There was a egg. The first sign of life from it was the sound of a beating heart. The egg was on a branch of a tree and it was huge. It's orgins was a mystery. Who could have lad such a huge egg? No known bird could do this unless there was a new kind of bird around. The surface of the egg began to crack. Something came out. A human arm! Slowly this unusual bird-like creature with human features raised its head. It was a boy. He tried to open his eyes, but the bright light from the sun was too much for him. Then the sun got covered by a massive shadow from above. The shadow was bird-like but different. It was the mother. She looked like a naked human woman, but had clearly bird-like features. She helped her boy out of the remains of the egg and cleaned him up with her huge wings, that looked like a eagle's wings. The boy looked up and saw his mother for the very first time. He felt safe right away. He gaved her a hug. She took him and left the tree. The boy looked down at the tree as it got smaller and smaller. He was a bit of scared of being high up in the air, but the comfort of his beloved mother took all that fear away. Only his love for her mattered now and nothing more then that.