Chapter 12

Blake found Veridian in his office. It was different from any other office Blake had seen before. Veridian appeared to be shuffling through some of his old files. Blake stood in his doorway for a couple of minutes, waiting until he finally noticed him.

"Oh, it's you! I didn't know you were coming today."

"Well, I'm here. What are these papers doing here?"

"I got all these in the mail today. I don't know what to do with them. They're mostly just some letters and chocolates from strangers. Would you happen to know anything about this?"

"Do you know what day it is today?"

"Today is the 14th of February. Why?"

"Today is Valentine's Day. Stuff like this happens around this time of year. People show their love by sending love letters and chocolates."

"I know that. But I am a dragon. I don't celebrate traditions like these. And I can't think of a single human that is likely to have some sort of crush on me. Anyways, why are you here?"

"Grut says I'm done. He asked me to come to you to continue."

"Are you serious? There has never been any record of training ending so quickly. Well then, I will contact Lumos. You can wait here for the time being. Can you please help me read these letters? They are too small for me to open them."

"Sure."Blake opened the letters with ease.

"Thank you. Lumos should be here soon. I believe she is traveling with another human. And make sure you are ready for when she arrives. You are to leave with her. If I were you, I would pack lightly. There will be an abundant amount of travel."

Chapter 13

There was a crowd in the center of Emerald City. Blake rushed to see what was drawing everyone's attention. It was Lumos. Not only was she back, but she was carrying a girl on her back. At first glance, she seemed to be around Blake's age. She stepped down from the back of Lumos with grace. With Veridian at his side, Blake approached them.

"It's been a while, my queen. I missed you. I was worried you wouldn't return. And who have you brought to us this time?"

"Oh, Veridian, her name is Jennifer. She won't be staying here. I was on my way to Sapphire City. I thought it would be more convenient to bring Blake along with us, since he has completed his training here."

"Of course, my queen."

Jennifer walked towards Blake.

"Hi. What's your name?"

"I'm Blake. You must be Jennifer. Nice to meet you."

"Same here. It was a long ride here. The flight was great. Ok, Blake, I'm assuming we are both in a similar situation, here."

"Something like that. This whole dragon thing surprised me at first, but it's nice to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while."

"I look forward to working with you."

After a short rest, Jennifer was back on Lumos. Blake joined her, as they all said their goodbyes and Lumos took off with Jennifer and Blake on her back.

"Next stop, Sapphire City."