Detective Lot's was having a dream about chasing the murder suspect through the park, but when he caught up with him something happens. The man's appearance change right in front of him from a man into a hybrid of a vampire and werewolf mix creature. It reaches out to grab him as his phone went off.

He rubs his head more tired than awake; it seems like he was getting less and less sleep with each passing day with his dreams getting stranger. He answered the phone, and another body had been found in the park. He told them that he would be right there after he got dress. He passed by Kim's apartment as he drove toward the park, and he prayed that this would not be another victim of the "two neck killer." That was his nickname of the killer since the victims all had two puncture wounds on their neck.

The park was more like a circus with the news media already there, and onlookers with their cell phones out trying to make video's themselves of what was happening. The young rookie cop was doing his best to keep the crowd back, as Lot's showed his badge he let him through. When he turned around, he heard the rookie raising his voice telling everyone to keep back. He approached the murder scene which had already been taped off, and the body had been covered. He saw Detective TC, short for Tobias was already on the scene.

"TC what do we have here?"

"Hey man, you look like crap, what train hit you last night?"

"Just having been sleeping, now tell me about our victim."

"Some joggers found the body this morning around 7. The body was just laying out in the open next to the brushes. Whoever did this I think wanted us to find the body easily, because they made no attempts to hide it. The victim's name was Rose Fowler, no marks on her body except on her neck."

"You mean just like the other victims?"

"Exactly like the other victims, it seems your neck bandit is at it again. I wonder why he keeps dumping bodies in the park? Oh, one other thing, the victim's friend is in that patrol car she is all shaken up over this. She said that she was on the phone with Rose when she went missing."

Lot bends down removing the cover to look at the body, another beautiful young girl. He notices the marks on her neck, as he covers the body back up before walking over to the patrol car.

Tracy begins her day with her morning workout with Bon Jovi playing through her headphones. She did not sleep well last night because the dreams of dancing with the stranger and leading him back to her place kept playing in her mind like a bad rerun of "Cheers." Finally, she got up just before dawn made some coffee and has been working out ever since. The one thing that made her mad was that Detector Lots had saved her from the stranger, and she did not know if she was madder at herself for letting the stranger in, or for putting down her guard. The very made she had been looking for her best friend's killer, and she was dancing with him like a love-struck high school girl.

When she finished working out she sat down at her desk trying to remember the face of her dance partner, knowing that he was also the killer that she was looking for. She closes her eyes trying to remember every detail of his face, without realizing it her lack of sleep caught up with her. When her eyes open she was startled by the face looking up at her from her notepad. She must have drawn it before she passed out, the look of a stranger with the foreign accent. That face haunted her sleep, and it was the last face that her friend Kim saw before she died.

It has been said that New York is a city of layers because it has been built over time and time again. Underneath Grand Central Station there is what was call the secret train station because it was made for FDR at the time. The president had a specially built rail car that just sits there until this day, with all of its windows covered. It sits there undisturbed for all these years, until today. A pair of urban explorers from Utah Ken and Frank made the trip to New York City to search the abandon subway system for historical landmarks for their history degree. When they both heard about the secret train station, they felt compelled as if it was their destiny to find it.

"Frank, it should be just up here around this next turn."

"Can you believe how dark it is down here, I mean there is no sunlight anywhere down here. If our flashlights go out on us, we would be lost."

"Of course its dark, its the subway. Besides if our flashlights go out on us we just have to switch to our phone lights so no big deal. Watch out for the debris I almost slip twice."

"Well du-oh, of course, there is junk lying all around here, like you said its a subway."

Both men laugh as they turn the corner into the darkness. Going where no other human had been in over fifty years, as they descend deeper into oblivion.

"Do you feel that Ken?"

"Feel what?"

"The tracks, we are standing on the railroad tracks for the FDC special car. We must be getting closer."

Both men ran following the tracks as their destination drew closer to them. They shine their lights down to follow the path to the car. Before long they were standing right outside of the rail car, shaking each other's hand for their find. They were so proud of themselves celebrating that they did not hear the sound of the rail car door open. A cold chill crept down both of their backs as both of their flashlights flicker for a moment as if they would go out.

"I think we have seen enough now."

"Frank, no I have not gotten any pictures yet. Let me take a couple of shots first."

Ken turned around when his friend did not answer him, and Frank was gone. He shines his flashlight in different, frantic directions looking for him, saying his name softly. Then he felt that chill go down his back again, and his flashlight flicker just once before going out.

Ken is running reaching for his phone to try to shine some more light. He falls sending his cellphone flying in the air. Ken crawls around reaching in darkness for his phone. Through sheer luck, he found his phone, and when he turned on the light, he came face to face with pure horror. Gone was the above ground disguise the demon used to lure his victims into false security, but down here he was free to be himself. It had been years since his food came to him, and he was able to take his time, enjoying his meal. Once he finished with Ken, he would return to Frank quench his appetite.