"Brian, it's time to get up and get ready for school!". I hear Mom yell up the stairs.

"Don't worry Mom, I've been up for almost an hour now." "I was so excited, I woke up a little early." I shout back.

"Ok I guess thats ok. Come down and eat some breakfast before you go".

"Ok Mom be right down." As I go to grab my bag, I see my earrings sitting on my desk. "Would've been great if I forgot these on my first day." I laugh to myself as I pop them in. Soon i'm flying down the stairs and out the door.

"Don't forget your breakfast!" Mom screams as she comes flying out after me. We almost hit each other as I stop on my heel and turn.

"Sorry Mom. It's just i'm a little nervous right now and I guess its making me a little hyper." I say, in an apologetic tone.

"It's alright hun, I remember what it was like my first day. Thats the day I met your father." She says, staring off into the distance. Probably reminiscing in memories or something.

"Yeah, well anyway Mom I've got to go." I grab the toast and egg sandwich off the plate she's holding and take off.

"Have a good first day, and don't get in too much trouble." She yells to I streak my way towards the school.

As I walk through the front doors to the main building, my senses are assaulted on all fronts. I can smell that new year smell, I can hear… well what I can't hear would be a better list. My eyes are screaming all over the place, and I can feel myself losing concentration as more and more things pop into view. I've made it about five feet from the door when my best friend throughout middle school, Al, comes barreling up to meet me.

"Hey man glad to see ya make it on time. For a minute thought you were gonna bail on me."He says, trying to catch his breath. He isn't exactly the most fit.

"Yeah my mom wouldn't let me get away, ya know what I mean?"

"Yeah I know the feeling. I barely got out the front door, with all the My little mans growing up and Not going to be long before you move out's." He says, lacing the sentences with sarcasm.

"Yeah thankfully my mom spared me most of those. Was still kind of hard though." "So, first day huh?"

"Yup can't wait to find out my class. Those tests they offered eighth grade were just way too expensive."

"Yea man I know what you mean. Only the preps were able to take them, lucky brats."As I say this, one of the biggest preps in the school, Jason Ross, comes around the corner and nearly smashes into us.

"Oh sorry, didn't see you there." You could tell he was lying. The look on his face gave it all away.

"That's ok. Just watch out next time." I say, as I notice Al start to ball his fists up. "Right Al? All good?" I say as I put my hand on his shoulder and squeeze.

"Yeah, whatever." He says, through gritted teeth.

"Well, see you simpletons later. I've got fish to fry." He says as he struts away like the self indulgent snot he is. Once he's gone, me and Al turn to each other and just shake our heads.

"Spoiled brats, the whole lot of 'em." Al says.

"Yeah, but we have one things they don't." I say, as I start walking down the hall, ducking and weaving through the hordes of high schoolers.

"What's that?" He asks, having just as much trouble as me.

"Friendsh-" I start, but am cut off by the intercom.

All freshmen report to the auditorium, all other students precede to your homerooms.

"Looks like we gotta go, auditoriums on the other side of the school!" I shout. We take off down the hallway, doing our best not to crash into people. I trip and just barely miss getting laid out by one of the jocks, Al's hand pulling my shirt saving me from losing my head.

"Thanks." I breathe to him, panting and trying to catch my breath.

"So, we're here." We walk through the doors, right behind the other freshmen. As we get in we see we're being sorted based on last name.

"Guess I get to sit in the nosebleed section, as always." I say. My last names Winters so I'm always stuck at the back of the classroom.

"Well i'll see you later then B. Good luck!" Al says as he moves away.

"Good luck to you too bud." As I start moving my way towards the back, I notice a guy standing all by himself. I start making my way over to him.

"Hey friend, you look out of place, need help finding a seat?" I say.

"Yeah." He says.

"Ok well what's your last name? My names Brian by the way. Brian Winters." I say as I extend my hand.

"Names Ken Williams." He shakes my hand, with a surprisingly strong grip.

"Well look like we're going to be sitting next to each other. I believe our seats are labeled with our schedules. Lets go find ours." We start making our way through the sections and, like I guessed, we're right next to each other. Luckily, I'm on the aisle seat and don't have anyone else sitting next to me. As we sit down, the lights are dimmed, and the stage lights up. All of a sudden, there's a man standing on the stage, appearing out of nowhere!

"Hello newcomers. My name is Principal Reynolds, and i'll be your principal for this school year. Hopefully for the rest of your time here as well. Now how about we all start this year off on a good foot, and start with some tours of the building. You will be broken up into groups of ten. I assure we have enough teachers for all of you, so no worries there. You will have homeroom with these nine others for the rest of the year, so I suggest you introduce yourselfs early on. You will be broken up by the first letter of your last name, just like your seating. Your teachers will be around momentarily. Please let them come to you, and don't stand up. We don't need mass chaos, now do we?" There's some light laughter from around the auditorium. As teachers and students start to filter out, the last of us start to grow a little restless. Finally the last teacher comes over.

