Detective Lot was trying to put the pieces of this serial killer together, despite what he learned while in Boston he knew not bring up any supernatural or he would get kick off the force. For today, the captain wanted to know his progress on this case, and there was no method and reason for these killings. None of the victims were related at all, most were female victims, but there was also at least one male victim so far. The only common thing was the marks on their necks and that their bodies had been drain of blood. He knew his captain was not going to like that part, but without going into what he really felt was going on, that was all he could share with the captain this morning.

As Lot was giving his presentation, Traci had already done a pretty good job of her own. She was confident that her mystery dance partner was the killer that had to kill Kim, her roommate and if you believe the newspapers he had other victims as well. She already knew from her close call that he could manipulate his victims because she remembers feeling helpless in his arms. If Detective Lot had not shown up when he did, no she did not want to think about that. But she knew before she goes back out tonight looking for him that she needs to find some protection for herself. She went to the internet to look up "Strange Happenings," she left her apartment right away.

"Lot you went to Boston because we think the serial killer started there, they miss him. Now you are telling me that you have no strong leads on this sociopath?"

"Captain I am following up on every tip and lead I get but so far nothing. I am working with some of the zombie squad seeing if they have heard anything about a person that likes to drink blood."

"Lot bottom line is this; I have the Commissioner on me about results we can't have a Jack the Ripper wannabe running away New York City. I even heard that the Feds are going to get involved if we can't get this guy soon. I want to meet with you every day now, until we catch this guy to see your progress. Heaven help us if any more bodies turn up."

Traci was determined not to be just another victim and that she would not hide in her room waiting for Lot or someone to save her. As she entered the store from the internet, she was going to turn right back around, but she decided to stay. The door chimes could be heard in the store after Traci close it. The clerk and others stare at her as she walked in. They were a different bunch she thought to herself without trying to pass judgment although it was obvious they had already passed judgment on her. She was determined not to let their stares run her out, she needed help to deal with her problem, and the internet said this was the place.

"Can I help you said the clerk?"

"No, I'm just looking it's my first time here."

"No kiddie, you look like you should be shopping at Macy's."

The other clerk and people in the store laugh at the remarks but Traci ignored them. The clerks stop laughing as a man with a cane walked out of the back look at them, then at Tracy.

"I'm sorry for their rudeness, can I help you with anything?"

"There was no problem, and I'm just looking, to be honest, I'm not sure what I am even looking for."

"Well that must have been hard to admit, why don't you come in the back with me. Maybe I can help you, don't be afraid of an old man with a cane."

The two of them walk in a dim room that with a small table at the center of it. On the walls behind the desk were rows of books, and above the books were paintings. Traci was not a history person, but they look like old pictures to her. She seated down and as the old man sat across from her. For a moment there was this awkward silence between them, then she spoke first.

"Listen like I said I'm not sure what I am doing here. Sorry to waste your time."

"No my dear, you are here because you have a problem that no one else can help you solve. From the look on your face, I think that you have met him? Tell me, have you met him."

"Met who?"

"Oh come now, we both know who I am talking about. He is the reason that you are here right now. The last young lady that was in here said that he was a good cook, and they one before that said he was a good artist. Now how did he grab your attention?"

Traci was silence at first with no words coming from her mouth before she finally said "dancing."

"Well, I suppose when you have lived as long as he has you can become good at all sorts of things. Most of us only get one shot at life and its a short one at that. But not people like him."

"Do you know the person that attack me?"

"Young lady most people that meet your dance partner do not live to tell about it. Before we go any further, please let me know how you survive your encounter."

"Honestly it was nothing that I did, I just got lucky, and this policeman showed up at my apartment when he did."

"That is odd that he would let one lone man stop him from feeding after he had made his choice."

"Made his choice? What do you mean?"

"This dance partner of yours is very old, and he met my grandfather in 1837 in New Orleans, back when he went by Doctor Drake. But he was not like other doctors; you see Drake would make house calls and more often than not his victims would die shortly after his visit. This went on for some time before my grandfather, and some other townspeople got together to confront him one night at this house. They went to confront a man, but what the found was pure evil as Drake reveal his true self, he was one of the undead. A living vampire that was able to change his appearance, from human to animal at will. That night he took vengeance on the small town outside of New Orleans for discovering his secret. Only my grandfather survive by hiding in the cemetery surrounded by crosses. He laid there frozen in fear as the heard the screams of woman, children, and men throughout the night until the last voice was silenced by the evil that night. Then he burns the entire town down; when daylight came, there was nothing left but ashes of the entire town. My grandfather, my father, and now me have been tracking him down through the years for justice for that small town that no one remembers. Young lady now that evil has tasted your essence you will not have to find him, but he will come back to finish the job."