In a large town located somewhere near the center of the Central Continent, three fully armored knights clad in shining silver armor strode forward as cries of terror and columns of smoke filled the air. They drew their swords, dramatic music playing in the background as they raised their shields. Townsfolk ran past them as a lumbering beast landed in front of the knights, fire spouting out from its nostrils. The knights roared a mighty battle cry and charged forward.

Thirty seconds later...

"Run aaawaaay!" Three knights in smoking black armor ran around the corner, swords and shields forgotten as they headed out of town faster than a cowed horse.

The long yellow-haired Sir Leonhardt watched them as they ran, a big grin on his face. "Hahaha! Look how they run, Éclair!" He laughed, speaking to the green-haired, green-eyed girl clad in chainmail standing by his side, holding his sword and scabbard. "They underestimated their opponent and paid for it! But I, Sir Leonhardt the Yellow, will not make the same mistake!"

"Your sword, Milord." Éclair said, staying quiet about her lord's overconfidence.

"Thank you." Leonhardt said, taking the sword out from its scabbard. "Now, let us do battle!" He cried out, pointing the sword at the dragon that they now stood in front of. "Éclair, watch as I, the dashing Sir Leonhardt the Yellow, slay this mighty beast!"

"You can do it, Milord!" Éclair called out from the safety of an alleyway, throwing her hands up in emphasis. If he was going to get barbecued, she didn't want to be anywhere near him.
"Hm." Leonhardt smiled, brushing the hair away from his face as the dragon huffed in annoyance.

"Ready yourself!" He cried out, taking his sword into both of his hands. "Yaaaahhhh!" He charged forward, the dragon rearing its head back and opening its maw. A large fireball formed between its teeth, and from it shot forth numerous smaller fireballs at an impressive rate of 180 shots per minute.

"Whaaaah!?" Leonhardt dived to the side, his rear end nearly catching fire as he started to hazardously dodge the barrage of fireballs. "Since when could he do this!? Wha-whaa-whaaa! Not the butt!"

"Milord! Milord! Milord!" Éclair cheered, having a little fun as Leonhardt was now leaping from building to building, the man crying out every time he was nearly hit. As the dragon continued to shoot the knight, its tail drew a happy face in the sand.

"Don't just stand there, Éclair! Please do something!" Her lord cried as he jumped over the alleyway she was in, none of the fireballs coming anywhere close to her.

Éclair placed a hand against her cheek as she peeked out and continued to watch Leo. "But Milord boasted during the entire carriage ride about how he was going to defeat Baldur all by himself. I don't want to get in your way." She smiled at him, enjoying herself.

"No no no! Forget about that! Please do get in my- ah, tail! Tail!" Leonhardt dived onto the ground, Baldur's (the dragon) tail passing right above him. "Please do get in my way, Eclairrrrr!" He shouted as Baldur had to reload another large fireball in its mouth. "I'll love you forever!"

Éclair's face went red, a hand coming up to cover her mouth. "W-w-wait, l-love...? I... that's..." She looked away, completely misunderstanding him. "It's just..."

"I meant it as a soldier to his comrade! So please, help me- aaaah! He finished reloading!"

Éclair's color returned to normal. "Right!" She called out, drawing her own sword. As the dragon's attention was focused on pelting Leonhardt with more fireballs, Éclair ran towards it, drawing her sword back and bringing it down upon the beast's leg. The metal of her blade hit Baldur's hard, armor scales with such force that a shockwave went straight from her sword and swept through her entire body.

She dropped the blade, stumbling backwards and right back into the alley before falling down onto her back. "Milord, there's so many stars tonight..."

"Éclair? Éclair! It's only half past noon!"
"I don't think I can... eat anymore..."
"What? What are you talking about!?"
"Maybe... some pudding..."
"Please, I'm begging you! Snap out of it!"

Éclair's eyes snapped open, and she jumped back up onto her feet. "Y-yes, Milord! I'm on it!" She looked towards the dragon, catching sight of it trying to smash Leonhardt under its feet. I need something bigger than a sword! She looked around, and grabbed a shovel off of a hook. This is...! She took a look back at the massive, fire-breathing beast and made up her mind. Without a moment's hesitation, she started digging a foxhole.

"Éclair, I'm about to be turned into a yellow pancake! What are you-" Leo looked over at Éclair and saw what she was doing. "Why are you digging a foxhole!? It's for me, right? Right!?" He screamed when he nearly got smashed.

Éclair kept digging, only to hit something hard. She blinked and bent down, digging out what she had hit. This...

Leonhardt was knocked down onto the ground, Baldur standing above him with a raised foot. "So this is it..." The knight muttered, holding the hilt of his sword with both hands and directly pointed up into the air. "Very well! Go ahead and do it!" He yelled, closing his eyes and waiting for Baldur to fall into his trap. However, when he didn't feel the dragon's foot coming down onto his blade, he opened his eyes and saw that it was breathing fire. "Oh, you cheater..."

"BALDUUURRR!" Baldur looked over at the source of the shout and saw Éclair standing in front of it and holding up a... strange barrel. Before it could wonder what it was, Éclair pulled the trigger on the barrel and something exploded out from the weapon, going straight into Baldur's mouth. An explosion erupted inside of the dragon's mouth, smoke billowing out of it as the dragon coughed and wheezed.

Still coughing and wheezing, it lifted up off of the ground and flew away, leaving the town behind.

Leonhardt climbed onto his feet, watching the dragon as it got smaller and smaller. "Hahaha! It appears that I, Sir Leonhardt the Yellow, was too much for Baldur this time! Hahaha!" Éclair walked up to him, still holding onto the barrel. "Your help was very much appreciated, through unnecessary." He boasted, adjusting his bangs.

"WHAT!?" Éclair shouted, not understanding anything Leo had just said.
He looked at her strangely. "Your help was very much appreciate-"
"I said your help-!"
"No, help!"

Éclair smiled. "Thanks!"

Leonhardt looked around and spotted a blacksmith's anvil. He ran and jumped on top of it, pointing his sword up into the sky. "Listen to me, Baldur! Wherever you go, we will follow! We will not rest until your reign of fire has been put to an end! For I am Sir Leonhardt the Yellow! Knight of the Square Table of Parken Lot!" Meanwhile, Éclair was trying to get her hearing back.

A/N: Yes, Éclair used a bazooka to defeat Baldur. Why is there a bazooka in a medieval town? Well, there's actually a 'logical' reason for that.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it!