"You lot will be with me. My names and if you would so kind as to refer to me as that, I think we'll all get along well. Now come along, this is a big school and we haven't all day, now do we?" Without waiting for an answer, we're whisked out the door. As we go along, he points out major rooms, such as the nurse's office, the main office, the attendance office, and so on. As we're going through, me and Ken learn we have three different classes together, and only half our schedules are filled.

"Excuse me, ." I say, walking to the front of the group.

"Yes, mister… what was it? Winters?"

"Yes sir. I was wondering, why are only half of our schedules filled?" I ask, confused.

"Ahh yes. The first half of the day is dedicated to your normal schooling, reading, writing, and arithmetic and so on. The second half is focused on you learning to control and use your psionics. Since everyone has a different power, the second half of your day isn't determined until after your power testing, unless you've already had testing, in which case we wouldn't be explaining this. Does that answer your question mister Winters?"

"Yes Sir, thank you." I say as I retreat back to my spot beside Ken.

"Very well. And on that note, time to visit the gym!" We all file in behind him, as he walks us towards a big set of double doors.

"This is where our players walk out of at sporting events. I thought I might show you, to give you a feel of what it might be like." As we enter the gym, I look up and see the ceilings at least 70 feet up. There's a big machine in the center of the room.

"Excuse me sir, but what's that?" Some kid in the front says, gesturing the the machine.

"Ahh I'm glad you asked." He says, while smiling. "That's the tritometer. Its what we use to determine and measure your powers and levels. There's seven main types of powers, then a lot of subtypes for one. The main ones are Telepathic, Kinetic, Empathic, Subspacial, Clairvoyant, Projectionalist, and Materialist. Kinetic is the control of something and is broken down into ten different subtypes, which we'll get into as we discover them. There's different lights here for the different types. Also a number will be displayed, ranging from one to ten. This is your power level, or Lear level. Its named after the scientist Gary Lear, who discovered different power levels. Since all the other groups have already gone, there's no sense in doing this alphabetically, so who's first?" As he says this, all the ones in the front instantly start forming a line, while us at the back slowly get into it. As the rest of them go through, points out the different types of Kinetics, Cryo for cold, Aero for air, Tele for just generally moving things, Hydro for water, Electro for electricity, Pyro for fire, Bio for DNA, Vita for healing, Terra for earth, and Lux for light and dark. Finally, it's Ken's turn. As he goes up, he places his hands on two metal plates. For a minute nothing happens, then one of the lights lights up. Its a green, signifying he's a terrakinetic. After that, a number pops up, 7. As he comes back over, I notice a happy glint in his eyes.

"Congrats bud! Looks like you got a good power and level to boot! Can't wait to see what I get." As I say this, calls out,

"Ok last student?" I walk over

"That would be me Sir."

"Ah the curious one. Very well." He pauses for a second.

"Well go on, put your hands on the plates."

"Oh right, sorry." As I place my hands on them, I feel their slightly warm. Slowly they start to warm up more and more, until they're slightly uncomfortable. Then, I see three lights light up.

"Looks like you're a Subspacial, Luxkinetic, and…" He stops

"And what sir?" I ask, slightly nervous.

"And… a Materialist." He stammers out.

"Materialist? What's that Sir?" I ask, slightly confused.

"Its the rarest of the powers. Only a handful have been found since the discovery of Triterite. You are one lucky man, mister Winters."

"Thank you sir. But if I may ask, what's my level?" I say

"Oh, right. Looks like you're a level…" He looks at the machine surprised. "9. Congratulations again son. Thats a very high level to get."

I thank him once more, then move back over towards Ken. As I stand next to him, I can see his eyes almost bulging out of his head.

"Dude! You didn't tell me you were a Materialist!" He said, looking slightly hurt.

"I didn't know. I've never been tested before. Sorry."

"That's alright man, I didn't know you weren't ever tested. Forgive me?" He asks, jokingly looking at me with pleading in his eyes.

"Yeah sure. Not like you could've known." As I finish, I hear clear his throat.

"Since we're done for the day, I suppose all of you can have the rest of the day to yourselves, as long as you stay out of trouble. Feel free to use the gym to try and practice with your powers. Remember, school starts at 7:45 on the dot. You will NOT be late to my homeroom and expect to get in, so make sure to get here early. I'll see you all tomorrow." And with that, he walked out. As he left, everyone seemed to relax a little. Some started to experiment with their powers.

"Hey Brian, you wanna try and play around with our powers a little?" Ken asks me.

"Nah I don't know anything about trying to use my power, just that it's there. I'd much rather see you go at it." I said, taking a seat on some bleachers.

