I'll tell myself it's fairies dancing through the air

Making the wind rocky and all the small trees tear.

I'll smile at the giants as they walk around the yard

Stomping, romping everywhere hitting the ground hard.

I'll give a little wave as the twirling nymphs fly past

Pulling water with them as they zoom by very fast.

I'll watch the small gnomes digging, as shovel breaks the ground

Here and there in every spot their spades go up and down.

So I'll watch the fairies and the nymphs, the giants and the gnomes

As they enjoy their party, dancing from head to toe.

I'll watch them put up streamers, garlands and pretty things

Taken from the garden, making it fit for a king.

I'll see their party get finer, the fairies dancing more

As flowers and branches get taken up to the party's call.

I'll know when it's over that the place won't look so fine

That grass and leaves will be everywhere no longer straight in line.

But I know it will be worth it, the mess that is to come

For the party now is full of charm looking so full of fun.