"Hey there beautiful, would you dance for me?", Feyan ask KiriKana.

What a strange quest, Kiri thought. But a quest is a quest and doing them means rewards and the ability to move on. So she did her little dance for the NPC and talked to him once again.

"You looked very beautiful", He told her, a smile forming on his scruffy face. His blue eyes sparkled with joy. Kiri had to admit to herself that he was kinda cute in a scruffy way.

She thought about what he said. She looked beautiful? She tried to image it. She could see herself dancing, her short, lightly colored hair flowing while she moved, her brown fox tail wrapping around her, and her gentle smile as she enjoyed herself. She could see how that would be beautiful... on anyone else. She wasn't exceptionally beautiful by her standards. She was cute. She had her cute little fox ears and fox form for that, but beautiful? No that was a bit of a stretch. But it did make her happy to be told so.

"Thanks Feyan. Not that I'm beautiful or anything, but thanks for the compliment" she responded smiling sweetly at the older man. He made a face at her, one that was like he was angry, but in a playful way. Then he pulled her to him, and placed his lips just a few centimeters away from her ear.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, Ms. KiriKana"

Her heart fluttered and she felt her cheeks becoming red. And she danced for him some more. And at that moment that was all that mattered. Not that he was an NPC and she was an avatar. Not that he was older than she was, and not that he was unmistakably human while she was an untamed.

This story is a short story I wrote as a joke for a good friend.

The world is set inside the mmo Perfect World International
Jeyan is a real NPC from that game and KiriKana is a real player in that game as well. She is the one who is my friend
The credit for those people goes to the game and her