he had to remind her and punish her later for forgetting.

"Beast!" She called, sounding as heartbroken as if she should never again see him.

Although her body shook from hunger and mental exhaustion, she stood and went to him where he waited.

"I'll love you forever," she said.

Beauty stood on her toes and put her hands on his damp shoulders. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, accepting his tongue as she'd seen the maids do. Once she felt his tongue in her mouth, she realized she tasted Lily's pussy, and all of their sweat he had licked, and their mouths he had kissed. Through it all though, she could taste him, and it was the sweetest thing she'd ever drank.

"Yes," he purred, pulling her away from him. "You learned that very quickly."

The beast brushed his big palm across her forehead and petted her affectionately.

"My, good Beauty. I love the way you kiss me," he said. "Nearly as hungry for my mouth as you are for dinner."

Beauty frowned angrily, hating him again. The Beast smiled before leaving without another word.