The sun had fallen and was replaced by its brother the full moon. The night was quiet with a light breeze blowing across the city. Many people were still trying to return home from a long day at work. Other families were out eating dinner and some at gyms working out. The evening news was already on reporting about the weather. The first night clubs were turning on their lights looking for their early customers. The Yankees game would be starting in two hours and already people were going inside of the ballpark. It was a typical New York evening.

Drake rose from his rough day of trying to sleep. Now that the night was here he was ready to claim his revenge but first, he thirst. His rage was strong, but nothing could call out to him like the thirst. Living forever and never growing old with just one drawback you had to kill and drink blood to sustain yourself. He knew the thirst was on him he could feel it on the back of this throat to his ears. It was all-consuming the need for blood. He knew he had to do it with style to avoid prying eyes. Long ago he thought of humans as sheep just waiting to be slaughtered. That is when he was young, age, and time has time him the folly of his ways.

Last night the woman Traci was supposed to be his kill, but that did not happen. He came back to the morgue and as luck would have it he had a morsel waiting for him in the form on the police officer. But he too was hard to kill, I guess you could say that yesterday was not Drake's best night. He would make up for it tonight. He flew overhead and often he is in control of his extra hyper senses but he knows that he made a young vampire mistake by not drinking blood yesterday. He was careless, and because of it, he was having a hard time staying in control.

Vampires normally do a lot of feeding and breeding. But he was not like his demon brethren, he was cursed. Because of an act of violence because of the curse he had to fight to maintain control of his rage at all times. Traci and the detective made him forget everything he had learned in the mountains about controlling that rage, but much like he was taught if you can't control your rage, then other areas of your life you would lose control of as well.

Those words rungs in his ears as he could not maintain flight he had to land, he knew that the pain from flying would not be the only thing that he would lose control over if he did not feed soon. He walks across the New York streets at night as he had so many nights before, but tonight he was sweating. Something else he had not done in a hundred years. He had to feed soon, and he might not be able to be so picking about his victim.

His vampire brethren were not like him they would feed whenever it came over him, that is what causes them to be hunted almost to extinction not having any control of their urges. Drake knows he had live longer than most because he learned how to control his rage and his hunger. But once he lost control of his rage, the thirst could be next. The night club was just two blocks away he would be inside soon and he could meet someone male or female it did not matter to him. Blood was the only thing that matter, not what gender his victim was.

A loud noise penetrated down to the core of his being, he felt like he was being assaulted as he falls to his knees screaming out in pain. Someone was blowing a dog whistle which humans can't hear but because of his ultra-sensitive hearing, he could hear it loud and clear. As he tries to stand he realizes that he is losing control, he can feel his face melt and he no longer looked like an English Movie star, his face was revealed to look like the monster that he was. He could not take it any longer, a taxi driver stopover to make sure he was alright and when Drakes looks up at him, the tax driver screams from the sight of the face looking at him. Drake smiles and grabs him before he starts to feed he says.

"You will do quite nicely little sheep."