The full moon hangs overhead illuminated the land below. On this autumn evening, Kim is jogging in the park like she does every night. She likes to run five miles each night and brags to her friends that it helps relax her before bed. On most nights, there are over a dozen other nighttime joggers in the park with her, but with the threat of rain looming the park was quite empty.

Kim was determined to get her five miles done before the rain started. Off in the distance, lightning could be seen in the night air. She did not focus on the coming storm, but instead on the beauty of the full moon. As she was halfway through her final lap, she heard a noise but dismisses it and kept running. When she neared her goal, a figure appeared in the front of her causing her to fall to avoid hitting the person. She looks up at him and said. "Who are you? You should not jump in front of people that are jogging."

"Excuse me Kim, I did not mean to make you fall."

"How do you know my name?"

"That's because I watched you every night when you go running."

Kim backs away from the stranger and reaches for her phone.

"Now Kim let's not rush this; I wanted to talk to you before I dine."

"Stay away from me." Kim turns and runs, but the stranger leaps grabbing her from behind as he buries his fangs deep into her neck. He drinks deep of her blood and drains her dry. He then breaks her necks, before returning to the night shadows.

The next morning Kim's roommate Tracey was getting ready to start her day. She had just got done doing her hair, when she notices that Kim was not home. After seeing that she had not slept in her bed, she called the police.

At the same time in the park, Detective Rick Lots was examined the body of Kim, and looking for clues around the victim's body. When Sergeant Parks arrived on the scene, he walked over to Lots.

"Do you know the cause of death?"

"It looks like her attacker punctured her neck in two places."

"You mean the assailant just let her bleed to death slowly? She would have had time to call 911 for her."

"I don't think that's what happened. For one, there is barely any blood around or on her body. Second there are no visible signs of a struggle. "

"How is that even possible? Puncture wounds in the neck mean the victim should be soaking in her blood."

"I agreed with you. It's strange. But we do have an ID on the victim. As it turns out, she was reported missing by her roommate earlier today."

After talking a bit more with his captain and other officers, the detective decides to go visit the victim's roommate.

All the while driving the missing blood at the crime scene bother him. He was trying to determine if there was any way possible for a person's blood to be drain. As he thought more about it, he arrived at the victim's apartment. As part of detective training, you are taught to be observing by any detail no matter how small. He wondered what this apartment would tell him about the victim. It was part of the working class neighborhood and like most structures built after the war the apartment itself was made up of gray bricks on the outside.

As he rang the doorbell for apartment 211 and waited for a respond. A voice came from behind the door.

"Who is it?"

"Hello, I'm Detective Rick Lots here about your roommate Kim." After opening the door, Tracy lets him inside the apartment.

"Detective did you find Kim?"

"You are Tracy, Kim's roommate right?"

"Yes, I'm her roommate did you find her?"

"I'm sorry to tell you but Kim is dead. Someone murder her in the park while she was jogging."

Tracy cried turning away from Lots, "Do you know who did it?"

"No, but I was hoping that I could ask you some questions if you are up to it."

"I forgot in this city murderers are allowed to roam free, while friends of the victims get harassed with questions."

"Listen Ms. I know that you are upset, so let me give you my card. When you are up to it, please give me a call."

Without another word, Lots leave the apartment and once he reaches his car. He punches the dashboard of his car, Tracy words rung in his head. He became a cop to help people, but it seems that the bad guys keep winning in this city. He swears to himself that this time the good guys would win and that he would catch Kim's killer.

As day turns to night in the city Amanda was busy getting ready for the Sundance Party that her boyfriend Karl had an invitation for. She had a dark blue strapless dress on that only hang just above her knees and had her dark hair up in a ponytail. Her cell phone went off, and she knew it was Karl texting her from downstairs. She hurried out the door and downstairs to his waiting arms. They had already decided that they would walk to the party because there was no parking around the building.

It was a clear night as they walked hand and hand toward their party destination. When Karl stopped and pushed Amanda against the building where he kissed her. They kissed deeply as the time around them seem to stop. Their moment of passion was interrupted when someone walking by told them to get a room. They couple stops kissing and looked at a young man who looked to be around their age. He jokes with them about the room and that's when they found out that he knew them from last week's party. Karl told him that they were on their way to another party and invited him to walk with them.

The three of them walk towards the party, when he suggested that they take a shortcut through the park to save some time. Amanda said that it was a good idea, although Karl hesitated before Amanda kissed him and changed his mind. As all three made their way through the park, the overhead clouds moved away revealing a full moon. In the moonlight, the stranger stops by a tree, when Karl walks over to check on him. The stranger looked up with red eyes, grabbed Karl in his clutches and pulled him up to his waiting fangs. Karl body goes limped as he drinks of his blood, and Amanda screamed before turning to run away.

She runs not believing what her eyes just saw. She fumbles with her cell phone before dialing 911. She runs waiting for an answer when finally she hears.

"This is 911 what your emergency is?"

"What I'm in the park, and he just killed Karl. Oh God, I don't want to die, help me."

Just then, Amanda stops running and drops the phone. As the stranger that had killed Karl stood in front of her. She tried to scream and moved, but her body no longer listened to her. She stood there face to face with the man that had just killed Karl just minutes ago. Karl her boyfriend of three years, who she loved more than life itself. Taken away by the man who now takes her hand and leads her off the walking route of the park into the shadows of the neighboring trees.

Once they both are safely behind the trees, the strange man held Amanda as the two of them dance under the covering of the trees. She was in a trance as they danced together, everything inside of her scream "No", but see could not resist him. She was totally in his power. He looked at her as if he could almost sense what she was thinking but not being able to do anything about it. He smiled as blood filled his eyes and then he clamps his fangs on Amanda's neck. She doesn't scream or fight as her body is drain of all life.

Detective Lot could not believe his bad luck; he had gotten to work early today in an attempt to do some research before it got busy from the craziness that every morning seems to bring to the station. At this time of the morning, it was still dark out and as soon as he walked in the station, the called had come in that two more bodies had been found in Central Park. This time it was one male and one female, and they were believed to be a couple. The bodies were found over 200 yards apart, which made Lot take a guess that the male victim was killed first, and she ran away. There must have been a chase before the killer caught up with her, but there were no indication that she put up a fight with her attacker. Then he notice something on her neck, the same marks Kim had, Lot went back, and the male had the same marks on his neck as well. Just then, he heard a noise up in the trees that sounded like laughter. He looked up and saw a large bat fly away in the moonlight.