Title: of the long-forgotten

Challenge/Prompt: The theme of "summer" given by a writing competition hosted by the English department of my high school.

Rating: K

Word Count: 1001

There once lived a prince in a far-off kingdom, from time immemorial. This prince, born to the long celebrated king and queen who already ruled the land, was one whom was prophesied to be a prince of great power and wisdom. And he was but a spoiled prince, having grown up entrenched neck-deep within the finest of jewels, clothes, and foods, as per his position in society.

This spoiled prince, as long foretold, became a good ruler indeed. Following his swift and merry rise to power at the tender age of fourteen, at the behest of tradition itself, the newly-coronated king took to his life's work with a zest held envious by the few fortunate enough to be allowed within his presence.

And took to it he did, thoroughly ensuring that the peoples of his thriving kingdom never thought him a straying king. He staged yule and summer solstice balls so magnificent, many a neighboring kingdom's own royal class would travel long and far just to bare witness to such joyous occasions. He consulted with the farmers who sowed the seeds that fed his peoples on the subjects of food shortages and surplus and taxes. He took to listening to the complaints of those whom complained with a sympathetic ear. And he especially ruled his kingdom with a fist of steel and a grace that befit the stature of his ancestors previous. So thus his peoples rejoiced beneath the cloying strength of their king, for their king was the most beautiful and just and fairest of the land.

However, as does tends to happen with the gentlest of spun yarns, the tale of the king who ruled his kingdom fairly and of his spirited and lively peoples ended thereafter in a tragic twist of fate.

Fate that deemed it only right that the future of that once populous kingdom came to revolve around a single, disremembered individual.

There once lived a boy born in the outskirts of a far-off kingdom, from time immemorial. This boy, fourth in a long line of the forgotten, belonged to a family for whom luck was never on the side of. And he was but a sad boy, having grown up never knowing the creature comforts of a hot meal, soft bedding, or even the comforting safety of a warm embrace, for this was the life a forgotten one must lead.

This boy, nevertheless, was a caring boy indeed, for though there were many a desire that burned hotly within his bosom, he was not one to give voice to them, so wary and sensitive was he to the emotions of those he soon came to love deeply, despite his near-feral upbringing. It was in this environment that he soon discovered the dangers that came with nursing such combinations of jealousy and rage and envy. And thus he treaded as slowly and steadily as any tortoise able.

An individual such as him was never stranger to the ugliness of such thoughts.

This boy soon grew to be a soft, warm, capable young man, and at the behest of those who best knew and loved him, sought out his own identity in the kingdom for which he and his family had long remained loathed and forgotten. And within this kingdom, came to realize that a legacy was of more value than a mere memory.

That once pure and sweet boy soon took to political guile and scheming as if it was his own life's calling. Words of betrayal and sadness and grief soon met the ears and shaped the thoughts of the easily swayed, of the liberal-minded, and set the kingdom afire with outrage.

That boy now stood tall over the few he now ruled, and began to speak and circulate the exaggerated tales of his own youth: a night without food soon became a fortnight, a lashing a brutal whipping, and a sigh of frustration soon a humiliating, mocking noise.

And thus a "revolution" began.

The commoners and craftsmen and servants demanded relief be brought to the individuals who had suffered so greatly and appallingly. The clergymen spoke of righteousness and peace, but also of karma and misfortune. The knights remained loyal to the royalty they came to love as their own family, and the ruling elites merely wanted shielding from what they saw as a lack of education found in those they believed inferior to them in all manners of life.

The king soon took to his own speeches of loyalty and happiness. Of doing what he could to bring that relief, that peace, that sustained loyalty. Of being in a position of such great power that he couldn't help but morph himself into a being truly deserving of such.

But even as he did so, the kingdom, forever steeped in the tracings of a cyclic conflict, soon broke apart into regions.

And thus the forgotten went on being forgotten.

There once was a kingdom, from time immemorial. This kingdom, one of great grace and elegance, soon came to be known as the most powerful in all of the land. And thus such power was challenged time and time again.

It was during a conflict that arose from one of the neighboring kingdoms, it having striven to devour other lands for a power it so grievously lacked, that the ruling class of that powerful kingdom was nearly slain out of existence.

Investigation soon lead to the discovery of a most evil party within that kingdom's forces, and thus cries for justice soon met the ears of those who temporarily held the reins of power. Congregation and discussion took place thereafter, and soon the individuals who had committed such atrocities were subject to a public hanging, and their families swept out of the kingdom to live on a meagre strip of land for a period of long-standing indefiniteness.

It was as this sentence was being carried out that the royal family came to power once again, and the kingdom restored to its former glory.

And the once hated soon became the newly forgotten.

Author's Note:

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