"Well, I kinda don't know much about it either. Wanna just watch what the others do?" He gestures to the rest of the students.

"Sure" I say, moving over a bit for him to sit down.

After the final bell rang, me and Ken started heading out.

"Hey, where's your locker Ken?" I ask him. He looks down at his schedule.

"Says here I've got locker 108. What about you?" He asks.

"Mine says 109. Looks like we've got a lot of things together." I say.

"Yea, homeroom, second period, fourth period, and orange lunch. Wonder why they call the lunches orange and blue?"

"Probably school colors. That would explain all the orange and blue decorations around the school." I say, gesturing to the huge orange and blue banner reading "Welcome students!".

"Yeah you make a good point. Hey, you live around here?" He asks

"Yeah, right around the corner."

"Cool, would it be ok if I hang out there till my dad can come get me? He works an hour away and gets out around four." It was three o'clock at the moment.

"Yeah, as long as my mom's ok with it. She probably will be though. Just follow me."

As we walk back to my house, he explains how he just moved here.

"Yeah we moved in from Colorado. Dad got a business offer out here, so we moved." He said

"Cool. Well welcome to New York, one of the worst states in the U.S. Our winters are too cold and summers too hot. We hope you stay and don't eat the wildlife." We both laughed at my tour guide impression. As we rounded the corner, I see my mom sitting on our front porch. As she notices me, she starts walking over to us.

"Hello honey, I take it your first day went well? Who's your friend here? How's Al been?" She asks all three questions in a row.

"First, yes school went fine. Second, this is Ken. His last names Williams, so we're in the same homeroom and stuff. Third, Al's ok I only talked to him for a minute though." I answer.

"Well thats good I guess. Hi Ken my name's Linda but you can call me whatever you want." She says, holding out her hand.

"Well hello. Obviously I'm Ken and would it be ok if I called you Brian's Mom? I used to refer to all my friends parents like that." He asks, shaking her hand.

"Perfectly fine sweetie."

"Hey mom, is it alright if Ken hangs out for a while? His dad works later and he needs a place to stay till he gets out." I ask

"Of course its fine. A friend of Brian's is a friend of mine."

"Alright mom, we'll be up in my room."

"Ok honey i'm running to the store quick, is there anything you need?" She asks

"Nope I'm good. There's still snacks in the pantry so we'll survive."

"Alright, well you two behave. And no roughhousing!" She says, while walking towards the deli.

"Ok mom, see you in a bit." I call after her. "Alright lets go up to my room." I say to Ken.

"Alright." We get up into my room. When we walk in, Ken notices my Z-Box 480.

"Hey man you got Boundary Regions for that?" He asks, pointing at the system.

"Yeah, you wanna play?" I ask, holding up two controllers.

"Hell yeah bro." We sit down and turn the system on. By the time Kens dad gets out, we're almost a quarter of the way through the story. We're playing when Ken's phone starts ringing.

"Hey dude pause the game." "Hey dad. Yea I'm at a friends place. Whats the street address?" He looks at me questioningly

"Four fifty-two Newark street." I say

"Four fifty-two Newark street. Yeah. Yeah i'll be ready. Ok see you in about an hour then. Alright dad. Bye" He hangs up.

"I've got around an hour more to hang out, wanna keep playing?"

"Sure." I said, and unpaused the game. Soon my mom's calling up the stairs,

"Honey, Ken's dad is here"

"Ok mom, we'll be right down."

We make our way downstairs, Ken grabbing his bag on the way out. As we walk into the kitchen, I see a big, burly, tower of a man standing next to my mom.

"Brian, this is my dad. Dad, this is my friend Brian." Ken says, introducing us.

"Hey there son, my names James. You can call me Ken's dad if you like." He says, extending his hand for a handshake.

"Ya sure. Just call me Brian." I say, shaking his hand as I do. He has a surprisingly light grip.

"Alright, well looks like its time for us to head out."

"Alright dad. I'll see you tomorrow Brian." Ken says, walking out the front door as he does.

"See you then." As I shut the door, my mom starts peppering me with questions.

"So hows the school? Did you make more friends? What're your teachers like? Is still the secretary." She asks.

"It was fun, no Ken's really the only person I talked to, and I don't know I wasn't in the office at all. I think I'm gonna head up to bed mom, I'm dead tired." I say, making my way up the stairs.

"Alright sweetie, sleep well. I'm making french toast in the morning so don't sleep to late or it'll be cold by the time you get down here."

"Alright mom, Goodnight."

(A/N Hey everyone I hope you all are enjoying the story so far. I'm going to try and update every weekend but that is veeeery tentative. Around chapter three should be some actual action, once I get everyone introed and everything. Also if you guys have ideas on a better name for the story, that would be awesome. Well thats about it. Till next time!)