First of all, thanks for taking the time to read/review/favorite this novel. It really means a lot to me as an author.

When the idea for this novel popped into my head for the tenth grade personal project, I thought it would be just like all the other novels that I had attempted, it would go strong and then fade back into nothing, but once I decided to make it the focus of my Personal project it became impossible to stop typing it.

We've seen how massive conflict starts from one action, just like a long chain is formed by one link, and once conflict starts it becomes almost impossible to stop, winding around all those involved and trapping them in a cycle of hatred.

I sent every single character through the rollercoaster that was my world and some lived, others died, and most of them will have to live with the effects of the world, which was made by them.

Every single character was and will be affected in some way by the actions and reactions of this war and the underlying themes of the war are still there even though the war itself has stopped.

All the chains the bind the world are loosening, but they can't be broken as of yet. The chains are restrictive and our new enemy will make certain to use those and feed off the hatred of the world.

The ending is abrupt and confusing for a reason because none of my characters know about the third party that has been manipulating them all this time, so why should the readers?

To give truth to an idea I'm sure is in the back of your mind, reader: Yes I will write a sequel and I might even make this a trilogy, because having an army of demons enter dramatically and not do anything is…..wrong, and my characters will not only have to fight the effects of the war themselves, but also a new enemy, who thrives on them.

Let's hope they survive and shatter their chains.