How cute. I thought as I observed my new target. The red hood seems to compliment your body, little girl.

As the girl moved along the undergrowth, I could not help but think why a prey like her would make herself as noticeable as she was in this environment. It seemed that the humans were more foolish than I imagined them to be. Despite her conspicuous garment, I was completely entranced by her features under the hood. Her golden bangs peeked slightly from the hood like straw from a sack. Her big blue eyes that seemed to glimmer with excitement like the reflection of a stream. And most importantly, who can resist those meaty proportions under that cloak? It was too bad that she smelled a little like wheat though, because then my hunger would have been insatiable. Sensing no other humans or competitors, I decided to approach the girl…

This is going to be the last time I am doing this. I thought grimly as I shifted around on the… soft resting place. It was already difficult for me to slide into this long garment and cap on, but trying to position myself like a lying human with a live one inside my stomach was more difficult then I imagined.

"Although it was definitely worth it." I spoke out loud, smirking a little. The girl was incredibly naïve, believing my simple persuasion that the local flora was a great present that she could collect for her grandmother. Even better, the grandmother was foolish in allowing myself to enter her habitat despite my poor imitations of the girl's voice.

Despite the fact that I enjoyed the fear reflected in the old lady's silver eyes as I started to devour her, her figure was quite bony. Her wrinkly skin had an interesting texture, but it did not change the overall taste of my meal. If I had more time I would have tore her neck's artery to reduce her into lifeless meat, but knowing that the red-hooded girl could enter at any moment, I took the easy way by swallowing the lady whole.

While I was reimagining my previous meal, I heard movement approaching the habitat. I took a huge sniff at the smell of fresh human meat, mixed with wheat and… hmm? It seems like our little prey is quite the knowledgeable one in the field of flowers. The smell of the flowers was quite aromatic, but nothing could compare to the alluring smell of human meat. The movement was getting closer now, I checked around to see that all of distinguishable features were covered by the white cloth.


The old lady's habitat was quite dim, making my true form even more difficult for the girl to see. Based on past experiences, I could tell that human eyesight was poor in the dark.

"Grandmother?" The soft voice of girl asked. Her blue eyes were now full of uncertainty.

This is too easy. I thought.

It was a relief that the white cloth still covered my jaw. Otherwise, the girl would have seen my long tongue licking the saliva pooling out of my mouth.