The Right Side of the Law

By Joseph Logsdon

When Frank Ross discovered the body by the river, he instantly panicked. In all his life, he had never seen anything so terrifying. Whether he liked it or not, he was a witness. He'd be questioned, interrogated, and most of all, he'd be investigated. Given his troubled past, they would certainly convict him. Frank was an honest man, but at one time, he had been a criminal. Knowing that he would be caught, Frank attempted to flee the area, and he would've, if it hadn't been for that nosy police officer. Just as Frank started to leave, the police officer shined a light in his face.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Oh, nothing much, just enjoying the view," Frank stated.

"Are you sure?"

"Officer, if you're implying that I've committed a crime, I resent your accusation," Frank huffed.

"You haven't committed the crime, you're just hiding it," the officer stated.

"What do you mean?"

"I wasn't born yesterday, you know. How did that body get there?"

"Body? What body?"

"The one by your leg, of course," the officer exclaimed.

"Oh, that, I don't know. Officer, you have to believe me, I didn't mean to keep anything from you. Now, if you'll just let me explain, I'm sure we can clear this up," Frank assured.

"I got a better idea, why don't we go down to the station?"

"Officer, if you have any decency in you, don't take me to the station. It's not that I blame you, it's just that I can't bear to go through that again," he cried.

"Go through what?"

"Well, it's like this, I've been under an incredible amount of stress. Every time I look in the mirror, I see an older man. A few years ago, I was convicted of killing my best friend. Wait, I take that back, he wasn't my best friend. The last time I checked, friends don't lie to each other. It's a sad world, full of pain and heartbreak, but where is it all going? The more we hear, the less we listen. I don't mean to ramble, but given what I've been through, I'm surprised I'm not insane," Frank laughed.

"Sir, if you don't mind, will you get to the point?"

"Oh, I forgot, you police type don't like to be kept waiting. Well, anyway, I thought he had my back, and for a few months, he did. The thing was, he liked my wife a little too much. When I left the house, he would sneak in the backdoor, thinking that I wouldn't notice. He was definitely a smart guy, I'll give him that," Frank laughed.

"You killed him, huh?"

"Yeah, I killed him, and I served time for it, too. Now that I've told you this, you must know why I didn't tell you about the body. I'll do whatever you want, just don't send me back there. I did it once, I don't know if I could go through it again," Frank sighed.

"Wow, you certainly are a wild one, aren't you? Your story is touching, but as a police officer, I have to fulfill my duty, no matter how unpleasant it might be. Now, I want you to follow me," the officer stated.

"Are you going to read my rights?"

"Rights? What rights?"

"Oh, my God, you're not a police officer, are you? Of course you're not, because if you were, you would've given me my fucking rights! Who are you? What do you want?"

"I have to say, I didn't think you suspected. I mean, you were acting all nervous and all, so I decided to play a little game. I would be the police officer, and you, would be the criminal. Killing is an art, and like painting a picture, it requires patience and skill. Now that you've seen my handiwork, you must never tell another soul. Say, would you like to be my next project?"

"You maniac, stay away from me," Frank stated.

"That's what they all say," he laughed.

The End