In The Evening Mist

In the summer I always went to my relatives in Scotland. They lived in a small town near the sea. It was my favorite place to go on holiday. Until…

On those warm evenings between twilight and the fall of total darkness a mist would rise from the sea. On one of those evenings I was playing in the meadow with my uncle's dog. But suddenly I lost sight of him. I looked around. It was a big black dog so I was very surprised when I didn't see him anywhere. Looking around in the big green meadow I stood alone. There was nowhere to hide ,nothing but short grass. I called the dog's name few times but there was no answer. I got worried. It will be dark in over an hour and it was my uncle's best sheep dog that went missing. I began to search.

Soon after the sky was covered in dark clouds and heavy rain began to fall. And the mist rose from the coast. My clothes were not suitable for this weather. So when I saw a wooden cabin I was more than happy. The door wasn't locked. I sat down on the dusty bed hoping to rest for a while. But I must have fallen asleep because when I awoke it was completely dark outside, quite cold inside. Good thing there was some wood in the fire place. I found a lighter and lit the wood. I sat as close to the fire as possible because it got even colder inside the cabin.

After sitting like that for an hour I noticed that the windows of the cabin were starting to freeze over. I was terrified. It was midsummer after all. This kind of cold is impossible for this time of year. But as the hours passed the cold got worse. I thought I was going to die in there. But then a strange thought crossed my mind. I stood up and quickly ran outside in to the night. You can imagine my surprise when I saw the meadow lit brightly by the sun. It was day. But when I looked out the window of the cabin just moments ago it was dark.

When I returned home I was shocked by what I heard. I had been gone for two days. When I told everyone my story they looked at me strangely. Then my aunt told me a scary story. There is no cabin in the meadow now , one had stood there long ago. The cabin belonged to farmer who had lots of sheep. Normally all farmers led their herds to the highlands where it was warmer for the winter. But one farmer had stayed. People of the town had found him frozen to death just few days later.

After hearing this I went back to the meadow and tried to find the cabin. Unable to believe what had happened to me I tried to find some proof of what happened. I searched but found nothing. It's true what they had said – there is no cabin in the meadow.

One evening , a week after. I was once again playing with the dog. The dog had returned the same evening when I went "missing". When I turned towards the town the mist was rising again. And then in the distance I saw it. The cabin. It was there just as before. But this time I did not got near it.

As I thought more of what had happened to me back there. I made a shocking theory. The cabin was only there whenever there was mist. So where was the cabin and where was I in those sunny hours? I can't be sure whether I was in the meadow all this time. Maybe I was there, wherever the cabin comes from. Maybe even in another world….