"So, ya gonna be here for four days, huh?" Grandpa asked me. His steel blue eyes narrowed as he stared at me through his glasses, with his gaze piercing into the back of my pupils. His mouth was curved downwards and pulled back a bit. The clothes he wore seemed to compliment his expression. The cream-colored dress shirt, brown trousers and black belt reminded me of Mr. Davis, who had disappointment on his face every time I failed my tests. As his gaze lingered on me, I realized that he was waiting expectantly for me to speak.

"Ye-yes, sir!" I answered in the most confident way I could. Even so my expressions betrayed me, as I unconsciously bit on my chapped lips and averted eye contact from grandpa. My hands balled into fists in anticipation. The rigidness in my body revealed the pure emotion I felt. I wished that my parents could have let me stay at home alone but given how young I was …that was impossible. It was a pain that last minute business trips had forced me here, as it was too late for a babysitter.

Grandpa stared at me, his eyes observing my tiny body. Eventually, the slight frown on his face turned into an unreadable expression. He then turned away, walking towards his bedroom, but not before uttering: "Sleep now, getting late." After the sluggish creaking sound of the bedroom door ceased, I broke out of my position and exhaled loudly. As I began to prepare for bed in the guest room that night, I strategized various plans that would reduce the amount of contact with grandpa.

When I returned to the land of the conscious the next morning, I found myself encased in two linen sheets. Waking up to a cozy bed, I felt delighted that I was able to sleep still without flailing my blankets around. The pleasant feeling guided my hands to grab my Nintendo DS, and I then realized that the room was too dim for staring at an electronic screen. Reluctantly, I shifted my way out of the bed to draw the curtains…draw the curtains…draw…wait…what? I didn't close the curtains last night…did I? But I liked bright mornings so why would…oh. Realization hits me. In an attempt to forget this new piece of information that dawned on me, I tried to distract myself by playing Professor Layton. That worked for a while, but then the low grumble in my stomach signaled me to leave the bedroom. I sighed mentally and then began my way out into the dining room.

I could tell that I woke up late today, as I observed the way the sun gleamed from the window onto the wooden table. Another fact that seemed to confirm this was the sight of grandpa's figure washing the dishes behind the countertop. In addition, a dish of fried eggs and sausages, and a glass of orange juice sat on the table, waiting for me to consume them. The smell of the sausages was enticing, the warm smell indicating that it was cooked not too long ago. The thought of sinking my teeth into a sausage was enough to stir my feet into the direction of the table.

As I stuffed the eggs into my mouth, I glimpsed to see grandpa heading towards me with newspaper and coffee mug in tow. Pretending to be focused on the food before me, I sneaked glances at him. Grandpa was now positioned on the oak chair, and though he seemed to be reading the newspaper, his eyes spoke something else.

His blue eyes while still sharp lacked the coldness from last night. The hue of his iris was much paler, and the glasses didn't make him look as menacing from before. But perhaps the most important feature was where his eyes were focused on.

They were staring at me.

"Uh…" I began.




"Is…is there something…wrong…sir?"



"S'nothing, Eric."

Grandpa uncomfortably shifted away from my direction in his chair. The newspaper now acted as a barrier for his lower half of his face, as he realized that his inconspicuous plan had failed. The way he looked right now reminded me of dad. Then again grandpa was my dad's dad. It must have been the reason why dad would also observe me as I did homework or watched the TV.

Despite the fact that grandpa's actions moments ago confirmed my suspicions, I didn't know what to say next, as one stupid remark could ruin the entire moment. After some considerable thinking, I went for the most polite comment.

"The eggs and the sausages were delicious, sir." I commented.


Shortly after, grandpa excused himself to take a shower. As his thin frame moved across the hall, it was now my turn to stare at him, trying to make sense of what had just happened. I would have been embarrassed if grandpa had turned to look at the moment. Because at that point in time, a small smile filled with wonder had sprouted onto my face.

Because at that point in time, I sensed that the next few days were not going to be so bad after all.