The earliest evidence of martial arts goes back millennia and the true roots are difficult to reconstruct. Although the term martial arts has become commonly associated with the fighting arts of eastern Asia, it originally referred to the combat systems of Europe as early as the 1550's, but it's increasing popularity has been created by those living within Asia. After all, martial arts is merely a combination of many other different fighting styles and actions, whilst also inspiring its own. Everyone has tried to learn or practice martial arts at some point during their life span due to popularity in the media, encouragement as a sport, or due to their inheritance, but there are very few in comparison who master it to extreme measures.

The inspiration for Osoru Academy firstly branched from common international fighting tournaments/ competitions and with the teachings of Asian children in their schools during P.E sessions. The idea of an Academy purely dedicated to the best young adult martial art fighters from all around the world for a large sum of prize money was a quick campaign to launch and the architectural designs began in 2025. For such a large structure to be made it would need a large plot of land and a large budget to help create and so with a few presentations to multiple gym, fighting and sports equipment sponsorships they quickly had a bigger audience and sum along with the original budget given to them for the project and so in 2027 the construction began on Toriuchi island.

By 2032 it had been finished constructing and within the same year the first tournament began after the project shot up worldwide thanks to the help of the internet, immediately going viral upon completion. Hundreds of pupils applied to enter the tournament but with too many competitors they had to be sorted so that they got only the best, so competitions were hosted in ten of 'the big twenty' countries to get the final winning competitors, four from each country. After the first year new martial art schools, dedicated to the application to Osoru Academy were created in these countries and from then on, every four years, four of the best students from all schools were given pre-paid by the founding company of the Academy flights to the island to compete. With the television programme, a brand new channel dedicated to the every four year event, views going off the charts they were receiving enough money every tournament to renovate the Academy and offer more to those who come to the island, including a live audience who get special rooms to stay in and access to all the same entertainment that the competitors receive.