Chapter 1. 41st century 101

Let's get one thing straight: I am NOT the "good guy". I don't give a flying flip what happens to anybody but me. I am all that I care about. This recording of events( at least, that's what the government thinks it is) was dropped into the time hole (I'll explain later) to go back to the 21st century and give details of what their future would be like. We'll start with, of course, me. I am an untrusted. Remember that thing that no one thinks is important? You know, global warming? Well, guess what: it WAS important. Just not in the way we thought. As it turns out, Earth had its own natural cooling system. When the atmosphere was so thin that the earth began to over-heat, all plants, all over the world, began releasing chemicals that turned all the chemicals in the air into a new atmosphere. That, however, isn't important. What IS important is what that new atmosphere did. It protected and cooled the planet, of course. But it also affected us. The humans. As UV rays passed through the chemicals in our new atmosphere, the became what is now called MCR. Mutational Chemical Rays. As these rays of light reached Earth, people began to change. Some people weren't effected at all. Others, like me, were mutated. However, instead of growing extra arms or third eyes, we were mutated by what we could do. Those of us that were affected by the rays were given powers. I, for example, can not only control fire but also can create it out of nothing. And it isn't just regular fire, either. I can make cold fire, colored fire, fire that won't burn things, shaped fire, and much more. We were named the untrusted for a much more complicated reason. When a person is affected by the rays, having powers is only part of what happens. Whenever an untrusted touches another person, the instantly know whether the person will have a positive, negative, or neutral effect on the life they chose to have. And I don't mean whether or not the untrusted will have a good life. It's about the untrusted's CHOSEN life. If a thief was an untrusted and felt that someone was going to have a positive effect, then that means the person will help them be a thief, in some way. However, no one else knows the impact they will have. So, they don't trust us. That's why we are forced to wear the untrusted tattoo; a solid blue circle with another ring outside of it, this one black. On the outside and inside of the black circle there are red spikes. The tips of the spikes on the inside of the black ring just touch the edge of the blue circle. The spikes outside the ring symbolizes how we are different from others. The ones on the inside say that even among ourselves we are outcasts. This is the untrusted tattoo. Now that you know the basics, I'm going to tell you what it is you're reading right now. Remember how I mentioned that the government thought this was an account of what would be your future. It's not. As I've said , all I care about is me. And this is my story. This is the story of Inferno.