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"Dale Tredway!" The principal announced my brother's name. My brother, age 18, was finally graduating high school.

I watched the big screen TV as it trailed my brother from his seat all the way to the stairs that led to the stage. With a big goofy grin on his lightly tanned face, he walked forward with purpose. I could see the excitement in his blue eyes as he grabbed his diploma from the principal and waved to us, walking directly off the stage.

I was proud of him for many reasons. For one, he had only barely made it to graduation. His grades had suffered for most of his high school years. He had trouble staying in school and paying attention when he was in class. What had made me proud was that last year, he had realized that he needed to pull it together and took summer school and worked to keep his grades up.

Second, he had been a real player his first two years in high school. During his junior summer, he had found a steady girlfriend and had stopped his ways. Only then did we see a dramatic change in his grades. Her name was Sally Walkman.

Sally, the quiet nobody that Dale had bullied previously, had became his everything. She taught him the meaning of love, and also talked some sense into him.

His red graduation robe fluttered in the artificial wind as he took his seat again in the big coliseum chair.

After that, everything went by fast, and suddenly, I found myself, along with my family, outside, taking pictures with my brother.

"Cara, get out of the way!" Dale joked, pushing me out of the way. "I need a picture of only Sally and I." His eyes brightened as he pulled the honey-blonde to his side, posing for the camera.

Sally was seriously beautiful. Her hair fell down her back in curls, ending at her shoulder blades. Her light blue eyes sparkled with love as her slightly crooked teeth shined bright for the camera.

She hadn't only changed my brother. My brother had also changed her. Where she had once been shy, he had brought out her inner boisterous self. When I had first met her, she had been very quiet. Now, she showed that she was funny and outgoing.

I smiled, not caring that he had pushed me. I loved that girl like a sister. My brother was now nice to me somewhat, and did more things around the house and for me.

A large hand suddenly weighted down my shoulder, making me jump. Heart thundering, I whirled around to face the stranger, only to find out that it wasn't a stranger. "Conor!" I breathed, slapping his shoulder.

Dale's friend recoiled with feigned hurt. "Ouch! That hurt!"

"That wasn't funny!" I lifted my palms and hit his chest, sending him tumbling back a little. Now that I knew it was him, I tried to hold in a smile. This was one of Dale's recently acquired friends from this year.

"Hey! I was just trying to catch your attention, nothing else!" Conor shot back, lightly palming me in the arm. Due to his hulking size, the light tap had me stumbling back much more than he had anticipated. He caught me before anything could happen, pulling me to him. "Sorry." He breathed, his warm breath hitting my skin.

I was rendered speechless as my eyes were drawn into his dark brown ones. I gulped as I realized that his high cheek bones were dusted with a light blush, along with a couple of cute freckles. Many a time had I fantasized being pressed up to his toned and physically fit body wanting to run my hands through his short dark brown hair.

"Hey, bro." My brother's impatient voice intruded my dark thoughts.

Conor immediately pulled away from me, an easy smile showing on his face, blush gone. "She almost fell. Don't take it the wrong way."

I gulped again, realizing what he had just said. I looked down at my scuffed shoes. It didn't feel like it was just that. I admit it, if you haven't already guessed; I had a crush on him. A full blown one, and there was nothing I could do to follow through with it. He was my brother's friend, and couldn't be more than that.

"Alright. Well, are you coming to my party today?" Dale asked, all traces of warning gone from his voice.

A deep laugh rumbled out of Conor. "Yeah, wouldn't miss it."

After that, we drove home to get ready for his long awaited graduation party. I was nervous for the arrival of Conor alralready, and my family wasn't even home.